Passing Opportunists

The recent racial revelations in academia are just a retread of the Rachel Dolezal circus. This is pretty revealing. The left’s trans push is laid bare as a complete joke. The media going along with Dolezal though to the degree it did was not duplicated for these academics in 2020 (ed: another purged). The social construct lie must continue unless it involves fighting for limited sinecures.

Trans must be protected because trans allows the system to destroy human beings. Each teenager taking hormones becomes a human who can’t reproduce. This is our system, and sadly the number of aware citizens or elastic voters is dwindling down to not matter anymore so what are the consequences? There are unmentionables that the media will not touch.

Few, if any, are even commenting on some other items being proven with these fake blacks. The lack of talented tenth types to staff organizations and reward with money, the sad realities of human biodiversity, and the potential gains an individual can reap if they pass because the system has been set up to reward the government sanctioned disadvantaged. Jessica Krug filled a void, and in doing so showed the multicultural emperor for the naked transmonster it is. These organizations are empty money machines, receiving grants and paying off the organizers of the zombie army to vote in November. Every incentive though is geared towards rushing to a victim group and reaping corporate, government or academic benefits and progressive status points.

It also showed the “difficulty settings” game of life. Jessica Krug was a nondescript, average Jewish girl. She had scholarship money thrown her way, as well as an academic world that supported and promoted her. She mouths the script of a blacktivist and is rewarded with jobs, money and a platform that bestow some prestige. This average Jewish girl turns into a black woman of leadership material. I will use black woman loosely as only fools dying to believe such a paint by numbers blacktivist who looked very european existed would fall for her trick. It was opportunistic. She could play on the desire for someone mouthing all the right platitudes who happened to have the good old fashioned white work ethic. Admit it, she dove into this role and job with fervor.

Steve Sailer is fond of noting the product of integration has been placing mixed race kids in roles or spots that blacks might think belong to blacks. A problem with the push for mixed marriages and interracial romance has been that Denzel’s wife would be cast as black in 1990, but in 2020, she can be anything, hurting black actresses. There is only so much to go around when you’re part of a minority group collecting tributes from sectors per government decree. Krug probably will not inspire others in the race racket, and blacks and other groups might be a little more careful with screening in the future to keep the government bennies in the family.

American Indians are incredibly strict with casino money; others may start to follow their lead. Will we see others do this? People respond to incentives, so the structure of society and economics will cause people to play the game. Maybe not right away, and maybe not in the blacktivist realm due to Krug. The private sector has a lot of nooks and crannies to hide in, and it has incentives to fill diversity quotas. Ask yourself this: if their careers in music had started in 1960 and not 1990 or 2000, would Mariah Carey and Alicia Keys have hidden their paternal heritage? This might become a bit of a game for everyone to join in. As the Hispanic population rises, we might see more of this from whites. That affirmative action coworker you curse for getting promotions or assignments on projects way over their head might not be “Mexican” but instead “Mexi-kin”.

If low effort trans* gets protected enough, every time your employer announces layoffs are coming, maybe, just maybe, a new guy wearing a kilt and growing out his hair is not really transitioning, but finding a way to protect his job.

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  1. Exile says:

    When we see large numbers of Whites acting to keep the cheese in the family, we will have turned a corner.


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