The Tick Of The Clock & Friday Reads

Book is three months out and feeling good. If you don’t have the book, where to buy it? You can buy it at Terror House directly. If an Amazon guy, buy it here. At Barnes & Noble, the link is here.

It is getting real. The Democrats evade questions on court packing and the plebeians lick their chops at the wishlist for republic nuking moves. Does anyone have a plan? These moves are of the sort to nuke the current arrangement. The future staring at non-progressives and their naive enablers is described well here.

Read that. Forget all the other links and just read it. Handle came out of his hibernation to review Dreher’s new book. Besides the criticism that Dreher is not nearly alarmist enough, Handle points out that now is the time to implement changes and protections before the techno-tyranny can be welded into place. When Handle says he is an optimist in his circle, he isn’t lying. Those guys are beyond blackpill.

It is true though that an all encompassing totalitarianism could be implemented with tools Stalin would’ve drooled over. As Handle writes, it can be soft because of the framing and the ability to just empty your church via cultural weapons rather than burn it down. That’s the question though. The left could win, grant an amnesty and then relax as ‘24 moves demographics in their favor, cementing electoral wins until collapse. They could relax and by relax just employ the soft smothering of the native crowd. With all you have seen since ‘15, do you believe this?

Because to not believe means there is not a Stalin who will purge the far left and settle us on racially neutral but affirmative action enabling, LGBT neoliberalism forever. Do you see the under forty left wing crowd calming down and governing well? They’re too bloodthirsty now. They’re also facing obvious material failures and economic obstacles that will incent them to focus on the ethnic strife angle. Possibilities get far more interesting when the left goes crazy. You boil the frog not light his legs on fire.

The tripwires are there. The DHS and FBI murmurs about what the real threat to America are a preview. Who has made the antifa-BLM riots violent? White supremacy. It’s going to be simple to see the formula for excusing any criticism. Only white supremacists will object. Any problems can be blamed on them. No one would dare be associated with that label, therefore the policies and positions will be beyond the pale. The ideas will then hit the internal Normie Shutdown switch, “Oh oh that’s a bad idea. Cuomo didn’t kill seniors with his orders, that’s a White Supremacist conspiracy theory!”

The talk of realignment on the right is that the working class will come over and without Trump’s Orange Man Bad label, they’ll compete well into the future. There is another realignment possible. It’s simple really. The Democrats just stop the anti-white policies. It’s unlikely given their current bioleninist formula and reliance on low impulse control populations but it’s a smart move to try to hold it all together.

This is called tick of the clock because we can all hear it now. Bump that track as everything begins to need to be wargamed as decisions will all have knock on effects that could lead to much greater damage. Stack SCOTUS, do you go for guns now, if so, how, if so what governor nullifies it and starts arresting federal agents or contractors sent to get them, if so do the Feds go after the governor. Multiply this out to many other issues and tick tick tick, the clock only gets louder.

On to the links…

Drones Away – The Armenia-Azeri war has been good for drone strike footage. Is war changing now that everyone has access to these tools? There are a lot of logistics in the chain of identifying a target and putting the drone in position to bomb a target.

Princess Mom – It’s not that a trans person had a fake pregnancy to simulate it. It’s that the entire system supported it, praised it and gave them paid time off from work to deal with it.

Science has stalled – The actual how it has stalled and some speculation on the why offered here.

Intentions vs. Consequences – That’s the political split and why no one should take the left seriously. It is why the left cannot own up to the destruction and ruin of South Africa or school integration.

Demisexuals – From the spring, someone felt she had to find a niche and make herself queer for experiencing sexual attraction only after feeling love. Old fashioned isn’t a fair label.

Flyover is Tired – Oh flyover wants a champion they do, and they didn’t get it from Trump but as things get worse and worse they will keep looking. This little essay does make it obvious that centralizing our economy into a dozen mega-cities was going to kill a majority of the nation.

Tesla Ends Its PR Dept – Everyone should fire their publicists.

Socialists Racial Splits – Reporting on Portland’s never-ending protests by antifa and BLM.

Trends for health care’s future – I have a feeling big tech is going to get into this big time.

Buffet Backs BLM – Folksy Uncle Warren is the money behind BLM? Very well done report on where the money is coming from and who is receiving this loot.

I Won’t Live In The Pod – Kotkin pours cold water on calls for greater density. Didn’t covid and riots prove the urbanite dream was ephemeral?

Kamala’s Fascism – Interesting read on what Kamala did to the citizen journalists who went after Planned Parenthood. Rather sickening really.

Google Feeling The Pain – Google not looking good with their legal fight against Oracle.

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