Post-Trump Project: Integrated News Network

FOX News is turning leftward. If they want this to lower their viewers’ average age of 69, they are mistaken as MSNBC has a viewer average age in the 60s as well. FOX’s real secret was just being the one option for a large market (right wing middle aged viewers) in the news media space. Fox News needs a challenger from a non-globalist angle.

What is the opportunity out there? Looking at the decayed ideology of conservatism and the changing concerns of viewers, it is easy to see. Build coverage, investigation pieces and commentary on a nationalist framework. What it needs, because OAN is out there but has trouble, is a star not just to fund, but to act as late night spiritual guide. Trump needs a final act after the presidency, assuming he avoids jail by vengeful leftists.

A Trump News Network. A true snazzy, market tested name would be deployed, but consider the opportunity. The key is selling that sweet advertising. Who has money? Well it is easy to see in America that Millenials do not, but dig a bit deeper. The FOX News viewership is older but classic Muh Guns and Muh Constitution whites. They do have young viewers, too. Married couples do have money. White couples do have money. White Millenials will most likely have much more money than non-white Millenials, which skews Millenial numbers.

Cadillac once sought an altright actor for an ad and was a hint that even the advertisers and marketers knew who has money. The proud white next door might be the white that has money to afford life insurance products, financial advice and the occasional Cadillac. The Left has seen the switch in the right’s imagery of doughy evangelicals into machismo men, and wants to suppress any positive status associated with nationalist or even altright ideas. The key for this network is being subtle about it to not trip up too many alerts.

A nationalist and soft identitarian stance would be the selling point. The concerns of taxes, Israel and abortion can take a backseat to culture, identity, ‘family life’, the concept of a nation state and even fair play. Economic policy pushes more protectionism and a leftward drift. Framing the current leftist dominated system as one of an unholy alliance between specific capital interests and culturally left progressives (Woke capital), one can see how it is a con promoted by academia and media to keep a well-to-do elite without any fear of challenges or even hard work. It is right to mock the “Dems R Real Racists” slogan, but it is wise to note that the current Left elite uses their underclass voters as urban hostages similar to pre-Civil War plantation owners. The fair play element is how every single thing is stacked against native interests, which carefully revealed as fair play hits normies. No one wants to be considered a ‘mark’ in the con.

FOX News’ website is as horrible as one can get. For crap tier cable news, CNN’s site is actually superior. Just slow down, imagine that potential integrated news website run by your favorite nationalist right individuals that find unique and interesting stories. If Tucker Carlson is enjoyable to watch, how much fun would a truly “Campus Insanity” focused show be? QAnon will live on and could have a show. To help secure some viewership of known demographics good for selling advertising, this new network could use O’Reilly. He is basic tier conservative, but as a possible short term stint as he slides to retirement, let him loosen up a bit. Blend the old names with younger rightists.

FOX will implode. No turn left will help them as they already are the Schelling Point for leftist hatred of right wing media. No matter how often one points out the media’s left wing bias, the knee jerk reaction is ‘what about FOX News’. Ah yes, because one cable news channel that is right wing on maybe a handful of items (or one: abortion) combats the entire media sphere. The revelation of FOX as faux opposition in 2015 and 2016 laid bare their treason to their supposed target audience. The turn left since by the Murdoch family leaves them open to a challenge. In their death though, lies an opportunity.

What does this do for Trump? First, it gives him continued time involved in the media. The man could be a late night talk show host if he wanted, and I’d watch an hour long show with an opening political monologue by him, a Q&A with a guest and then a roundtable with him as a wisecracking point guard type host controlling the conversation. What this also gives him is far more influence to shape the future. This would sway primaries every election. Everyone knows his kids are ambitious. Every parent wants to see their kid succeed. He could set his kids up for future power runs as well as mold where the right goes with this entity. He would have more power to change things in his twilight years than he did as president *and* allows for personal revenge.

With Trump as the building bloc, a billionaire or two and an investment group could come together. Could. We will see. An economist would say there are no $20 bills lying on the ground, but anyone who has traded stocks successfully knows opportunities are out there if one looks in the right place.

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  1. NC says:

    Nah, Wej traitor Trump will be the 1st Top leader (what ever will they call it) of the incoming NWO in 2024 when the USA is fully integrated into it.


  2. Sean D says:

    O’Reilly’s new show on his own network has been great and much looser. Watch it.

    The identitarian AltRight stuff is nonsense. We need a network that stands for enlightenment-minded Republican values. That’s what this place was founded upon and that’s what will save it.


  3. Patrick says:

    People are who they are. Roving stereotypes from “muh gun” people who only want to prevent a communist uprising to usher in a dystopia, created by elitists like himself is laughable. Unethical corporations exploiting developing nations, using bipartisan laws to uncap executive pay in 1994 to bring in almost trillionaires, along with academia pushing worthless degrees did this. It ruined a whole generation’s chance to pursuit of happiness, and the result? People started looking with their eyes and pick someone the elites didn’t select. You made your bed, now lie in it. While you continue to slander, lie, and manipulate, you lose voters by the second. We see what’s going on now, because some people still believe in America and have ethics.

    Things were getting better with Trump. He would insult someone on Twitter, and while your pals all said the sky was falling, his other hand pulled rabbit out of his hat. One thing is for certain, when America sees real progress and enlightenment, you will probably be disgusted and will be welcome at the Canadian utopia/dystopia above us. Don’t let the door hit you on your rear in your way out.

    As the gentlemen of past would say abruptly as a gesture of disgust, GOOD DAY TO YOU SIR!


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