The Historical Record & Friday Reads

I’m back. Vacation was fun. Enjoy something of summer. Book has been out two months. If you don’t have it, where to buy it? You can buy it at Terror House directly. If an Amazon guy, buy it here. At Barnes & Noble, the link is here.

An amazing story of domestic court politics has unfolded and is out in the open. The intel community set up a phony investigation of a presidential candidate. They handed a sitting president and via proxies like the AG to the candidate of choice the goings on of said candidate to know their opponent’s moves. The excuses were flimsy. It failed. These same players then orchestrated the removal of a sitting NSA head and two year fruitless investigation of a president to hamstring him and affect the midterms. This is all known. The fear is it will be swept under the rug.

I doubt this. This isn’t Nixon in ‘74. The right isn’t what it was. The right also has an ecosystem of media to keep this alive. This will be written down and recorded. Trump becomes a martyr, and an even better one than Nixon because there was no crime. The deep state itself has been unmasked. We are at that point where the sides don’t talk and prepare for war. Causes need martyrs. Gen. Flynn is a martyr. Trump is a martyr figure. Regardless what happens to him, the entire sphere he represents sees and gets it. Nixon didn’t have this. He had to wait for decades to pass to get revisionist books. Trump becomes a martyr immediately whereas Nixon was viewed as having it coming.

The ‘20s will be lively. There are many roads ahead. Whether Trump is re-elected or not doesn’t matter as much because he becomes a justification for anything from either side. The left can say anything they do is in reaction to the monster’s term(s), and the right can view 2015-2020 as justification for gloves off from here on out. They want a national version of California, and that is impossible with no pressure release valve to let right wingers leave and the completely hateful policies of our Ashkenorman ruling class and their incompetent pets. Well, they’re all incompetent now as evident by the weekly headlines from New York and California.

The story will be written and will be remembered even if only to be the origin story of a new right. A right that gave up on reforming the republic and started to build something new, something of their own.

HCQ’s Odyssey – The left politicized a drug and science went along all because Trump said it seemed to work. How many people died over their kneejerk opposite of Trump mindset?

Watch Real Genius – An ‘80s cult classic comedy for teens that tried to do hard science. Val Kilmer was phenomenal in this, and between this and Top Secret! he really was a comedic talent.

Kotkin on ID Pol – Kotkin takes a stab at projecting where ID pol will go and how it will burn out. I believe white hispanics will prove incredibly difficult for the left to fit in. They’ll be too juicy to hate and not dark enough to elevate.

NYC is Dead, forever – Is NYC going to die for good? If they can suck in dreamers from around the globe, no. Fools will still go there to make it. A problem is going to be if they can’t pull in attractive young women. That will signal the end.

The Great Reset – Corona feels like a forced implosion to segway to something new. The Davos crowd wouldn’t make it so obvious if they didn’t keep pushing The Great Reset as a meme.

The Liberal Supernarrative – This is a loooong read but worth it for understanding the gymnastics normies do and how they are taught it.

Sad Tales of Upper Middle Class Losers – Read Childless yet no savings! A country house but still a paycheck from poverty! how a six figure HR rep lost it all and quickly! One thing I don’t get is if she was from a humble background that made her prepare for the worst, how she didn’t have much saved up for that rainy day.

Battle over the border – Feds believe they know best. They have stymied Trump. It’s about the culture war, not just economics.

The Right After 2020 – No matter the outcome of 2020. There’s no going back to 2011.

TerrorHouse has a new book for this month. I’ll always support the guys trying to get things off the ground. You can buy the new book here and at Amazon. This book is an anthology of over 40 of Lohrey’s poems and short stories, focusing on American decline (he’s an older guy who grew up in Memphis in the 60’s and 70’s), his experience working as a teacher in inner-city L.A. during the O.J. Simpson trial, his experiences as an expat in Saudi Arabia and Japan, and more.

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  1. Henry Ford says:

    If there is anything to be learned from the past four years it is that literally the only thing that matters is who sits in the Oval Office.

    Moldbug must repent.


    1. Chad Stevens says:

      Wish that was the case.

      Last time I checked, the wall wasn’t built, immigration is still broken, and the swamp isn’t drained. The 9th circuit court of appeals matters more at this point than the man who sits in the oval office.


  2. Earl Shetland says:

    I hope Altucher, and others, are right – but the city still has enough gullible no-longer-young women from upstate and PA to run on the fumes of their misery, for a little while.

    Ceterum censeo Eboracum Iudaeorum delenda est.

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