The 19 and a Half Amendment

I’m back to talk about how much I hate women again. Well, a certain type of woman. This was originally going to be an article on how Gilmore Girls ruined an entire generation of women, however, a barrage of insufferable social media posts have given me an idea.

Let’s face it, the single moms on my phone screen are a more pressing matter than those on the TV screen of yesteryear, since – alas – the ones I see while scrolling exist. Indeed, they can be the most ardent and adamant virtue signalers out there. It is well known in our circles that, in the absence of a caring provider, they turn to daddy government.

I grew up in a diverse area, and though I have moved away, through social media I have seen this pattern crop up in single moms regardless of their race, color, or pathetic excuse for a creed. Illegitimacy is colorblind.

Therefore I propose that we take away their right to vote by constitutional amendment. It has become apparent that women who cannot choose a good man to be the father of their children also cannot be trusted to choose a good man for President, nor indeed for any other public office.

As a matter of fact, we can extend this amendment to any parent rendered single by divorce or by lack of wedlock. Widowed persons need not be punished, after all. Removing the franchise of indiscreet men could also provide benefits. Men would be incentivized once again to keep it in our pants until finding a woman to start a family with. Society would benefit from having men who do not respond to said incentive lose the power to decide society’s future.

So – what do you think? Call it the Nineteenth-and-a-Half Amendment. Responsible women get to keep their franchise; they have assumed their place in society. Now all we have to do is figure out how to render “childfree” spinsters votefree, too.

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  1. Peter Whitaker says:

    Lower the voting age to at birth, and give parents the right to vote on behalf of their children until they reach adulthood.

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    1. Peter Whitaker says:

      Better yet, let young adults deposit money into “child savings accounts” and give them the right to vote on behalf of their unborn children in proportion to the amount of money deposited. The money in the account can then be withdrawn when the children are born. Parents and extended family could write checks to be deposited in their adult children’s child savings accounts as a graduation gift or a wedding gift.

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  2. Earl Shetland says:

    By the way! At time of writing, Atop the Cliffs had not come back yet – but now they are!

    Here’s one of mine from back in the day:


  3. NC says:

    You have to have children and be married to vote. Divorced = so sorry.


    1. Earl Shetland says:



  4. Frank Columba says:

    If you want to live in a matriarchy then let women vote.

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  5. WV says:

    The franchise needs to be pared back to how it was originally intended. A head of household with skin in the game and a stake in the future.

    The right to vote should be given only to married adults, after the birth of their first child, and the vote should be taken away from both parents after divorce.

    For those that dont wish to marry and have children the vote should also be given to all those who serve in the military.

    Thats it, no exceptions. You have to have stake in the future of the country to deserve the right to direct its course.

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