Developing The Fraternity

Submitted by smallfrog

BAP said in Bronze Age Mindset that the friendships we have made are the greatest events in these last few years and that these friendships in this struggle lift us out of the blackpill and greatly improve our morale (I’m paraphrasing). But these riots over the course of the last week, in addition to the calls by many for a Haitian-style revolution has made me increasingly uneasy. Any friends I have made in my life who are aware of what is really going on are located solely on a phone screen or hours away. I stand virtually alone and it is quite apparent that the police have little interest in helping me should I get into any real trouble. I am one man trying to protect my family from the hordes of bug people.

There needs to be a serious conversation about how we plan to cultivate the Männerbund. We often talk about the idea of it, but not much on actual implementation or application. I am unsure about many aspects of undertaking such a task and carrying it out, but every city or county should have a group of men who associate with each other and have each other’s backs. Imagine the mob directly outside your door on the verge of burning down your house or your building. You are trapped and you call the police, but they are too busy taking a knee in solidarity with the “protesters.” You DM Kantbot, but he is too busy eating mayonnaise with a spoon and formulating his new theory on why being a ghey lard-ass is actually fulfilling, so he is of no help. Who do you call?

What if you could make one phone call and “the boys” show up to save your ass? Thirty guys, all strapped, drop everything and rush to your house or your business because you are their brother and that’s what brothers do. Why have we not created this already? There’s the obvious fear of infiltration by unfriendly groups who would seek to have you arrested, fired from your job, or expelled from your school. But what if we kept the group as essentially only a club that engaged in exercise, shooting, fighting, survival, et cetera? A cover organization could be an obscure issue like wetlands conservation. Instead of some militia that talks about overthrowing the government or Klan that seeks to dress up in costumes and embarrass themselves in public, we make it explicitly clear that such talk has no place in our club. This might be annoying that you must censor yourself, but you must do this in public anyway. You can talk about statistics and light runners as a twitter anon if you must vent these thoughts. This also makes normie men more comfortable to join and participate.

Anyone who insists on espousing extremist values should be suspected of being there for nefarious purposes and excommunicated from the group. The purpose of the group should be only for fraternity, for the brotherhood. The only ideology espoused should be masculine vitality. “This week we’re going to the shooting range on Saturday.” “This week the high school let us use their gym and mats so Ted could give us a Krav Maga lesson.” “Who wants to put in for a bow hunt with me this year?” The goal would simply be to create a bond among men, that way, in the event that any one man is in serious trouble, or there is a threat to the community it would be their bond to each other that would serve them, not abstract political ideals.

This club could have economic benefits as well a la affinity networks. If Joe is a mechanic, James is a farmer, and Jack’s wife is a realtor, then all members should agree to only go to those members for repair work, produce, and buying a house. Instead of hiring some neurotic college girl who thinks the patriarchy should be abolished to watch your children, you pay one of the wives do it, so you’re giving your money to each other. With enough men, its also possible to pool your money together. Imagine knowing the co-pay for your wife’s delivery will be covered by your mannerbund. Imagine if one man has the ‘in’ on a property being sold and wants to make a storage unit company, but instead of going to the bank, goes to the club and they are able to contribute enough money between them to make it happen and they share the profits accordingly instead of paying a bank interest. Another man could start a gym, and another could start an engineering consulting group. They could share the profits, hire each other, and grow wealthy together. Our enemies do such things, should we not do the same and become elite ourselves, both economically and physically? Some of you may be doing this currently, but I recommend you all learn the power of the “LLC”.

We do not need police or banks or anything of that sort if we have each other. But the big question is how do we advertise for such a club? Do you even need to? Do we have different chapters or do we make each one independent? Should we start a facebook group, put an ad out in the paper, or put up fliers? Legally, do you have to make it an actual registered private club with membership dues or can it be done by just making it a group of friends? And legally can you exclude undesirables (women, etc) and how so? The modern history of private clubs point to strict screening but no lists and formal structures that can be attacked by the left’s minions. And most of all, how do you advertise it without making it cringe and LARPy? The answer may be informal to match the idea of implicit activities to foster friendship and brotherhood.

