Romney and Trump

News of Senator Romney agreeing to vote for a new Supreme Court Justice was seen as Romney bending a knee. His impeachment vote was a petty move of personal rancor, but even Mitt cannot look his GOP state squarely and deny them this. One cannot help but laugh at Romney helping out Trump in any way, shape or form. The GOP establishment shows it will bend for anyone left, right or repulsive.

It is important to consider Romney’s role in 2016 because he played an important part in the GOP resistance and sabotage of Trump. Trump won three of the first four contests. He won Nevada so overwhelmingly that GOPe pundits on twitter were trying to smear the win as fraudulent due to irregularities in voting at polling sites. There were legit e-pundits stating that the results shouldn’t count with even one saying they shouldn’t count unless Rubio won. They knew his momentum going into the first Super Tuesday was immense.

Super Tuesday revealed Trump’s broad appeal as he won seven states in a variety of locations. Key was Trump winning in Virginia as it denied Rubio a win in a state that the establishment pinned its hopes on propping up their pool boy as the proper nominee. It looked over. Any pundit would declare Trump the presumptive nominee at that point. There looked to be a rapprochement between big donors and Trump. Why keep fighting what the voters wanted? Why waste money on loser candidates?

Romney spiked that. On March 3rd, Romney gave an odd speech that signaled to the GOPe crowd to resist and fight Trump. As a flag bearer for the establishment, Romney signaled that the fight for the March 15th primaries would be on, which involved every piece of the GOPe to block Trump at all costs. We now can look at the Ohio GOP primary and say that it was rigged in some form. The Florida primary involved tens of millions of anti-Trump and pro-Rubio ads only to see Trump win decisively.

This was an embarrassing waste of resources. This was also an embarrassing public battle between a party and its frontrunner in an election where replacing Antonin Scalia, their SCOTUS lion, was up for grabs. Throughout 2016 when debating GOP hucksters on their McMullin pimping, anons would ask them how serious were their paeans to Scalia. My support for Scalia was serious. This was all the more damaging since the regime press could say “GOP Civil War” as the true civil war within a party was being waged on the left. Had the GOP rallied around Trump and watched Clinton flounder, it would have helped with messaging as well as solidify their side.

Irony of this open friction is that Romney and Trump are very similar in profile. They are moderate Northeast Republicans with fortunes made on the private side and large families. Both have angled for political power for years. Trump’s immigration platform was not too different from Romney’s, just add The Wall. Trump was protectionist on trade and anti-interventionist on foreign policy, but both are strong friends of Israel and wanted investment into our armed forces. It is about style and those fake GOP principles. Romney just loses the right way while Trump wins the wrong way.

If one needed proof the GOP is and was false opposition, it is there and in subsequent sabotage actions. They wasted limited resources, time and energy fighting their own, eventually victorious nominee. Trump has become a tool of the establishment to keep the status quo going with some tweaks to trade and immigration policy.

Beyond him, do men like Romney and Flake have a future? Trump may reform the GOP into a Nationalist party (getting there). Trump might also use his limited time in office to form a shadow deep state network and infrastructure (no signs of it publicly). If there is a sign that he has not been some deep cover mole, it is in how vicious the GOP fought their own nominee and subsequent hamstringing by the likes of McCain, Ryan and Romney. Chuck Schumer has said no options are off the table. We may well test that, but meek men like Paul Ryan or Mitt Romney will not define the path ahead. The future is wide open and by definition undefined.

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  1. miforest says:

    don’t forget that the GOPe under mitch mcconnell also funds, campaigns for and actively endorses democrats like Doug jones of Alabama over Roy moore and Mo brooke to hand the democrats a senate seat rather than see an outsider republican be elected . The 2018 Alabama senate race showed that Trump was not a fluke, the GOPe is serious in hating and loathing their own base.


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