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Like many men before me I had entertained the political philosophy of libertarianism early in my youth. The ideology rooted itself in my life during my early years at college as I had mistakenly viewed it as an anecdote to the plague of cancel culture rife on college campuses. I was a believer in free markets, non-interventionism, and self-determination, so it seemed like it was initially the right fit. I reasoned that this liberating doctrine would be a boon to not only my personal interests but would also make things universally better for everyone. Now I better understand my folly.

I attempted to commit to this testament of liberty by working alongside Justin Amash’s campaign bid for the 2020 libertarian presidential nomination and through association with other like-minded individuals as I sought to build upon my rolodex. My duties involved some of the social media portion, and I was tasked with getting our social media accounts engagement and follower growth. It did not take long and eventually I was lambasted for not using inclusive language and eschewing liberal groups like BLM. The libertarian party has always operated as a big tent, which has been important in growing the party, but with such a diverse quantity of opinions infighting is a guarantee. Things within the party began to further sour as the subjugation of the party by nefarious liberal actors quickened.

Traditional libertarian ideas were being picked apart by those in the party to determine if they were politically correct enough which led many of us to reconsider our affiliations and choose to throw our support behind President Trump. We inquired about how the party that claims the ideologies of Rothbard, Hayek, and Mises, could transition into the liberal echo chamber it is today. The only answer we could uncover was the advent of identity politics. It dawned on me that for decades minority voters as well as women were engaging in identity politics and vying for the interests of their own groups electorally. It was right in front of my face, but I did not take notice. I figure I did not accept this political reality due to a host of factors including willful ignorance, indoctrination, and censorship of said knowledge.

The voting patterns of new immigrants as well as minority voters overwhelmingly favor leftwing government policy because of self-interest for their own ethnic groups. These distinctions between minority voting blocs and white voters restrict any meaningful advancement in the American push for limited government, economic freedom, and a return to tradition. Libertarians and Constitutionalists must act quickly and demand common sense change to slow immigration, erect strong borders, and strictly promote meaningful assimilation techniques and policies. People need to understand that the notion that demographics matter is completely compatible with libertarian thought and in fact one could say they necessitate one another.

If libertarians ever want to be more than a social club and instead add to political discourse, they will heed the warning of sitting on the sidelines while everyone else competes in the arena that is identity politics. Take notice of what is happening now or the free America we have always hoped for will forever remain a pipe dream.

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  1. Electrician says:

    Every decision is liberating, even if it leads to disaster. Otherwise, why do so many people walk upright and with open eyes into their misfortune?

    Elias Canetti


  2. muunyayo says:

    Reblogged this on Muunyayo.


  3. Tim says:

    Sad, many such cases!

    The appeal of libertarianism to the high-functioning autistic, Ethnic American male lies in de facto who/whom-ism. American men are descended from those who thrived in a semi-libertarian economic ecology in Britain, Europe and North America. In the libertarian’s functionally retarded, overly logic-seeking mind, he’ll get more poosay and have higher status in a more libertarian society; and he may well, it would depend.

    Over time, a lot of libertarian guys realize what they really want is to Get Theirs, to make some money, have some stuff, get a waifu who isn’t a horrible, tattooed harridan. This is where various forms of rightwing extremism become appealing, as they are overtly about interests. Rightwing internet extremism seems to have dissipated into the Trumpist-BAPist-Beattie-ist ‘Let’s just try to stop the country from getting worse, and fix what we can’ rightist consensus. Maybe Tucker represents the centroid here.


  4. Exile says:

    Libertarianism including the Objectivist strain I was infected with always fails on the question of “rational self interest.”

    The ghost of Alisa Rosenbaum says that voting for their narrow tribal interests is not in these non-Whites “long term, principled” interests. But they enjoy gibs while Whites sip on the thin gruel of color-blind civic-nationalist “rule of law” and “respect for muh process.”

    Rand/Rosenbaum said that the evil of altruism is in creating a moral code that makes life on Earth impossible and miserable – but she offered a flawed alternative that demands her self-gelded, deracinated and atomized White followers accept the loser’s portion and get beaten in the streets.

    Meanwhile Orange Judas hands out $500b in “reparations” to based Blacks, Latinos, Han, Pajeets and literally every other identity group on the planet than the despised Whites who put him in office.

    No one smart enough to understand the actual wonky underpinnings of these ideologies is going to accept that sucker’s result for very long.

    Congratulations on escaping the Prisoner’s Dilemma of libertarian individualism, FL. You have a tribe now – and a lot of unlearning to do.


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