The Homeschooling Legislation We Need

We adults can all admit that the left has lost its minds. Even the fellow traveler left thinks the statue destroying and rioting is a bit too extreme even if they sympathize with blacks they make sure they live far from. This still does not stop the under 35 crowd that dominates the protest crowds from spouting the idiotic lines from academia (“hey hey ho ho western civ has got to go“) and hating their nation. The schools will be right there to pour this slop into the minds of the children of those adults. We need to control curriculum and destroy education. What we need are massive state tax credits for all families that chose to homeschool.

The mechanism can act as simple as this. For every child a family homeschools, they receive a $1,000, $2,000 or $5,000 tax credit, regardless of household income. Red states should be all over this, and the many states where the GOP holds the trifecta of the governor and legislative houses should make this a priority. The above board rationale is that the states will be providing the families that do homeschool with resources to make sure they can afford materials for students homeschooled. The other rationale from the public’s benefit is that each child that is homeschooled reduces the burden to public goods, reduces student to teacher ratios, reduces demand for other social services and allows students in bad or unsafe school districts to educate their kids in better environments. This is a very simple narrative to push via a media campaign. The legislation could easily be crafted to make it a simple tax credit. In the corona world, this is an even easier sell.

The simple tax credit is the way to go. This is similar to the different state laws that allow families to deduct in-state 529 plan contributions from their taxable income for state taxes and in some cases even earn tax credits. States are simply encouraging specific behavior with their legislation, fostering virtue for more education. This would foster virtue for more integrated families, foster more sovereignty of the family and alleviate the burden of homeschooling. If a family with three children receives $9,000 per year for homeschooling, how many families have their second earner stop working to stay home to teach their kids? Factor in zero day care costs. That kind of money can make many second earners stay home on the margin. Remember the average American makes around $40,000 a year.

The benefit under the covers is that if this can pull even 5% more children out of public schools, it is a win for everyone. The less public schools have our kids the better. The state is going to have to balance the budget and can immediately point to money to reduce education spending if they can point to clear cut numbers of homeschoolers per school district. Does a $1,000 per kid tax credit make a family of three homeschool or not? It might not move many, but even just shifting homeschooling percentages from 2 to 4% would be a win. We are talking high agency kids. We could even change schooling as families consider k-3 as grades they feel comfortable handling, so any reduction in years exposed to educommissars is a win. If families could count on $3-5,000 per kid, we would see a preference cascade develop as the internet currently allows parents to share strategies far easier than homeschoolers of the last generation. Could co-ops form and bring in tutors? A handful of families with $3,000 per kid flowing in could hire a struggling Millenial or Zoomer with a BA and mountains of college debt to recreate the one room schoolhouse a couple days a week as the individual household took care of the rest of the week.

It has to be a tax credit, because this was tried via a voucher program. Five years ago, Nevada passed landmark expansion of a voucher program that was the evolution of voucher programs into something that could kill public schools. It would effectively give parents $5,000 per kid per year for homeschooling. The Koch brothers were ineffective in their careers throwing around millions in lobbying, but in Nevada they made it all come together. They installed Gov. Sandoval, orchestrated a GOP legislature, and provided the legislation. It was a thing of beauty. Like every other victory not approved by progressives, the Nevada courts manipulated procedural outcomes and said “Look, right here, you won’t believe it, but it is allowable by many measures and sure other states have this similar voucher system but hot damn, we found one little way to call it unconstitutional. Try again losers”. The real reason it was killed could be found in news articles from 2015 where parents happily stated how their tax dollars had funded the public schools for years while their kids went to private schools or were homeschooled.

The left hates you but needs you to fund their entire scam. Don’t wag a finger and state that debt makes taxpayers unnecessary because at the end of the day, the capability of the polity to pay off that debt is what matters. States are in a bind compared to the feds anyway due to accounting rules. We are rapidly heading towards the extraction phase of taxation in blue states (and Louisiana and Kentucky), but those red states do have more room to maneuver. It is time for some extraction of our own. It is time that we in the squeezed middle call up the GOP state reps, state senators and even the governors and start saying, “Fuck you, pay me“. Start looking at margins of victories for state reps and make sure they feel the heat. Targeting representatives in swing R districts can make a bloc coalesce. These fools win by few votes and are easily led by the nose. The other group of legislators to look at are younger reps and state senators looking for an issue to capitalize on that plays to the base for their future primary runs for US congress or governor.

Homeschooling networks already won hard fought victories and are a living network online. Time to monetize them. Phone banks take energy and effort. Even if you do not homeschool your kids, this helps others within our tribe regain sovereignty and escape the beast. If you want to blackpill the rest of your life, hang yourself now and spare us the bitching. If you want to do something, reach out to all the other pissed off parents in this cultural crack up and make things happen. Be a little more Henry Hill and a little less Morrie the whiny wig salesman. What better program to provide energy for than one that will put money in our pockets and drain the public school commissars of their funds.

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  1. Adam Smith says:

    Malcolm X said only a fool would let his enemy teach his children. The riots and the behavior of the college ‘educated’ at these protests is demonstrating just how thoroughly brainwashed by the media and education system the nation has become. The Left not only dominates the commanding heights of indoctrinating your children against you through primary through tertiary and beyond schooling, they get YOU to pay for it and the legions of people now burning and desecrating the cities. Tax credits for homeschooling would be a tremendous gain for those who oppose this system, and why the system has consistently fought against ever having it implemented.


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