Just Annex Mexico & Get It Over With

The greatest thing about the Trump presidency is that he is speaking truths about immigration through our porous border that normal Americans have thought or said for decades, bringing them out in the open. It has forced the left to go in the opposite direction without pause. They are 100% open borders and infinity immigration. The second greatest thing is the weird situation that Keynesians like Paul Krugman, who support any public works project, have never been supportive of his “Build Da Wall” project. While I support Trump’s immigration restrictionist ideas, let’s give the left some play. Biden’s plan can bring in 52 million immigrants, undoubtedly buoyed by an amnesty and the baby boom that may cause. In fact, let’s take the left’s idea to a logical conclusion. Let’s annex Mexico.

I am not the first to suggest this in tongue in cheek fashion. Read Erik Rush’s book, which is a quick read of 100 pages or so. The statistics in his book are staggering, and yes, it is an invasion aided and abetted by the elite of both nations. Rush has a RationalWiki entry that is so critical that I like the guy without knowing anything else about him. Mexico is a failed state that without the pressure release valve called America would have to deal with its problems. Immigration has nothing to do with starvation (they are fatter than us) or misery (happiest nation on Earth).

Annexation is just the humane way to handle a situation where 40 million Mexicans live in America (Mexico population is 122 mil), with a large quantity of them living along the border and sending remittances back, propping up the Mexican economy. This also would be America embracing the reality that it is an empire and changing administration of its empire.

America would have a much smaller border to defend to the south of Mexico, and it would change how it administers its immigration problem to account for the 122 million new Americans. America could call for a stop to all legal immigration for a decade or generation as it assimilates, integrates and figures out how to handle the Mexicans.

There are benefits, and not just resolving the border issue. The Marxist loser Mexican academics would be defanged, Mexico would suddenly have American administration and Mexico would have a boost of infrastructure projects to build up its nation. Imagine the ecological improvement by sending teams of AWFLs down to collect the plastic bags (the Mexican national flower) south of the Rio Grande.

The other change this would have to bring is a change in how America administers its regions. This would create a need to maintain economic consistency yet allow for provincial administration on a social level. Money is all that holds America’s disparate regions together, so we could go full throttle on this and respect regional differences while maintaining the economic beliefs of our 1%. I know this won’t happen, but giving up on the forced universalism would benefit everyone. Provincial autonomy would calm everyone down. There are even bigger rewards.

There is a two prong way to dismantle the cartel’s violent side. First would be mass legalization of drugs. You might think this will lead to armageddon, but no, just look at Portugal’s experience with legalization for a possible roadmap. Legalization would drop the price and legitimize the cartel producers and turn them into another arm of our “just enough good stuff to use but not enough to kill you” vice products like booze and smokes. Heroin won’t be how they hook you, but an opium gum that acts like Nicorette will take the edge off the long work day. Cocaine is a helluva drug, but a vape coke smoke session will help you hit the clubs. You think American manufacturing, industrialization and ingenuity isn’t going to find a way to bring cocaine, opiates and weed to Americans in a safe manner? What do you think “oxy” was for Purdue Pharma?

There is a second way annexing Mexico helps fight the cartels is even if you do not go the legalization route. By becoming a province of America, there becomes an arm of federal agents that represent a separate power structure, separate network of authority and separate culture of administration to fight the corruption issue. Yes, American agents can become corrupt, just look at the federal Bitcoin bandits. Strict enforcement of corruption (death if you take bribes), solid pay and unrelenting viciousness towards violent cartel members will work. This is a separate system outside the current system that will be backed up by guns and American wealth. Drones take an entire infrastructure of agents and spotters, but a military not in the cartels’ pockets might be effective at stopping the violence. Hopefully, legalization would fix this like ending prohibition started the dismantling of American mobs.

This is all a thought experiment, and one that is a partly comedic, but let’s talk about a very possible future for America. Yes, Brazil Norte is bandied about for those who believe in slower decline, Leftist singularity is mentioned by guys with eyes on revolutions, South Africa felt possible in June but already looks weaker (black fatigue sets in), and a US break-up is dreamed by some of us. The very possible future is a declining Latin American republic that has neolib admin -> socialist admin -> caudillo right reaction -> repeat until the pine tree twitter’s prophecies about resources begin to bite. If you think about it, neolib admin -> socialist admin -> caudillo right reaction describes the last twelve years.

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  1. FrankColumba says:

    Nice article.
    In the Mexican Revolution that took almost 10 years 1.5 million Mexicans died. Perhaps 200,000 fled north probably more. Latin American wars are extremely bloody, owing to the many different groups involved.
    Moving into the future nations including our own and probably most in the Western Hemisphere who lack authoritarian government could convulse into charnel houses. Many tend to think of Latin countries as perhaps less diverse than the USA, this is usually not the truth.
    As the world gets less flat and globalization becomes harder I’m sure our elite will look South for closer foreign adventures to spend our blood and treasure on. A new grift for our small hat demographic.


  2. nc says:

    WTF? You must be one drugs


    1. R. Landry - Editor says:

      Author stated it is a thought experiment taking the left’s logic to far out conclusions

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  3. DonaldTrumpsWall says:

    This is an utterly retarded idea. Even if you could annex Mexico, their nationalists (both left and right) over there won’t allow it even if you could offer them annexation with the promise of building up their economy and wiping out the cartels, you still inherent a dysfunctional people and all the baggage they carry. Every cartel got armed to the teeth from smugglers funneling guns from Texas being paid drug money at the expensive of a corrupt system both on our side and there’s.

    Suppose we do annex Mexico, why should we stop there? Why not annex Nicaragua and let the Sandinista bolsheviks become Americans? Or why not the Shining Path in Peru?

    Fuck you. Build the fucking wall.


  4. John Goodwin says:

    Why not? If you’re not going to reduce drug demand, get rid of the source. Maybe not annex, just invade drug trade (enemy of US). I see NO action and NO stomach for extreme punishment measures. Deal/manufacture drugs? Death is resulting punishment, etc. US cannot survive open borders, no way, no how. Extreme, yes. Hugs do not work.


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