It’s A Woke White Thing & Friday Reads

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This month’s hysteria is a woke white thing. Blacks are looting and now shooting fireworks, but the red terror type action is a woke white event in urban areas. Pew surveys reports as few as 1 in 6 BLM protest attendees are black. The whites wearing special blood and wound makeup on their backs, pretending to be whipped slaves was a new twist on the old “So Sorry” fake slave auction performances by self-loathing whites of old. The faces pulling down monuments are a mix and often led by woke whites, with woke white media offering How To articles and videos.

There is no Silent Majority to counter this anymore. There is a large chunk of America that disagrees with the wokies. Just not 60% of America like days of old. This was the point of all the post-‘65 immigration and education indoctrination. Those former radical libs now have numbers, and they wield a lot of economic terror power to get people to conform even if privately they disagree. The family and friend snitching via social media is an attempt to root even that out.

This is a woke urbanite thing and virtue signaling white on social media phenomenon. Comparing notes to others outside the cities, life moves on. A river is still flowing whether some idiot throws molotovs at cops in the metro or not. A large chunk of people see this for the insanity it is. What they are now experiencing is seeing the youths they saw do self destructive dumb things or personal consumer choices (swpl identity crap) now express the darker aide of that identity with the political slogans they learned and accumulated along with tattoo sleeves.

What will wokies do when the utopia does not arrive? We know their dream is impossible so what comes next? We here at the Sun have tried to discuss where things could go and how other civil conflicts went. The major point is that this will be a process, not an event. For a decade, I have pointed to secession as a possibility, which some scoff at but this is not the regime of 1999 anymore.

America is not the hyperpower of 1999. It cannot pull off Iraq Invasions, hell, it cannot even sell people on Syrian escapades despite years of non-stop propaganda. Cold War II? It’s already lost. How can they win it if half the elite won’t let people say Chinese virus and many of our institutions have been infiltrated by Chinese spies and assets all in the name of cheap labor? Apply that to domestic programs. We cannot touch cartels, which are a clear & present danger. We got humans back into space because of a private firm. Mr. Andreessen wants us to build? Great, can you ask the progressive regulatory regime to step aside? This is the looting phase. Declining imperial powers face threats from external challengers and domestic centers wanting more sovereignty. Chaos? Chaos only begets opportunity for the unthinkable.

Think: June 2015 you expected Bush vs. Clinton. You expected Brezhnevian stagnation and slow decay. Globohomo forever. It is five years later. That shit is out the window. The woke crowd was always coming, but you likely didn’t suspect this hysteria now, more like 2040. The leftist singularity is moving fast even for Blog.Jim’s old timeline. Enjoy the Fourth Turning. America never exits a crisis in the same form that it enters the crisis. Forget the woke idiots and talk to the people looking around shell shocked that 1996 is never coming back.

Attack the humanities – An attempt to make humanities more expensive, which may push students away from those majors. This might work, even at the margins it would help. American state governments held by the supposed right wing should emulate this.

At least one college says no – Hillsadale does not bend the knee. They are a good example of what is possible with some ambition and some donors if one were interested in taking over and altering small, failing universities. Pretty sure with the purges of 2020, one could staff the university and with worried parents, collecting students would be easy.

Cultures That Build – Can America even build as Andreessen wishes? Likely not since we first seek to get management on our side. The enemy really is the academic clerisy that teaches the professional managerial class.

New York lost its cool – Akinokure covers the slip in NY’s cool status. One could even see it as exemplified by say the ladies on Sex and the City who were successful while the ladies of Girls were losers. If NYC enters a new dark age via crime, this will continue.

Could they be admitting the empire is over?

No, really, they could be admitting the global hyperpower era is over.

A Thermidor Reaction – Lind assumes the left is overreaching and the thermidor reaction is coming. This seems a bit Boomer wishful thinking. I think mask off sets up conflict as the right finally gives up on the ballot box as the means for reform a la Spanish Civil War.

That America is Gone – This is the one reverend who gets it. Doug Wilson built a community in Idaho out of sheer charisma and a crowd that co-located and built everything they needed. He is very clear eyed that the old America is gone. Benedict Option won’t work when the opponent will never stop, never be bargained with and never be satisfied.

Bronx Loot Cru – This is a great ground level view of the looting in the Bronx. This was more entertaining than informative, but hey, it was not locals, no matter how many locals were arrested. Guess these shopkeepers won’t be helped by insurance.

The Progs Lose Their Mind – I am enjoying the left go after one another. They also seem to have melted their brains for years with their word games.

Realizing the present is worse – The left cannot accept the fact that the present is socially worse and that they are in charge so they build more lies to find blame. What happens when the faith evaporates?

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  1. Liquid Phosphex says:

    Laundry, if the liberal world order is being dissolved shouldn’t that be cause for celebration? After all, times like these only vindicate de Maistre, Tocqueville, Carlyle, Evola et al, including the entire dissent right. If you’re thinking that the powers at be would easily hand you power on a silver platter with saying the right words or the right legislation, then you would be badly mistaken from the beginning.

    The dissolution of American hegemony would most likely cause China to push forward into conflict with India and Russia, but don’t think that the left would leave China alone as the Left moans about Chinese Muslim concentration camps and wouldn’t pass on the opportunity to turn China into a giant Globohomo Asian market if they could. Russia is a tough nut for them to crack, but don’t think Putin and his Neo-Soviet mafia is any better despite the Orthodox window dressing.


    1. R. Landry - Editor says:

      Dont disagree with anything you wrote in that first paragraph


  2. WS says:

    > No, really, they could be admitting the global hyperpower era is over.

    Interesting link to read. Funny how a lot of the examples of Russia and China getting a foothold in the international political arena are just them doing the same aid type shit that we do (not to mention third world building and financial lending…).But, of course, the author sees these things as cynical actions—and never hints at the fact that that’s why the US does this stuff as well.

    I guess the biggest indicator that the US still has a hegemony is that in order to subvert it’s hegemony, countries need to outdo the US in philanthropy. “We’re the real good guys!” It’s sort of a hint that liberal morality is still appealed to even by these “autocratic regimes.” I think the liberal order will finally be dead when nations don’t need to do these things for international clout.


  3. Jack says:

    None of the fake riots that are happening would be happening w/out social media smartphone apps.

    If not for a few weird blogs I read sometimes I wouldn’t know about the fake riots.

    You keep saying “the regime” is “collapsing” “stagnating” “declining” etc. But is USA losing its oil fields or rare earth mineral mines? I’ll hecking wait.

    P.S. Show me … the Venezuelan oil field dividends. I’ll hecking wait for that too.


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