Secession Would Allow For Renewed Group Rituals

The culture war is an ongoing fight with one side steadily winning each round as they are aligned with the referees but losing to reality because their ideology is nothing but lies. The larger picture though is that it is not purely that two sided struggle but an all against all struggle. We lack cultural cohesiveness.

This is evident even in the most basic of national holidays like July 4th, the mishmash reaction to remembering 9/11, the patchwork of MLK day recognition and even the demonization of Columbus Day. These national ritual moments do not work or work opposite of the original intent. America loses cohesion by hitting these days, and not having enough to share culturally and socially, which only stresses our differences. Not a perfect solution but regional secession could allow for a renewal of group rituals that would affirm identities and foster what the Arabs call asabiyyah.

Everyone knows now in 2020 that there is no one America but multiple Americas, and that different thedes envision when they think of their nation. Part of this is scale, but the other part is simply a population that is far more diverse not just in ethnicity or religion but simple life experiences. There is no shared struggle or experience that all Americans endured. The accrued cohesion from the nation enduring the Dust Bowl with the Great Depression (all regions hurt) followed up by the struggle of World War Two has long run out. A 90% white nation that was wrecked by a financial and agricultural crisis causing massive migration to vanquish foes on a global scale has some easy experiences to share and find common ground from which to build. America does not have that, and does not even have the same values to call one struggle or the other something all can share. A far more dangerous situation is how the founding myths of America have been turned into horrifying events by the progressive education and media system. The 1619 project is a dangerous, explicit and formal version of what was implied in messaging. Who-Whom and what is politically useful at the moment.

This is where regional secession starts to make sense. Founding myths are much easier to envision for regions, and far easier to celebrate without the need to appease the other groups. The progressive Acela Corridor region could easily rework the Shining City on a Hill, Puritan perfection myth. The northeast, always striving for an idealistic utopia. The utopia might now be about “girls” with penises and gays getting married, but it would be marching forward from Puritan origins. The South has Dixie, and without having to be sensitive to blue staters, could celebrate the Stars and Bars, cry the Rebel yell, and eat pecan pie made by women in gingham tops. Texas and California have their unique traits, and Texas practically is its own nation with strong Texas identity. Blacks would need a spot or else its move to Acela Corridor and avoid evil, racists whites in Dixie and the Midwest. The Heartland with it’s flyover Christianity could celebrate the prioneer-farmer-Christian outpost myth of settling and working with the land. Those monuments to the Indian Wars (they exist) could be publicly celebrated without a progressive speaker chastising the crowd. The West could embrace the Euros who made it to the ends of the earth pioneer/freedom spirit.

Smaller units, whether state or region, make more sense because of our scale issue and immigration transformation. Consider Steve Sailer’s points on the Romney vs. Obama voter breakdown. There is the core versus the fringe. There is also the happily married white voters go Romney and “affordable family formation” voters go Republican ideas. The red vs. blue divide started with simple votes and has carried down to a cultural split of Starbucks SWPLs vs. NASCAR ‘Muricans with differing points of view on religion, family size, food or fitness. Even on the fringes the left’s woke identity comes with consumer and style identities versus the right’s striving for Chad, BAPian outlook.

One cannot argue that even blue states share a common form of liberalism as California is shaped by Mexican immigration into acting like a socialist Latin America nation while New England is so white that it resembles Western Europe. Would the Mex-Ams want to embrace Massachusetts’ pushed degeneracy? They shut down gay marriage in 2008. America has stuffed far too much diversity and wildly different groups, not just ethnic but racial and religious, that there is no cohesive culture. That is all social legislation is in our culture war: the legal codification of one’s culture over the other because socially, no one feels secure in their culture’s dominance anymore.

With such a wide swath of humanity to appeal to, lowest common denominator and inclusion makes shared meaning moments or pushes far less effective. Broken into smaller units with a more homogeneous population, the number of items shared of the population rises. It becomes easier to focus on the shared traits to celebrate and enforce through rituals for an oceanic feeling of oneness with the group, community and wider social unit. The racial splits caused by immigration actually would help prevent smaller states from merging back together because with renewed cause for community building and years spent defining and enforcing said identity, why would anyone want to merge back into the American identity? What identity? How different is the selection process for the tribe of that unit? It will probably be too different to merge. In a regional break up scenario, the irony would be each region (sans California or Texas) being able to say they are carrying on the true American ethos or character.

