Fighting the Woke or Friendly Fire

The intellectual dark web is one of the more fun things to pop up since 2015 for its unintentional comedic value. Jordan B. Peterson’s life went from mild mannered left wing professor who would not use his students’ pronouns for the day into media sensation, best selling author and very very well funded thinkfluencer. As if seeing an emerging threat from real outside the Overton Window ideas and voices, the media regime created an online ecosystem for Peterson and Peterson related individuals. Once you saw Michael Shermer’s ghoulish corpse be in the New York Times as part of this Peterson crowd, that was the sign you were getting conned. It crashed and burned, but it does not mean that the media will stop trying. A recent rising online thinkfluencer is a figure named James Lindsay. At this point, we need to stop treating the intellectual dark web as a cul-de-sac for channeling angry, frustrated and aware Americans, and start seeing it for the friendly fire that it is.

Lindsay operates a website called New Discourses, and also has a book out criticizing critical theory and the woke SJW crowd. This is helpful. This is good. It helps people see the privilege theory for the garbage that it is. This might help prevent whites from going self-flagellating liberal. It is useful for his pushback on the woke crowd to be out there in normie friendly form. He has a friendly, doughy face, and he does not come off as an edgelord. He comes at it from a classical liberal angle. Make them live up to their standards! They won’t. The left only cares about will to power and ruling anything and everything.

There is a careful dance these IDW thinkfluencers all do, and that is point out how evil, corrupt and awful the social justice brigades are, but then tell you to not do what they do. Do not fight back. Do not give into identity politics. If you have read Peterson’s bestseller, it is Christian self-help for atheists. Every fifth page he says not to expand beyond yourself because that leads to Auschwitz or the Gulags. Peterson’s decline and his daughter’s antics prove that he was just a simple professor who was embraced by an army without a general, dying for anyone with credentials to say STOP THE MADNESS. This is typical post-war left wing framing of where to go and what to do, especially what not to do. All of them do it. Ben Shapiro, lumped in with the IDW, is one of the most bloodthirsty of the identity for me but not for thee writers pushing this line. Shapiro has appeared on Red Ice and tweeted about ruined Palestinians, but anything identity wise to the right of Paul Ryan is a no-no for American right wingers.

Most of the output from these figures is normie safe, and even some left wing outlets publish them, but the entire action feels like an attempt to prevent moderate lefties, whomever exists but they are out there, from drifting right wing in November and prevent the moderate right wing from embracing identity politics. “We can reform them and beat them back since they are unpopular.” This does not matter. What matters is that the woke has the courts, the education system, the bureaucracy and increasingly, the private sector managerial class under its control. Who cares if they only have 15% of America behind them, if it is the 15% with its hands firmly on the knobs and wheels of power.

Lindsay’s recent move, and this is where he drifts from cul-de-sac operator to idiot, is telling people that when they go through privilege and woke diversity education systems at work to push back with pointed questions. If you just talk to them, you can defeat them. If you just point out their hypocrisy, you can defeat them. If you demand clear definitions and proof of anything, you can defeat them. This will make them fight amongst themselves. This is a recipe for being fired and gently pushed out the door in short order. Woke training this spring revealed that some corporations did have people push back via Q&A periods, and what happened? Others said no more anonymous Q&A. Others said those people should be found and punished. These people, and the readers of James Lindsay, are the types who think the 1990s rules still apply. They are not like us, aware of the massive change from racism being provable actions into an original sin from which there is no recovery and for which all moves prove you are guilty.

Lindsay claims to know this witch hunt behavior, yet he tells his followers to dive right into the fire. These people are the most at risk because they are just becoming aware. No real racially aware white is going to be dumb enough to ask the HR team anonymous or not about the fairness of this or the validity of woke claims. No one wants the Eye of Sauron on them for the rest of their time there. If Lindsay is not aware of this, it might be that he is an academic and unaware just how much has changed in the corporate landscape since 2010. If he is aware, it’s advice for financial suicide of his followers.

I’ll provide some advice that Lindsay would not think to send his 150,000 followers. First is, if you are in a large corporation, know that the political commissars are everywhere. Reading this site, you know this already. The difficulty is that these firms are so large that you will rarely get a chance to effect change. What you can do, is get into a position of manager with hiring decision power within a department and then ruthlessly purge the woke while replacing them with our crowd. If you can make a fiefdom, make it with all /ourguys. If you must deal with complaints, remember to read the HR handbook clearly and know what you have to do versus what you can do. Does every complaint have to go to HR for review, or can you handle it directly? Usually, initial complaints can be handled without HR’s involvement. The less HR is involved, the better.

HR is the biggest problem beyond woke employees. One thing you can do, is if you work at a small to medium sized firm, make sure HR never comes into existence. HR duties are normally performed by a secretary and maybe a person in finance at a low level. The moment the firm you work at grows enough to make those people complain about duties, you must argue for the firm to not create an HR team but to outsource HR to one of many specialty HR firms that are out there. They can handle nitty gritty while your firm still handles hiring and promotions. Don’t ever allow an internal HR team to form. Without one, a lot of problems go away. If you do need to fire a woke employee or protected class employee, do not fear. There are law firms that specialize in making sure your terminations are all justifiable. If lawsuits pop up, they also represent you.

Lindsay would never recommend this because he isn’t on your side. He is a Pied Piper, leading people down a path that gets to a moderate centrist cul-de-sac so they all can circle round and round. Only now the cul-de-sac comes with a sniper squad along the edge. They want to siphon off people from ever confronting the radical left with actual power, and now are suggesting lonely souls expose their opposition and sacrifice themselves on the hopes that it may slow the woke. There is no debating with the radical left. Their worldview shares no common ground with the right. This is existential now as the radical left has moved to eliminationist rhetoric and is very open about their desires. They hold power. The only thing that will defeat them is tit for tat hits and accruing and flexing power when one holds it. That is the real trick of these intellectual dark web thinkfluencers. They don’t want you holding power. They just want you accepting the way things are.

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  1. Electrician says:

    An administrator in a bureaucratic world is a man who can feel big by merging his non-entity in an abstraction. A real person in touch with real things inspires terror in him.

    Marshall McLuhan


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