The Fraud Campaign & Friday Reads

Must push the book. If you don’t have it, where to buy it? You can buy it at Terror House directly. If an Amazon guy, buy it here. At Barnes & Noble, the link is here.

The entire campaign has been a fraud. They had 27 candidates who had no shot. Kamala and Warren flamed out and all that was left was rigging it for Joe Hiden. “He commanded the center!” No. The establishment made sure absentee black votes flooded into South Carolina. That was the signal to back Joe not Bloomberg. They then had him hide for months and not campaign, letting events hopefully take down Trump. Here we are two months out in a dogfight.

What’s that Biden is up 10% points still?!?!? Has anyone asked how Biden could be up 10% in Sept of ‘19 to August of ‘20? Nothing changed anyone’s mind? Impeachment ending didn’t close the gap? Corona’s worst didn’t widen it? They got sloppy with manipulating polls like Florida polls where 35% of those polled had BAs or above, which makes no sense when 9% of Florida adults have BAs.

Biden sounds horrible now. Even his short speeches have major errors. He can’t read a teleprompter right now. Bad sign compared to ‘19. “But he looked good in February debates!” He barely talked, could hang back as people dogged Bloomberg and Bernie, and let the cocktail of drugs work. A one on one debate for multiple hours is going to be bad. I doubt he does debate. Will he wear a mask? It wouldn’t make sense but he is wearing one now, which makes it so if they wanted to dub his speech they could. Anything is possible in the fraud campaign.

Fraud polls, fraud campaign and now the culmination of Hank Oslo’s Twitter warnings, fraud voting via mail due to corona. He called this in March. They now want to set it up so Trump’s leads are all called in and they have concrete targets to overcome. This will be the Connecticut Bag O’ Votes trick nationwide. They are priming the pump so hard that not only do they leak Wargaming the Election tests but now they say it’s definitely going to happen unless Biden wins in a blowout.

But… aren’t all the polls saying it will be? Why is this even a risk? Face it. This is a fraud election and a ginned up existential crisis for the system that is no crisis. They have Trump contained. They could even sandbag the presidential election, go all in on the Senate races and neuter Trump for all 4 years of his second term. Instead we will get chaos.

APA comes for systemic racism – Are they going to drug us into submission? APA gears up for it.

Law Enforcement is Pro-Antifa – Hard to deny the weird situation where the left calls everyone nazis but the closest thing we have to the SA and the protection it enjoyed is antifa and our regime.

Urgency of racial disparities– The system will prioritize this, which will likely crush growth. All hinges on the sick ideology.

Academics are afraid – Academics are afraid of the monsters they made. They cannot even coordinate because now they’re the dissidents.

Dissolution of liberal universalism – This is optimistic about the death of American soft power. I do think China is picking up friends and America is in decline but I worry the American regime will retrench to the Americas while killing its ornery heritage American class.

We goofed on education– Powers know what works but will not implement it because large interests were threatened.

NATO is a zombie – Essay on the problem that is NATO. How else is the MIC going to sell major orders to captive buyers.

When violence is justified – My favorite read of this week. It is not defending property but defending an orderly society.

Murderlarping – More on the ground notes from Portland. Follow this blog as he updates often about Portland.

Kling On the Woke – Kling runs down a discussion by others within the Overton window.

Kunstler on the death of mega-cities – Kunstler is a bore at times but when discussing architecture and cities, is always spot on.

Woodland Mismanagement Creates Forest Fires – Government incompetence strikes again.

Palantir’s S1 – Palantir filed an S1 and openly said it was working at the foot of the government, pledging allegiance to it. It is loyal as it does have so many NatSec ties. Might we see honesty like this from others? Probably not.

Codevilla on the woke mobs – Codevilla has been on fire recently.

In defense of looting – NPR brings the rationalization for looting.

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  1. miforest says:

    my children are young adults now . they are doing well , still attend mass , and are employed. I don’t yet have any idea how to tell them where the world they are going to spend their adult live in is heading. I have great hope but the cummation of the articles here point me to a great chastisement of some kind. I normally stay away from common culture , but was traveling the last couple of weeks and stumbled onto a new hit rap song by a performer cardi B. it was titled WAP and was the most depressing thing I have seen since beyonce’s ” bitch better have my money ” a few years ago. . sometimes I think I should have gone amish long ago.


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