These would be cultural and social actions with overt or implied government support, but there would be a way for a government to supply a tailwind to these acts. However one would rearrange their region, our cities could be a huge opportunity for this group ritual and social cohesion issue. For decades, cities were and are managed for the needs of the progressive machine and democratic politics. New York’s “Deep City” could only let so much dysfunction occur before destroying Tammany or later, starting “Giuliani Time!”. Baltimore is a nice example because in the ’70s and ’80s, the $1 homes program and other homesteading acts were progressive endorsed programs to save the city and pull in decent inhabitants. They had to do this so the pus filled city would not become Mad Max to the point where Democrats lost over and over. Fix the rot just enough. Now that the progressives need dysfunctional people, the heroin trade can set up in West Baltimore, and since federal control of local police is desired by the cathedral, they will encourage and enable the underclass to burn the city down.

Imagine our cities oriented towards safety, security and shared enjoyment. A proper physical removal of problem groups from cities would come first. Think of all the formerly horrid, worthless real estate that suddenly becomes valuable and empty. Those wretched neighborhoods in Memphis and Cincinnati once had kids riding bikes after 7pm and low crime. A massive city reclamation and rehabilitation project could pull in the young to work on cleaning up the cities and simple public works like small parks. A policy quirk could be, you rehab the area and clean out a house, you get it (tax auction properties are in the thousands in some cities). The German expression volksgemeinschaft comes to mind as this would be work to reinvigorate the community and create the shared experience and struggle in reclaiming what was lost but building something new that is worthy.

Does this fix everything? Does it allow for a healthier group celebration because it allows for exclusion of groups or those not aligned with the group’s interest? The absence of forced inclusion helps strengthen the focus on the group proper. This can fight atomization by recognizing that there is a shared struggle and identity, and that you, random member of the community, have felt that struggle and contribute to the group’s experience. This is why that nagging feeling happens each 9/11 or July 4th. You cannot indulge in the anger at the attacking Muslims because Pundits on MSNBC will mention that Muslims are victims of Western profiling and microaggressions or the left wing figureheads will blurt out “Well, yeah, you know, Crusades!”. That nagging feeling gets kicked up a notch when the forced diversity tokens show up in “Tribute to America” parades, shows or telecasts when you just spent months watching black protestors burning cities, shouting about Amerikkka and hating the American nation.

Money ties this nation together. Anything earned on price is lost on cost. The last symbol that Americans rallied around after 9/11, the American flag, is now on the cutting edge for offensive as a symbol of white supremacy. Carrying on the sham and fraud is unhealthy. While not a panacea, secession and a regional break up could fix some of these problems of alienation and atomization.

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  1. Русский Человек says:

    It’s all fine and good, but why do you think the gubnment would support such program? In case you didn’t notice, the libertarian boomer population is shrinking each year and their replacement in the form of bourgeois bolsheviks would rather burn the whole country to the ground than let ebil racist antisemitic nazis to have a land on it.


  2. Vetrani Sui Sunt Circuli says:

    If it gets our people moving and so saves them fine.
    This works as a temporary solution along the way to: America’s Warring States period and Wars of Reunification.
    Manifest Destiny means: look at the map. The ultimate winner will not settle for less than Atlantic to pacific. That would be imbecilic.
    Incompetents don’t win wars.

    Still however I could get behind it, especially with real estate like the faithful 17 states.
    That’s Canada to Mexico, the heartland, the Mississippi, new Orleans, food, oil, all of it.
    This gets our people for it, but it’s just to build staging areas to go to war with the other- and that is what would happen.
    That and pogroms and ethnic cleansing for the left behind the wrong lines – as happens in every partition.
    Even without war the ethnic cleansing is certain, it is a must and indeed the core purpose of the partition.

    Your straightjacket of course being some sort of peaceful solution, and it isn’t possible.
    Even our utter submission entails a great deal of violence, just all against us.
    But again I support the proposal of moving forward, I just won’t lie and say this goes anywhere good.
    It’s just better than what we’ve got.


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