The Book is Here & Friday Reads

Finally, the book has arrived. E-book and paperback. Where to buy it? You can buy it at Terror House directly. If you are an Amazon regular, then buy it here. If a Barnes and Noble customer, check the link here.

I did a text interview with Forney to promote it as well. Please, this is my offering to you. If you are not interested, let me provide some of the first bit below to whet your appetite. Now this week has likely been a blackpilling or doomer week. I keep deleting fedpost messages to friends. You know when I started writing this? That big doomer-blackpill week in 2017 right after Charlottesville. Did you really think we would vote our way out? Did you really think the left would roll over or the elite would come to their sense? Did you really think we could just grow the economy and slowly remove illegals while immigration was choked off? No, no way. This was going to be a fight. Not a fight by petty politicians, but at the ground level in your small towns. This was going to be a fight within yourself to inspire those around you, build a family and not give into the hedonism or nihilism of our society. You are going to have to do more than just shitpost. Instead of fedposting because of the betrayals of every institution around you, why not read a book that can help you channel that energy into productive means to link up with many other men – we all know there are many of us, you are never alone -find good women out there to start families with and build things that shall survive and overcome obstacles today and the bigger problems facing us tomorrow. Creating a new order out of this current chaos is not going to be easy but nothing worth having ever is.

From the very beginning of the Masculinity Amidst Madness…

There is a war all around you. It is not a silent war, but in your face from all angles. The enemy deploys columns and weapons where you work, and where your children go to school. Its propaganda, overt and covert, subverts your mind through every form of media. This is the spiritual war against men.

Masculine virtues are attacked. The natural order of life is upended, and this upending is not for the benefit of women, but rather the elites who want dependent, weak people. These weak people themselves, not realizing how they got this way, want still more restraints on the masculine.  They want men and women with feminine values. The elites and their coalitions of the weak would have us all adopt a peasant worldview wherein we cede all sovereignty to the central authority.

To read this means you do not laugh off such an idea. You realize that men may roll their eyes at this declaration and pretend to be above it all, but the other side is always plotting new ways to attack, destroy, and demoralize. They want you to give up and ease into the sleepy security of consumer hedonism. They want you enslaved and too distracted, tired, and weak to object.

Do not sleepwalk through this life. The world responds to one’s actions. The spark, the mood that hits to get out, walk, fight, do something. This is the spark that drives life. How does one go through this life? Speak and live as the man people will not just want to meet but to follow. Mold yourself into the iron that no magnets can resist. This is the age of Peter Pan, the manchild, and nominal adults. The person one presents should be the man of order among the chaos and children. We are not women or children, but men.

Do not blame your father. Do not blame your mother. This is your life. The choice to understand the man you are and are capable of becoming is yours. Each man is capable of beautiful acts of light and monstrous deeds of darkness. We must seek the light and remember the dangerous nature residing in us all. Having standards, living up to them, and enforcing them does not make you an evil man. Acts of kindness and virtue are found even in the simplest no.

The easier path, the path of least resistance, is a coward’s way to travel through life. What is man’s journey but a struggle against the physical and spiritual obstacles of this world? You will need to study and train. You will need to govern and harness your emotions. And you will need to be judicious with your speech and in the selection of your friends. Do not deny the need to see the problems at hand, the problems at large, and the problems of the future. Develop your mind and body, find other good men, and have the courage to lead when you can.  Develop your will, drive, and the ability to follow through. Do not complain like a child or a peasant, but act like the men who came before you, who struck out to conquer and build……..

On to the links…

Antifa describes precinct takeover – In the antifa’s own words, here is how they took over the precinct. There is a whole other side we are not hearing and that would be the mayor telling cops to abandon it.

BLM launders money for the DNC – Is this all a GOTV operation? Is it all a fundraiser for the DNC? Liberals really do love to be paypigs for anyone on their team. It is amazing to see Patreons for random youtubers and podcasters be thousands of dollars a month.

Taibbi on the media suicide – Get beyond Taibbi’s immediate lib statements to prove his liberalism, and enjoy him going after the media. I do not think the media is destroying itself. It is merely pivoting more woke. This is like a racial #MeToo moment.

Kunstler on contemporary Democrats – Kunstler is a bore often but in moments of insanity, he is fun to read. He is Jewish and has always warned of a “corn pone Hitler” rising, but he at least recognizes how far the left has fallen.

Russia’s military cathedral – Russia is building things worth celebrating.

Sharing papers on twitter yields citations – If papers are shared on Twitter, they get cited more and we all know citations provide the prestige for academics.

How China Uses Visas Against America – A serious country would have figured this out a generation ago.

What did school teach you – We have a process, which if you follow supposedly teaches you, and we have credentials, which if you repeat them enough supposedly grants wisdom upon you.

Germany handed kids over to pedophiles – For thirty years, German authorities sent foster kids to pedos. Pedos with prestige. The Germans did not have to import Pakistani rape gangs, they in-sourced that.

Maybe CRISPR won’t save the day – Unsure if this is believable or real but there could be reasons to pump the brakes on using CRISPR.

America’s Soviet Mentality – America adopting a Soviet witch hunt hysterical mindset now. We all saw this coming.

More Open Color Rev Op Essays – The framing in the first few paragraphs is enough. Trump wanted to order the military on peaceful protesters. We all know that this is not the case. The system really wants a color rev op and because of their cult white lib population, might’ve triggered a cultural revolution instead.

Surviving corporate idiocy in the age of floyd – This matches the experience all my big corp friends have experienced in the last two weeks.

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  1. E-Book Collector says:

    Congrats on the book but can this side of Twitter stop using Owen Wilson for every single book cover. Really kills the aesthetic vibe.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. WS says:

      Feel free to use a different artist for the books you write


  2. WS says:

    Congrats on the book. Looking forward to reading it.


  3. ultimate747 says:

    Release the ebook on Kobo, please.


  4. Just ordered my copy of the paperback. Looking forward to reading it. I’m glad you chose to publish with Forney and terror house


  5. nuPlissken says:

    Been a big fan since the Weimerica days. I wanted to leave a 5-star review on Amazon but can’t since I don’t meet the eligibility requirements (you have to have spent 50 bucks in the last 12 months). Just wanted to say I’m about halfway through and the book is great, particularly for young men. Hope you keep writing!


  6. Lol says:

    Please discredit your gay conservative self more.


    1. R. Landry - Editor says:

      Allowing this comment so i can reply:
      1. Forney is a goof at times and has made mistakes. This applies to everyone.
      2. Forney built a publishing firm from nothing. Don’t see anyone else in our realm doing that.
      3. Amazon can delist at any moment. Look what they did to Roosh. Forney won’t.
      4. I don’t want Amazon knowing anything about me. BAP warned me about self publishing with them.
      5. I’m not conservative and definitely not gay so try new insults.
      6. Stop the crabs in a bucket mentality and support things outside prog control.

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