In my mind, having a network of loyal friends is the most vital component to our success in the coming years. Two men meeting in real life are worth more than 1,000 Twitter followers. There is no greater morale boost than knowing someone has your back when the shit hits the fan. And there is no greater force than a group of cohesive young men.

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  1. Exile says:

    This kind of association is essential – the building block for all higher levels of organization.

    Avoid any formal structure whatsoever if you want the best level of invisibility and protection against entryists, antifa-moles etc… You are just a group of friends.

    If you need a formal structure for some reason, look at forming private/undisclosed member/officer corporations, LLC’s or trusts which require consent of the membership for approval of new members and other hurdles which will make your selection process and operation opaque and personalized. Spin a web of these organizations like shysters do for Panama Papers type stuff if you really want to play like the powers that be do.

    Always prefer personal informal loyalties to formal/legal ties.

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  2. I think there’s a phase-change like element here.

    The thing about phase changes is that they are *sudden.* Like, water at 1 C / 34 F is very much liquid. And ice at -1 C / 29 F is very much solid. If you were trying to melt the ice and got it from 28F to 31F, you might think you hadn’t achieved anything. But not so—you’ve prepared the way for a sudden melting.

    At present we are few and spread thin, which makes things harder. But at some point, I suspect it will become much easier, much more quickly than one might expect.


  3. CS Ford says:

    This is a good piece and exactly what has been on my mind lately. I’m former military and all of my like-minded friends are spread across the country. How does one find like-minded people in your area?

    I’m in a suburban area outside of a big Ohio city. After the recent “protests” I considered meeting up with some of the men in my HOA to talk about what would happen if the “protests” spilled into our neighborhood. Even knowing how to approach someone with that conversation is tricky without making yourself look like a crazy person.


    1. Henry says:

      I think you answered your own question. When things were still hot you could have attempted to meet with others in you HOA. Avoid sounding crazy by not saying crazy things; just express your concern for your neighbor’s safety and property. If you tried to hold a meeting maybe only 1-2 would have showed up (or maybe more — I don’t know anything about HOA culture), but that’s 1-2 you didn’t know before.

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  4. A. Jackson says:

    This article reads like us 14-year-old boys talking about how we need to have sex with the grilz to become men.
    Smallfrog, do not be disheartened. Keep at it. I say this seriously.
    American Sun, on the other hand, you need to do better. Play time is over.


    1. Aditya Barot (Adi) says:

      You are being too hard on them. They don’t know the first thing about friendship which is billed as “faggotry” in this country. A fish doesn’t know that it is in the water. This fish has just realized that it is, in fact, in the water. And now, perhaps, with a little help, it may evolve and start breathing the air as well. One step at a time, and with a bit of encouragement.

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  5. WS says:

    >And legally can you exclude undesirables (women, etc)


    To offer my two cents on the article. I live where I live precisely because of family. The familial network is the easiest network to foster. You don’t even need need to do weekend activities to have someone who will be there when SHTF.

    It’s unfortunate that many people’s familial networks are scattered across the country. If it’s within your power, live close to family. Brothers, sisters (your brother in law is a good candidate for SHTF situation too), cousins, and of course (depending on age) your father and mother are all prime people for forming cohesive and beneficial friendships. This sounds stupid because it’s so obvious but many things aren’t obvious in today’s day and age that were in the past.

    Making friends is hard in today’s day an age. Our economy is almost purposefully structured to minimize free time and stop the creating of powerful bonds of male friendship. If you can do it, great. But look to family first and then creating the mannerbund if you have no other option.


  6. m. says:

    This sounds like the kind of informal “boys club” that the left explicitly attacks, especially if it leads to financial success.


