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Barrett’s nomination has LARPing left wing women in Handmaid’s Tale cosplay and evangelicals a little excited. Ending abortion is within sight! It is still unlikely to happen. Maybe if Trump gets a second term and can replace two more left wing justices, then we might see it.

It is more than a decision. After all, instead of a broad decision based on actual life and more of a narrow decision based on state vs. federal power, we would see a patchwork of states with abortion and a huge issue for political activism and fundraising to make sure abortion is legal in 35 states not 15. It is a mindset. It is the shaking of the neoliberal foundations.

Of course men would support abortion in the same era as women entering the workforce. Of course men would want it in the era of relaxed sexual mores. Abortion on demand serves a purpose to escape responsibility for all parties, not just women. Men do not have a veto, and this is the clearest evidence that the patriarchy is dead. Neoliberalism though is alive.

It too is looking rickety. Look at how remote work may kill the cities. Automation will make many more jobs vanish, and the siren song of UBI beckons. MeToo destroyed the reason men want eye candy in the office. Do we need all those young women making PowerPoints? No. You’d be surprised what an algorithm can cook up. If one can write speeches and scripts, one can make PowerPoints. If we do not need women working these makework puff job, what would we have them do?

Luck would have it we are in a baby drought. It is bad enough that it threatens all their welfare schemes. If the West and America especially faces lower material and consumer wealth, what better thing to do than repurpose every young paper pusher into a stroller pusher. The birth dearth is the one social problem the left does not see a government fix for. It’s right there under their nose. The path is there for us to take, but such a path would require the entire system to change. It’s the non-suicidal decision, therefore, the one it won’t likely make.

On to the links…

Suicide of the liberals – There were nice white liberals in Tsarist Russia who enabled the Bolshies just like ours today.

Status Games – The violence and theatre in the cities are functions of status insecurity. Gen Xers and Millenials frozen out are trying to push their PC indoctrination advantage.

Fascism Is Heresy – The fear liberalism has about fascism is so strong that it calls everything fascism and treats it like a contagious bug that will infect and convert anyone who considers it.

Parallax has a video – Just go watch.

Who drew first blood – As always the left accuses Trump of violating norms when they are the ones doing so.

Reopening Schools was Fine – The insane reflex of opposing Trump actually hurt our kids.

God bless Navarro – If only the administration had 100 of him, not 1.

World forager elite – The way norms, policies and institutions are resemble a hunter gatherer band of foragers

Reason to wish for a second term for Trump – The spigot into America was slowed down a bit.

Academic Struggle Session – This reads like a parody.

Looking backwards – Our politics has an obsession with the past and no vision for the future. The left’s entire premise is “you were oppressed at some point so let us get revenge for you”. The right only cares about making money now.

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  1. stallard0 says:

    The Supreme Court could theoretically invent a new right against abortion and immediately stop the barbarous practice, but that would require orders of magnitude more control and loyalty in the government to actually be enforced and would be overturned so quickly it’d make Furman look like long-standing law. The fact that despite appointing 2/3 of an institution that sets itself above every legislature in the land the best the Republicans can hope for is simply to stem it from routinely imposing libshittery by fiat is a testament to how firm a grip the Left has on power.


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