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I received another friendly review from Bapexandria for the book. If you don’t have it, where to buy it? You can buy it at Terror House directly. If an Amazon guy, buy it here. At Barnes & Noble, the link is here.

Normally, those steeped in Moldbuggian memes would say that the politicans do not matter. The actors in the play matter not, for it is who writes the script that counts. It was very easy to agree to this considering the continuity between Reagan-Bush I-Clinton-Bush II-Obama. We saw debt accumulation, a FIRE economy orientation, military intervention, gutting manufacturing, and never-ending expansion of immigration allowances and multiculturalism. It was enough to depress anyone that this was our fate in 2015. I even penned an essay for Taki’s as a son of Fishtown seeking a tribune for his people (parts 1 and 2) on June 12, 2015.

One June 16, 2015, we thought that tribune had announced his presence. Trump announced he was running and what were the three major planks: bring the jobs back, no new wars, stop the infinity immigration. His anti-DC/NYC message is what was really special, as all many early fringe right people wanted to see was him destroy the useless GOP. He exposed the fig leaf that was social conservatism by taking them at face value and suggesting women who gets abortions should face some penalty. The GOP recoiled, showing that all their social con messaging was just cover for their economic policies that enriched the 1%. What do they conserve? Sources of cheap labor and low taxes. Win or lose, he was going to destroy the credibility the GOP establishment had. Mission accomplished.

What about change though? VDare is not entirely happy, but Brimelow points out the reduction in immigrants. Stephen Miller has been a one man mission to reduce immigration, using covid as a way to force a lot of immigration restrictions. A form of wall, not the great big Israeli style wall we wanted, but a wall has gone up, and continues to go up. If you work in corporate America, you may have seen a drop in H1Bs, I know I saw it from 2016 to 2018 at my firm. For all the hyperventilating about random missiles in Syria (which Syrian air defenses knocked out 70% of our missiles) or the Soleimani assassination, no new wars. Did we see new trade negotiations? Yes, NAFTA was replaced with something that required more parts be made with our labor and higher paid labor, encouraging more manufacturing here. Jobs did come back. For my people in Fishtown, did the overdoses stop? No, but for the first time since 2000, they declined in 2018.

Is it perfect? Oh it has been frustrating at times. There were many missed opportunities due to poor management of the first 100 days and the transition. Paul Ryan played keep away with much of the legislative possibilities. Have we ever seen a presidency like this? The deep state tried a Watergate on Trump even before he took office, and then hamstrung him with their Mueller farce. We will never see anything like this again because if there is another Trumpist type leader, they will not be naïve about what they face.

This is the best part of all of this. Every villain has been exposed. Every institution has burned their credibility in opposing him. Every single entity that people thought might be on their side has shown their true colors. What was once just a man versus the media, has become 40% of the nation versus institutions. People have soured on the universities. Trump going after critical race theory should make every red state governor copy his lead and deny contracts to those engaging in that garbage. This is a piece of the puzzle only we on the fringe were aware of in 2015. Now every American has heard the insanity of these hucksters. It is framed as anti-American, but implicitly anti-American is anti-white.

Moldbug is right about his framework of who operates what, but consider how quaint it was a decade ago when he thought they could be persuaded away from following their religion. We now know that is impossible. Cribbing more from Mike Anton’s book than ten thousand word Moldbug posts, the paths ahead are many, the right wing knows the stakes, and who we put into positions of nominal power matters. We need more than a tribune. We need a network. We need many many men to rise up and fill positions of power in both private and public entities, and we need to fight because the stakes are that high and there is no going back to 2015.

We also need to remember that the progressives cannot freeze out 50% of America even if they do assume power. That type of society does not last long, not if we do not let them. We need energy and zest like the people at Revolver. We need state wide leaders of a Trumpian mold but with incredible attention to detail and teams of competent men. We need happy warriors. The spirit of 2015 was resignation to a future navigating a horrible decline. The spirit of the ‘20s needs to be one of battle spiritually, emotionally and yes, physically that we must make it through because all of our families, Belmont and Fishtown alike, need to make it through this crisis.

On to the links…

Who did riots target – Riots were to intimidate squishy Democrats, not independents.

Billy’s Eternal September– Let’s all shame Billy into collecting these into a book.

The Russo-Chinese Alliance – How deep can such an alliance go? Are there limits to the enemy of my enemy is my friend?

A Beginner’s Guide to Z/Acc – The zero accelerationists explain their worldview.

Inside the Stealth Bomber – What is the stealth bomber really? This surprised me.

Perpetual Crisis – The left wants us in perpetual crisis to impose their worldview due to the opportunities within a state of fear.

China progressed but kept their patriarchy – Lucky Chicoms. American leaders miscalculated with using China as a source of cheap labor to attack their domestic opponents.

Forney has a new release – Credit to Forney that he keeps releasing titles. He at Terror House and the Asian woman at Mystery Grove are doing the hard work of offering something different and outside the progressive stranglehold of publishing. New one is here.

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  1. Tim says:

    “We need happy warriors.” Happy warriors who aren’t compromised by years of poasting and hundreds of hours of more or less racist podcast appearances.

    We see someone like Darren Beattie, who apparently pretty clean online, makes one minor misstep and he’s unemployable. Maybe he can come back and work for powerful people, but think of all the guys who write here, or at similar venues, or do shows. Certain podcasters could absolutely do brilliant work for a rightest governor or congressman, helping to railroad bad people, but they’ve got that audio record. Presumably are in some way on lists of thought criminals. They’re excluded from directly working in government.

    Maybe it isn’t so bad as I lay out though. Once or twice a week Tucker or one of his guests will almost directly cite Sailerisms. Revolver News is promoted by the President, they link to you regularly, and it’s one jump from you guys to lunatic antiSemites (no offense). So maybe a certain amount of desensitization has happened. Still, cadres are needed who are clean. Got to teach the rising generation how to maintain internet hygiene, got to make neural net voice filters for them, run on the work station, not the cloud, that alter the voice signature in an irreversible way.


    1. Exile says:

      What Congressman or governor should a legit opposition-minded Rightie support?

      Full disclosure – I’m not as sanguine on Trump’s legitimacy or utility as RL, but for the sake of argument, who is a legitimate operator we could lend our services to – for the sake of which we should embrace optics and forego the Dark Side?

      I can’t honestly name one figure running for any office in right-wing politics on a state or national level that I don’t consider hopelessly compromised or outright corrupt.

      White pill me, please.


  2. muunyayo says:

    Reblogged this on Muunyayo.


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