Five Friday Reads

I’m on vacation this week. I got nothing for you but reads. Book has been out nearly two months. If you don’t have it, where to buy it? You can buy it at Terror House directly. If an Amazon guy, buy it here. At Barnes & Noble, the link is here.

Tiktok and the Sorting Hat – US tech firms haven’t made inroads in China. Neither have China’s firms made big dives into America, except Tiktok. This post covers the how and why.

On Transvaluation – Parallax covers the use of the despicable George Floyd as a saint for the new religion.

Resistocrats – New crowd of supposed rich defectors from the right who align now with the oppressed. This is like the fake FDR class traitor meme. This also helps them guide the expropriation phase of the commie’s policy implementation.

Maclear on why Ideas Never Rule – If you just design the perfect system, once it’s in place you’ll never have to fix it. Nope. There needs to be men with will to enforce any system.

Enjoy – Each paragraph gets better.

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