  7. START HERE says:

    A 2017 report by the Coleman Co. on camping participation found whites accounted for nearly 80% of campers. And even when including fishing, hiking, camping, running, swimming, bicycling, backpacking and several other outdoor activities in its 2018 study, the Outdoor Foundation found whites accounted for nearly three-quarters of all outdoor recreation.

    Hunting participation is whiter yet. In the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s most recent participation study of hunting, fishing and wildlife watching, the agency found 11.5 million Americans hunted at least once in 2016. Of those hunters, 11.1 million—96%—were white and 3% were Hispanic. Blacks and Asians made up most of the remaining 1%, but at levels too low to pinpoint participation rates.


  8. JTLiuzza says:

    We’re forming a men’s group at our church, the central focus being to organize and establish a plan of action in case leftist terrorists decide to disrupt services or whatever else. I bring that up as a suggestion. The guys in your church might be a good place to start. You’re already getting together once a week.


  9. Mac says:

    Assemble the union of egoists


  10. hypebeast420 says:

    This used to just be called, your neighborhood. Neighbors would help each other out. We need to rebuild neighborhoods that are more than just convenient places to live for economic reasons.


  11. CJ says:

    The older ones here do remember that this was in fact the neighborhood. But even in the 80s and 90s it was a weak shadow of the generation before. Our atomized reality is absolutely the desired and directed outcome by the usual suspects. Robert Nisbet literally wrote the book on it in 1953 (Quest for Community). What we are living with now was already a noticeable pattern then and the forces making this happen already called out.

    But Smallfrog’s premise is still accurate and needs to be embraced: It is a simple call to action to form trusted high-fit small groups. Smartly vetting membership is essential and doesn’t need to be overt. Maybe a cover organization is a thing, but doesn’t need to be. Plenty of examples. Colorful ones like bike clubs slowly patching people in to how the RICA program, at least in theory, works before entering the Catholic church. The commies were brilliant in how they recruited and maintained networks. You should study what they did. Start here for big picture:

    IRL I help for profit and non-profits build functioning private groups. I’ve done it 100s of times with 10,000s of people in these small groups. There is no special one-size fits all formula but there are definitely things you need to do in general.

    The the biggest things to know are:
    1) Keep the group small, beyond 10 is too much. This is attainable. You can do this. Doesn’t mean you can’t have ties to other small groups in the area, but beyond that number it simply stops working. FYI communist cells were 2-3 people.
    2) Don’t wait for someone else to take the lead. Less than 5% of the population are wired to step up. If this idea won’t leave you alone, you’re probably being called to be get this going.
    3) You’re building friendships first, the cause is never enough outside of an unfolding catastrophe. Have fun. The implosion of Curt Doolittle’s July 4 event in VA is a case study in what not to do.
    4) You probably have “sports clubs” (gun, hunting , fishing), in your area right now. Join and meet people there. You’ll be surprised the like-minded you’ll find

    Small fraternal groups meeting in person is going to be the prerequisite to having any hope in defending our values, let alone our individual lives, and with no chance in hell in defending a geographic territory if we haven’t first been meeting to have BBQs and doing normal things first.


  12. millermp1 says:

    Solving this coordination/infiltration problem has been on my mind for several years now, and it is compounded by my location (Norcal/Bay Area): Overton Window is still hard left and too many in my cohort have too much to lose (socioeconomically). I’m getting EU citizenship for myself and family in case we don’t pull out of this nose dive, but not ready to throw in the towel. Of my 20 years living here, I have had one IRL contact who aligned with me politically, but his family since moved to SoCal.

    Several good suggestions here, e.g. keep numbers small, informal. I have been very cavalier about opsec in the past, but BAP was right: it was an error — reeks of fedposting and upside is marginal. That said, someone needs to be a nucleation point and to accept the risk that entails.

    I’m overdue for the shooting range and have been looking for someone to show me the ropes with wild pig/deer bow hunting or just a trip to the local archery range (Briones, CA or near Mt Hood, OR)… don’t be shy.


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