The Wrong Messengers for the Right Subjects

If there’s one aspect of modern politics that is genuinely frustrating, it is that the Left has dominated many causes which would have been handled in a more productive and realistic fashion by the Right. Environmentalism is a key example of this – a movement which could have been based around people protecting and preserving their ancestors’ land for the future – has instead been twisted into an overemotional and hysterical lobby based on a disaster narrative. Indeed, the political Right has frequently, both in America and Britain, staunchly fought against environmental policy simply because it was the Left’s cause. Instead of tackling water pollution effectively by highlighting the reality that the problem is largely caused by developing economies like India and China, they simply brushed the issue away, fearing that anymore environmental action could damage the economy.

One of the reasons Greta Thunberg exists is because the environmental movement has been a Leftist dominion for 60 years, yet it never needed to be that way. Indeed, if conservatives had made an effort to conserve the environment they would have had their own version of Greta. Not a Soros-controlled teenage puppet with learning difficulties, but an intelligent twenty-something who could mix articulate public speaking with conservationist environmentalism. Such an opportunity was always there, which would have provided the opportunity of adopting the much more realistic tactic of championing environmental protection, whilst at the same time pointing out the Left’s exaggerated narrative on the issue. If you leave ground for your enemies to conquer it, conquer it they will, and you’ll be following rather than leading.

Preservation of the natural world isn’t the only area where messages are being delivered by undesirable prophets. In Britain, the rather thorny issue of Asian grooming gangs not only demonstrated an establishment cover up, but it also once again showed up the centre-right’s complete lack of spine. Here was a golden opportunity, not only to expose a horrible crime and build a case for limiting immigration from the third world, but also an opportunity for the political right to make gains in White working class areas. You would think that politicians, being the opportunistic beings that they are, would jump at such a chance. However instead they either participated in the cover up, or provided a half-hearted response.

This in turn led to people who should never have set foot in the public domain leading the charge on the issue. Tommy Robinson, the loud and determined man from Luton, became the man who spearheaded awareness of the grooming gangs for well over a decade. He mixed his love of football, alcohol and working class culture with a strong determination to raise public awareness. The problem, of course, was that he’s an incredibly flawed being who was never capable of surviving the bear pit of public life. His criminal record, his naïve worship of Israel, and his habit of punching anybody who gets in his face largely undid a reputation which deserved at least some recognition. Of course, his championing of the grooming issue did eventually force the authorities to act at least to some degree, and he was in turn greatly wronged by those same authorities, yet at the same time none of this should have happened in such a way.

Instead of an articulate politician with a party engine behind him raising awareness of a terrible problem in a way that remonstrated with both working class and middle voters, we got a man who struggled to verbally articulate his points and had been convicted of mortgage and passport fraud. Another missed opportunity by Conservatives for sure, but also a missed opportunity for populist-nationalists like Nigel Farage, who preferred attacking Brussels than tackling a problem which was likely occurring in his own home town. As a result, instead of grooming gangs being countered within the wider framework of populist-nationalism, Britain got an anti-grooming gang campaign that revolved around Zionism and football hooliganism.

About the same time that Robinson’s activism began in the late 2000s, political correctness was starting to be challenged on the Right and more specifically within the counter-jihad movement, and many people thought this was a positive start. Of course it was, but the problem was that the counter-jihads were civic nationalists who complained about immigration, whilst refusing to embrace the reality that group competition and biological differences were largely the cause. Meanwhile, the Right protested against political correctness because of their love of freedom and liberty, yet once elected to office, their reluctance to wield state power against PC culture meant their enemies continued to advance. If you add to that their recent hesitation in reigning in the power of tech monopolies, simply because they are private entities, then they can neither fight state or private opponents. From a practical perspective, this means they endlessly complain but never push back, and thus the power of political correctness simply intensifies year after year.

The result of movements centred on or led by false prophets is that you inevitably never get the outcome you want. Tommy Robinson’s personal and political flaws have led him into the criminal justice system and the hands of a foreign state, whilst environmentalism led by the Left results in Armageddon narratives and the subversive indoctrination of naïve White teenagers. Meanwhile on the Right, candidates whip up their voter base by criticising PC culture, only to then embrace it once in office. False prophets not only lead you down the wrong road, they also prevent you from going down the correct road to begin with.

So many issues in the world are being tackled the wrong way, especially in the West, simply because the wrong people are leading the charge. This is largely down to right-wing incompetency and left-wing (mad) determination. Only one of these can ever win, because one is so weak and the other is so strong. Left-wingers are by their nature excellent campaigners – they never give up – whilst the Right waits to play catch up or shrinks from dealing a decisive blow to their enemies. As a result, our societies are in a lesser state of existence and continue to move in the wrong trajectory.


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  1. Henry says:

    “Indeed, if conservatives had made an effort to conserve the environment ” Where’s the money in that? If there’s no money to be made then conservatives aren’t getting involved.

    There’s an important distinction between conservation (involves immigration restrictions, among other things) and environmentalism (involves graft to green tech boondoggles, among other things).


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