Trump’s Chances & Friday Reads

Thanks for initial feedback for the book. Enjoy the book. Where to buy it? You can buy it at Terror House directly. If you are an Amazon regular, then buy it here. If a Barnes and Noble customer, check the link here.

So what are Trump’s re-election chances? I’ll put them at 30%. Pre-corona, I would’ve put them at 55%. Trump lost the narrative battle on corona and fumbled that Reichstag fire. He then had another Reichstag fire occur with the Floyd hysteria, and has fumbled that. LAW AND ORDER!

Why are they 30%? Why not 5%? Because despite fumbling those two gifts, his numbers have not cratered in swing states, and Biden cannot crack 50% in them either. Trump is a basic Boomer but if he turned on the populist rhetoric, avoided petty Twitter fights and released maybe a 5 point plan for coming out of corona, he could win. He cannot have rallies where he spends 45 minutes discussing him walking up a ramp or drinking water. Make the reference, insert a joke and move on.

“Folks glad you’re here tonight. Folks corona showed I was of course right, it has taught us the lesson that we must re-shore manufacturing as we cannot trust our lives in Chinese hands. We also need tighter immigration enforcement. Insert infrastructure line here. Insert new program for security here. Pivot to say the election is a choice between American renewal and restoration vs Woke Hysteria, which is using Biden as a senile puppet.”

That’s it. He needs a plan. He needs to avoid poking at Joe Scarborough and other cable hosts. It’s now a net negative. Grow up. Focus. His team needs to make the election about that choice rather than what people think now, which is Chaotic Trump vs. Generic D.

Does it matter? Well, no amnesty, immigration is down, jobs did come back and we did avoid a new war with Trump. A Dem administration gets us back into Syria, provides an amnesty, and likely provides some new welfare program for crumbs to the lumpenproletariat while not touching anything about our negative structural issues.

On to the links…

Mystery Grove’s new release – Please purchase and learn more about how the commies won the Balkans.

BLM the New Religion – Tracey takes a stab at explaining the religious fervor of the woke. Tracey still will not make the full transition but he has been morphing in a fun direction.

The age of unreality – We do not inhabit the same realty anymore. The gap cannot be bridged. If people can not agree on basic, foundational assumptions and beliefs, it means problems are unsolvable.

I do not have to believe what you believe – The left is learning that the woke crowd they fostered for years is turning on them.

The litigation-insurance complex – This is entertaining for explaining why new creations or risk-taking are not allowed.

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  1. Tom Watkins says:

    stop with the copes. Most everyone in our sphere (TRS, NPI, Hunter Wallace) has given up on Trump.


    1. Oliver Onion says:

      TRS/NPI/Hunter Wallace have all shown their true colors, which is either urbanite commie sympathizing or schizophrenic. They’re also very obviously compromised and cannot be trusted.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Chad Stevens says:

      Trump isn’t the figure that was sold to us in 2016, but that doesn’t mean nothing is at stake.


  2. Tony Chachere says:

    I recommend Landry’s book to everyone.It’s direct, urgent, and well-written. I can’t imagine a man with a spine not finding it inspiring.

    In my opinion, this is the sort of book that rewards purchasers of a physical print copy, for a couple of reasons; first, a physical book can be loaned out and read by others, including those who wouldn’t think to purchase such a thing, and second, a physical book can’t be deleted off one’s kindle, as Amazon might do to a digital copy, given the slightest pressure.


    1. WHO says:

      I’ll buy it eventually but I don’t know when I’ll read it, the title is not that great.


  3. anon-for-now says:

    Do you have a link for the last article? Thanks.


    1. R. Landry - Editor says:

      Yeah sorry for the goof but it is linked in the first word “The”


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