Cuties & Friday Reads

I cannot shill like Mystery Grove with memes and threats, but I do a little here. If you don’t have it, where to buy it? You can buy it at Terror House directly. If an Amazon guy, buy it here. At Barnes & Noble, the link is here.

Cuties. Oh Lord. This is a disgusting, dumb movie. Is it soft porn for pedos? Yes. Did the cucks somehow find a way to chastise those angered by it? Yes. Did the promotional pictures suggest a tween strip show? Yes. Did we get to witness the way the left is going to push this? Bingo.

That is the important part. They tried with the virtuous pedo and pedos as misconstrued loners a few years back. It failed. They’re going to try the empowerment and liberation of pre-teen girls route. This won’t work on many, but it will be hard for the virtue signal crowd to resist. Liberation from all oppression is a helluva drug. It can be fighting the patriarchy! Using smiling and cute little faces as the people you’re trying to liberate instead of creepy, middle aged men, the left will keep chipping away at people.

The downside is if you are aware of dance competitions. Dance competitions are dance teams that compete in the sportification of dance. Americans need to compete. Families now down to one kid and that kid being a daughter need to have that validation. Dance Moms was a show for a reason. The performers in Cuties were costumed a bit more risqué than the normal dance competition team, but not much.

How does this happen? Well dance teams do their stunts and need spandex outfits. This isn’t tutu type dance. It’s stunt to stunt to stunt with no real artistry. The spandex ends up smaller and smaller which also cuts costs for manufacturers. Parents go along because that is all teams can order. A little skin isn’t a big deal, but eventually you get to the point where it is bad.

You think they screen for pedos? Yes. They don’t sell tickets to non-family members, definitely not single men. Pedos are out there. They are easy villains. It’s why the system will avoid them, and ask you to find it in your heart to let that sassy black 10 year old twerk onscreen.

On to the links…

Gingrich On Soros Censorship – Newt Gingrich discusses the curious case of censoring his mention of Soros funding pro-criminal DAs across America.

Scheuer Rocks – The media is going after the former head of the OBL unit at CIA. He is too much of a “crank” now. He is just too honest. Check the framing. They accuse him of incendiary rhetoric and Trump of conspiracy theorizing and delegitimizing the climate when these men are merely reacting to the left’s first moves. It’s all so tiresome.

Middle East Peace – Chance at real peace? Seems like formalizing the Sunni-Israeli alliance. We are nine months away from the week where Trump had supposedly started WW3. Real amazing work Trump has done with the empire. Much better than many expected, for which none will give him credit.

Herd Immunity Within Reach – Covid hysteria cannot keep its facts straight but this is an interesting bit on her immunity. We will get to try it in ‘21, maybe even after Nov. 4th.

Chinese Bots – Amazing PR campaign by the CCP. Would this have played out differently in a non-election year? I believe so.

Jim Is Right on Rittenhouse – Something changed with Rittenhouse. The first hero of these disturbances was a RWer and the first martyr. Symbolism matters. The entire right rallying behind these two, and not throwing them under the bus is important.

NPR Cries – A SCIENCE! denier is on the NOAA board. Very feminine tone and language throughout this.

Ending the Endless War – Buchanan muses on an end to the endless wars. Maybe so. When the wars are in the name of the people and in the spirit of ending conflict, it is hard to put a stop to them.

Khan on Indian Hypocrisy– Indians really taking to being the new Jews except somehow worse and more transparent.

Human Capital Research – The gap between the developed and developing world’s learning is wider than we believe. They tortured themselves to stay PC.


Trolling Virtue Signalers – If Princeton is racist, then it needs to be investigated, fined and destroyed.

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