Student Debt Porn & Friday Reads

Book has been out a month and the numbers are great. Thank you! If you don’t have it, where to buy it? You can buy it at Terror House directly. If an Amazon guy, buy it here. At Barnes & Noble, the link is here.

For years, I’ve railed against student debt, the university system and the con of each debt forgiveness program. We have continued that here with others. I’ve written how non-dischargeable debt & contemporary feminism courses set the groundwork for modern prostitution like Seeking Arrangement, ManyVids and now OnlyFans. Something should be done to junk this system and destroy the current university fiefdom. The biggest problem mentally is when you consider the absolute fools who would benefit.

The student debt question comes down to framing too. Student enrollment peaked in 2011 yet debt grows… because the Obama era debt payment programs. There is 1.8 trillion in student debt… of which +40% is grad school debt and graduate degree holders earn far more money than anyone else. How could we possibly claw back from universities… well we have receipts. The blunt fixes we know are coming will not fix anything and end up rewarding the evil unis and the indoctrinated and overproduced “elite” they have made.

It would also be easier if the graduates were not despicable idiots themselves. We have bitter black PhD wailing about his debt. He had a full ride for undergrad and exited a Master’s program with under $20,000 in debt but one suggestion later and boom, six figures of loans. Lot of mystery and bad decisions, but please pity him. There’s a Boomer teacher with $233,000 in debt. He lost his job, was volunteering and one stray suggestion that he’d make a good teacher had him at 48 crossing the nation for a master’s. Boomer adventure! There are positive examples, but the running thread is how so many people have graduate degrees for make work fluff gigs or jobs that never required them.

This is porn for the average American who has $40,000 in student debt and wants some relief. As porn has little connection to sex, so do these cartoonish examples at Slate represent reality. Slate has some realistic portrayals but they’re framed as privileged exceptions. There are also many Americans with under $20,000 in debt from their one year or semester when they tried college. This is why destroying the current system, creating cheaper undergrad programs and reining in basic costs would have greater effects. Allow the majority of students to walk away with a small gamble. These debtors would be better served by a simple blanket relief of 5-10K with little effect for those mega-borrowers. That outlier class skews the entire conversation. Reducing actual costs, not debtloads, would create mass layoffs of the priestly progressive class and a pruning of terrible programs.

It is all a racket to direct more money to that economic node. With hindsight, they had to develop ethnic studies because how else could they enroll and maintain the increasingly non-white and lower achieving student body? Let the current form of the university system die and be reborn smaller, humbler. So they cannot afford some things, but they’re anti-white psychotics with toilet paper diplomas. As they told miners and plastic injection mold techs, learn to code.

On to the links…

Return of Feudalism – Return? It is already here. The high economic elite have allied with the underclass low that doesn’t work. Their bargain and duty is to vote as Big Biz tells them to vote.

Insurgent Thinking – For the right to get anything, it must discard the current form of representation and advocacy and start anew.

5 Signs of a Moral Panic – We are in a moral panic that is virtually the same as the #MeToo hysteria, just substitute race for gender. It’ll shut off once its work is done.

Aesthetic Localism – “It is from this source of abandonment in North America’s squalid and crumbling post-industrial heartlands that I contend the artist must find direct inspiration. To gaze upon the wreckage of history, but a wreckage that is immediately around you, and hold the soot in you hands with sombre reverence; The extreme localism of the artist within the space of the work of art is something that is not just lacking, but even derided as parochial, or even “implicitly reactionary” in the globalist art world.”

A Zero HPLovecraft Tale – New fiction with the new ai gpt3 that has been released.

Myth & McAfee – The Myth guys spend time chatting with the wild man again.

Scared of Sound Money – The Times comes out against a FED nominee. Why? She prefers sound money. The sloshing of fiat is what keeps this whole circus going.

Inflation inbound? – Do central banks matter though? Are governments now in control? Even 10% inflation would feel like hyperinflation here with our economy.

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  1. Peter says:

    “Among other heretical stances, she has supported the abolition of the Federal Reserve itself, putting her in a position to undermine the very institution she is being nominated to serve.”

    Do civil servants swear oaths to serve the institutions they work for, even to the detriment of the country as a whole?


  2. “Scared of Sound Money”

    “Sound money” is absurd at this point in history. The entire system, public and private, is eyeballs in debt that can’t be inflated away fast enough, due to the current deflationary collapse. Instituting “sound money” now means the entire West is sold into permanent debt slavery to a tiny faction of the elite that has been bailed-out and subsidized continuously since WWII. (This is what caused the Great Depression and why Bernake was made Fed Chair.)

    In fact, the only way that “sound money” would benefit anyone other than the globalist elites would be instituting sound money now causing universal default. The bankruptcy courts would have to turn over all real property to a tiny handful of New York billionaires – the 0.0001% – which would cause, essentially, a Jubilee or a Communist revolution.

    If you’re really interested in investing in sound money, well, you have been able to buy US Gold Eagles for well over half a century and even be eligible for some nice tax breaks.

    In fact, when Republicans won the government in 2001, if you had invested in US Gold Eagles, you’d have beat the stock market by the time Bush left office. Easily predicted since conservative Republicans are the party of massive Big Government Debt Spending. As Dick Cheney told us, “deficits don’t matter.”


  3. Henry says:

    “That outlier class skews the entire conversation.”
    The median student debt was only about $13,000 in 2012. Any debt less than, say, $25,000 sounds like a very reasonable investment to me. So most people are reasonable when it comes to taking out college loans. I like idea of helping all these reasonable people with an $8,000 relief — as long as the universities have to cover part of the cost.

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