Blackpill/Whitepill + Friday Reads

Book feedback has been positive and many of you say you wish you had read it when younger. Please, recommend it for young men out there sick of the world. Buy it for them. Where to buy it? You can buy it at Terror House directly. If an Amazon guy, buy it here. At Barnes & Noble, the link is here.

Jeff Sessions attempting a comeback and failing is a bit of a blackpill. America First types must be worried if the shift in immigration and populist ideas will not last. Do not worry as globalism will continue to fail. Sessions declared his candidacy late and did not have Trump support. The real blackpill is the GOP did not see the fantastic reconciliation and populist restart moment they could have had. It is a lost opportunity.

Blackpill about it? I got bad news; there will be plenty to blackpill about in the future. Did you forget the 2015 goal of using Trump to destroy the GOP? That was all many of you wanted. I recall all those messages from different pieces of the fringe right. You now have normie GOP figures FBI Stat posting! You forgot because everything aligned to let him win. Had he lost, they’d have been destroyed in spring ‘17. Him winning made you believe reform was possible. In a perfect world, he has the administrative state and courts allow the fixes needed. Did not happen so imperial decline will continue.

People need to wake up? Stop one moment and look at voter breakdowns. Forget the underclass vote banks that will never change. What additional percentage of whites do you want to wake up? An extra 10%? I’d say 10% since 20-25% are self loathing woke zealots, are the elite who make money off of it and others are so tied to the system they will not change. Trump’s win signaled many had woken up. It is just a matter of what to do next.

I believe Turchin is right. I believe Strauss & Howe were right. These are dark times as all crises are. The crisis is upon us and America always exits a crisis different than it enters it. Crisis has its linguistic history as being a decision, a decisive moment, a separating. In Greek, krisis also meant a “turning point in a disease”, as in a special moment where it can get better or worse. We are a diseased society with a poisonous, disgusting culture. If you want, be blackpilled because tough times are already here.

To be blackpilled, you are also missing that the crisis gives us many opportunities and many roads ahead. Look at Cuomo’s cartoon about NY’s covid success. This is the future. Happy PR pushes to cover up for failure after failure (just like Obamacare). They don’t have answers and will only get more totalitarian. Delegitimization continues, so the challenge is to build alternative frameworks and solutions. Building the framework for a vanguard of this growing consciousness is needed. Engage with the system and leech off of it while you build another as China has done for years now.

Whitepills are around. Focusing on your life and building out in concentric circles (you, family, community, state) is something I focused on in the book because it is how you build islands in a declining empire’s sea of chaos. That’s the progression, fortify and extend, fortify and extend. The left is a highly centralized power with cultists everywhere. Look at them though! As a well built, learned individual maybe even with a family you are going to be alien to the SSRI cat mom wrecks and soymen. Minorities rarely have their life together in a coherent form blacks I know call “Huxtables”. Those lost souls wash out in crisis moments and evaporate as time goes on. Have your shit together, have a family, have friends and your name will live on. Even without a family, you can leave a legacy and memory if you engage with your tribe. Sounds corny but plant five trees in a public park in your town and you will have done more than all your posting of the last decade.

This is why fertility is dropping. It is not just an economic issue but cultural memeing *and* a collapse in belief of a good future. It is an occupied mentality instead of a proud citizen who believes in the polity. This is such a common trend in history of good and bad governance that hundreds of years ago Machiavelli spotted it. From Discourses Book II, Chapter II:

“There is no difficulty, therefore, in determining whence that ancient greatness and this modern decay have arisen, since they can be traced to the free life formerly prevailing and to the servitude which prevails now. For all countries and provinces which enjoy complete freedom, make, as I have said, most rapid progress. Because, from marriage being less restricted in these countries, and more sought after, we find there a greater population; every man being disposed to beget as many children as he thinks he can rear, when he has no anxiety lest they should be deprived of their patrimony, and knows not only that they are born to freedom and not to slavery, but that they may rise by their merit to be the first men of their country. In such States, accordingly, we see wealth multiply, both that which comes from agriculture and that which comes from manufactures. For all love to gather riches and to add to their possessions when their enjoyment of them is not likely to be disturbed. And hence it happens that the citizens of such States vie with one another in whatever tends to promote public or private well-being; in both of which, consequently, there is a wonderful growth.”

Few buy into this system anymore. It is at the looting phase for the elite. Corporations are doing the same at all sizes and from all sectors. It is also a what’s in it for me phase for others, increasingly including the old core Americans. That isn’t how you hold together a nation or even an empire so start thinking about different possibilities.

How Powers Crumble – Best read of the week because whether Soviet, Ottoman or Roman people could see it coming. We are there too.

Codevilla on Scamocracy – Codevilla with another great essay. I like how he is aging and just going guns a blazin’.

Bezmenov Was Right – A Marxist takeover? A race religion being used by the elite to implement weird egalitarian beliefs is more like it, but the old Soviet defector was close.

Real hate is from the other side – Trump does get it but clumsily approaches it. The rest of the GOP braintrust doesn’t see it or doesn’t know exactly how winner take all the fight is.

Roosh on the Gulags – Roosh covers Solzhenitsyn’s trilogy. Roosh could youtube about sex for a decade but just one year about Christ.

Post-Trump Right – I agree with this assessment but the trick is China, Big Tech and the Left are all tied together. It is one interlocking fight.

Blogging vs. Social Media – Agnostic discusses the change and a potential way forward for the internet and posting.

DiAngelo’s Insane Dissertation – The White Fragility superstar had an insane dissertation, too. Areo is doing good work pointing out the critical race insanity (here as well).

The Myth of the Model Minority Myth – Razib Khan explains how the revisionists trying to say Asians are not a model minority are lying hucksters.

Wokeness comes to Ireland – In one century the Irish go from fighting for their island and sovereignty to giving way to Wokeness. Will Ireland be able to resist and pushback on the lying progressives.

Skullmask Mike on BLM riot whitewashing – mr. Tracey does the legwork to report on the destruction of cities. This is nationwide.

Special Link

I always want to help an old Social Matter guy out. One has a new book released. It’s called PANIC and the author is Benjamin Welton. It’s a poetry book featuring 20 of his poems on modern life, history etc. A few of the poems in PANIC were originally published there. He has not written here, but this is a non-progressive voice. It is for sale here and on Amazon here. If we want to help bros out, we must support them with content releases.

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  1. Henr says:

    I suggest people not allow themselves to be blackpilled or whitepilled about things they have no control over.


  2. Earl Shetland says:

    Could life ever be sane again?


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