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Book has been out several weeks. If you don’t have it, where to buy it? You can buy it at Terror House directly. If an Amazon guy, buy it here. At Barnes & Noble, the link is here.

Curious leak of Democrats wargaming a contested election came out this week. Nothing ever makes it into the media unless the regime wants it to be in front of the public. This is seeding the ground for problems in November. We continuously hear about Trump destroying norms when it is the left and administrative state doing the norm wrecking. Par for the course, but it puts us in dangerous territory.

Actually last election’s faithless elector campaign was dangerous territory. Professor Lessig of Harvard ran a faithless elector initiative that the Clinton campaign contacted. I consider this a no going back moment. The left suddenly made it acceptable in a portion of the public’s mind that 270 electoral votes did not mean 270. Now you need a cushion if the regime’s propaganda organs deem you unworthy (anyone right of Clinton). This did not work but it opened up a Pandora’s Box for elections.

The wargaming, with none other than John Podesta at the helm, seeds the public discourse with falsehoods. Biden would not concede but then ask governors to send electors. Against the law. Legislatures do that. It mentioned the House siding with Biden and Senate Trump. What’s there to side with? If no one gets 270, the House state delegations vote state by state (GOP holds that edge). This is terrible for our low info nation. It sounds like a bad Olympus Has Fallen: Civil War edition screenplay.

Then the magic phrase “well no one knows how the military would intervene”. So now we see the target. The brass must save the day, and get rid of Orange Bad Man. After their behavior in June, does anyone trust them? Sworn to defend the Constitution, so what dear Generals is constitutional and what is a leaked white paper full of inaccuracies? They need that fig leaf of reasonability.

My favorite part was the West Coast seceding. Please please do so. Nothing but upside. That’s how broken America is where a significant chunk wouldn’t care if they did. Maybe Big Tech could wrangle favorable terms in that new land, but there’s great options to handle it. War with them, which would be a cinch in Oregon or Washington, when I really mean Portland and Seattle. Blow the bridges in the Rose City, and let the left eat each other. Better route is asking all those red counties in said West Coast states if they want to come back. I’ll take that, and leave that thin strip of coast for the left. Finally, Jefferson is born and East California is no longer in servitude to San Francisco and LA.

These releases are terrible in the nation’s current hysteria. It is additionally harmful when the mayors of cities are making it very clear that they will side with rioters over cops or over other residents. We live in an armed society, a heavily armed society. The regime should be much more careful with how they act. All because they cannot wait at worst four more years?

There is something else. Why is this even within the realm of possible, why is this worth wargaming, why is it worth leaking if Biden is so far ahead?

On to the links…

The Evergreen Affair – A thesis that dives into the Evergreen SJW event and how it came to be.

Rise of Civilization-States – Rising powers use their cultural history and roots to offer an alternative to Western liberalism as it flails around. A state needs a narrative. People need a story. This should spread.

Media & the Awokening – Our sphere knows this but the media led the charge in the awokening. Well they led the spread as academia seeded the memes.

Ready For My Close-up – Despite the personal costs to fame, we are all obsessed with it. The digital 15 minutes worth of fans and admirers fuels Instagram, Snapchat and OnlyFans.

AI Seinfeld – An AI program using Seinfeld and Eddie Murphy makes for better comedy than 99% of Hollywood.

How bad is speech restraint now – This is what passes for encouraging discussion on the left. Free speech absolutism… yeah okay.

American Cons Fiddle – David Azerrad takes it to Con Inc. Basic Cons have no sense of urgency. If their clique dies, they die.

Locklin on Building – Scott Locklin takes the Andreesen essay on building and points out the gigantic restraints to building again put in place by the chattering class.

How W Lost China – I knew this day would come. The Western elite would realize China was lost and ask who lost it and how. China was never ours. It is a nation. For a while was a useful ally to pressure the Soviets.

West Indies Slavery Review – I’ve read my Froude. England did not pour out its population into its West Indies possessions like the Spanish did with Cuba. This was dumb because it missed gold opportunities to make a white Barbados to act as a super naval base and center for regional management of the colonial islands. Making then a hub in a wheel would’ve worked. Unfortunately, England fell in love with free trade and expansion of the franchise made it advantageous to keep the rabble at home rather than send them to colonies.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Steve says:

    The problem with the Seinfield AI is that Seinfield was a clean comedian. He never swore and his jokes were all clean. Apart from that the skit was actually quite funny. The guy could use that AI to write jokes


    1. R. Landry - Editor says:

      Yeah seinfeld didnt swear but a part from that it nails him.


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