Back In The Gym + Friday Reads

Summer is winding down. Enjoy the last few weeks. Book has been out two months. If you don’t have it, where to buy it? You can buy it atTerror House directly. If an Amazon guy, buy it here. At Barnes & Noble, the link is here.

Have the gyms re-opened in your state? one of the dumber closures was weightlifting. Are the sick going to work out? Did we ever get a proper call on asymptomatic transmission? That grey zone allowed so many shutdowns, including things that no sick person would engage in.

Getting back to the gym matters. This is the steel to sun & steel, and after weeks or months away, you need to get back to recapture the gainz. Once closures kept you away for weeks it made just skipping a week or delaying return easier. What more could you lose waiting one more week to return? You start approaching overall fitness like a normie.

You have to go back because you have to feel that rush, that pump and that pain. The iron has to tell you where you stand. No lies. Can you move that weight or not? When my gym re-opened, I found out I lose 25-33% of my strength during lockdown. Push-ups and weighted vest walks didn’t work. It took a couple months, but I got back to pre-corona lift levels. The body needed to relearn old lessons.

The break hopefully gave you a renewed zest for going to the gym. Make every move count, maintain great form and feel every rep. I hope that break made you hungry to get lifting again. If you’ve thought of a home gym, I hope you priced out a Rogue rig.

If you’ve been putting it off, get back in the game. Go lift this weekend. War is coming. Even if corona wasn’t the reason, start lifting again. If you’re watching livestreams of riots, you’re going to do your wind and your strength.

Evangelicalism is matrilineal – It reads like an old Dalrock essay. This is why the churches are emptying and will continue to do so.

The universities trains idiocy – Our university system is dangerous and now does not even train an intellectual elite that can think.

Socialist tears over Trump’s TVA move – Read the left cry about Trump scoring a workers’ win but for all the wrong reasons (muh immigrants!).

Razib on the Roman Empire – Rome may explain the cause of the great divergence in civilizational achievement.

Insane lefties – These are not crazy crazies but quiet serial killer next door crazy. This explains how American politics works. It also shows how two men with inside info can ponder how to reach out to white voters without saying “maybe we should stop attacking whites”.

America the agnostic – America has gone through a rapid secularization.

Put the family back into economics – Lind gives it a go to putting the family over the individual. Individualism is the enemy. It is a false individualism that just makes people more beholden to centralized forces.

To War GOP – A convention pep talk but really, war is coming.

Lawlessness & LARPing – It’s war in Portland but a goofy war. Eventually, someone is going to recall that accuracy at 100 yards gives people a lot of space to pop and escape.

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  1. A narco capitalist says:

    “Matrilineal societies are argued to be more beneficial with certain types of production, such as hoe agriculture.”
    No comment.


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