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There is a steady theme to the Millenial complaints about those dastardly Boomers with the good jobs. If only they’d retire, the Millenials would advance. This is true in the public sector and less true in the private sector. Millenials themselves are pushing middle age with the oldest reaching 40 and what have they got to show for it. Not much, so the desire for Boomer retirements makes sense but do they want to have the trappings of those roles?

No. What they want are the luxuries of those roles and the salaries that come with them. This is all about money. The stats about Millenial wealth (what wealth?) do not lie. Even adjusting for race, white Millenials are in a poor spot. Millenials can get the real estate boom that provides Boomer wealth, and the stock market boom is a bit more hazy for them, but the transition from a productive economy to a rentier economy was going to have winners and the Boomers had the winning lotto ticket. Most of that Boomer real estate wealth is fictitious capital and would evaporate overnight, which is why we had $6 trillion in bailouts this spring. The stocks, eh, that is a bubble too, and why we have the FED put. Boomers don’t want to take any L, which is why they’ve allowed immigration and devaluation of the currency.

Millenials though just want the payday. The title sometimes makes up for the money. What do you think jeans at work is? Millenials have faced horrible societal situations with mass immigration, economic upheavals and outsourcing. On the other end, they were so horrible to manage, corporate consultants talked about managing the Snowflake Generation. These were the kind of employees who expected promotions 18 months in and management slots at 25. Give them constructive criticism and the mighty bravado crumpled. I watched a VP review a Millenials work daily after he bitched for a promotion. After a few weeks he got the point. They didn’t get that knowing a process differed from knowing a process and a wealth of experience to make great judgment calls. Boomers have no one to blame for this but themselves for crapping on their elders for decades.

Will Millenials show up? Can they grow into roles? Ask volunteer organizations and civic groups. They won’t show up. Boomers do. It’s your church group, your rehab circle, and every other org. Volunteerism is down in America, and the stats are there to prove what we feel. The orgs have been turned against us natives but the orgs are (usually) three pear shaped AWFLs and a Boomer professor twisting the infrastructure against the people it is suppose to serve. Decent orgs hope desperately that a young man or woman walks in the door. It is time to do that.

Don’t just look for a payday. Corporate America has been made efficient, hierarchies flattened and all metrics posted, and the public sector will hit the wall soon, too. Gen X? Don’t worry about them, they’re the new Silents. They’ll be forgotten just as Silents were. On to the links…

Love Drugs – People will become so dead to the world that they will need drugs not to bang, but to love.

Cancel Clusters – Cancelling is an ill defined thing. It is real. It works differently. It is contagious. We can agree it’s public shaming and purging like any old witch hunt.

DHS Anon on Portland – A first hand account of the psychosis and hatred that runs through the Portland rioters. They want to feel, so why not rage against something no matter how empty the symbolism is: a courthouse in a deep blue city in a blue state.

Whose Century? – The new Cold War is a tricky thing.

China the distraction – Do not let the China bashing distract us from the bigger point. Our enemy is a derelict ruling class, “The American leadership class broke something when, in the name of liberal internationalism, they effectively paid the PRC to become America’s rival. They should fix what they broke, by strengthening American production and rethinking our role in global supply chains, not by condemning the CCP but maintaining the mindset that allowed it to become a rival.”

On Inflection Points – It’s not just tech but everywhere.

The Economic Cost Of Political Censorship – The content creator economy has been dealt many blows. The best part of this may be the section detailing how this is like a relationship with a bi-polar girl who always changes her mind.

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  1. Earl Shetland says:

    I was about to China bash but that’s a very good point. Thanks.


  2. NC says:

    Latests bitchute pod cast is not loading


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