The Clampdown & Friday Reads

We all knew this day would come. The tech monopolies flexed their control this week as a story broke that would potentially hurt the regime’s favored nominee. Accounts were locked and the actual link could not be shared. This was just when not if.

You dear reader know this because it was 2016 when they started shadowbanning dissident accounts and the populist upstarts. You might also remember when Twitter wouldn’t let you share links of my old blog. Tweets would not go through and people had to use the .ca extension. It took four years but the control crept closer and closer to big players.

The sick losers defending private firms doing this are willfully blind to the power of what amounts to a public utility shutting down information dissemination. The government regulates and decides, piss off with the dated ‘90s libertarian line. The “just build a competitor” line is eaually dumb as we are staring at build your own nation as a potential choice this decade. Nationalize Twitter as it is a CB radio for the Internet anyway.

Considering the material, this does end up backing up the idea that there was something corrupt in the old 2014 Ukraine shenanigans involving Old Joe. A child could see it with the no show gig for crackhead Hunter, but the potential for more is just dangling out there.

All we are seeing is a repeat of 2016. Clinton broke laws. Clinton got away with it with a government apparatus enabling her and cleaning up after her. There was likely graft involved. Same here. For all the posing, our corruption is the same as what we accuse Russians and Chinese leaders and investors of doing. Their evil oligarchs and puppet politicians are our billionaire visionaries and experienced politicians.

Facebook and Twitter are doing what pieces of a regime do. They are not neutral platforms. They are not objective players in the information game. They have been granted their position, provided their seed money and been protected from competition as well as allowed to swallow up competition all with a deal in mind. This is the part of the deal they must hold up. Suppress anything damaging.

Twitter was unusable for many yesterday. They had to take a test run of the potential shutdown on Election Night or the following day. The flow of information must be controlled. The proper narrative must be cemented. Biden is up by 10.

On to the links…

Brash politics – I like this politician saying heterodox things from the left, but there will only be so much as there is no way our oligarchs will allow a Lega-5Star alliance.

Political Stability Is Precious – Our history is a bloody history. We have seen stability for quite a while, but how long will that last?

100% Projection from the Left – This is the mind of the normie lib with regards to street violence in 2020.

On the New Cold War – Watch the embedded video. China is increasing their nuke sub capacity.

Canceling the cancelers – Kotkin is a little optimistic thinking the woke might get canceled. Would take a Stalin and one who could set the clock to say 2010 and freeze it socially. Doubtful.

Cosmopolitanism in a fractured age – There is something to this and it is not just if the neolib order fails to provide the material goods. People are just going to shut these overly cosmo childless people out and they’ll become a self contained loop.

Jim on the Leftist Singularity– Jim sticking to what he has been great on, the Leftist Singularity. This time how we get through to the other side.

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  1. “All we are seeing is a repeat of 2016.”

    Definitely not. We have had 4 years of nothing but bluster, bollards, and immigration restrictions by the grace of God and bat soup, not the president.


  2. mifrost says:

    here is a comment from jims blog that gets to the main issue that many miss, This is world wide.

    This time is very different from all other times.
    This time it’s global.
    For the first time in history the enemy has captured every nation, but directs its economic attacks via fake-covid at the nations that were the last bastion of light in a very dark world.
    Britain, America, Italy, Spain, to name a few.
    A full winter global house arrest lies ahead, it will put the final nail into the coffin of millions of businesses and jobs. Slowly they are shutting down food production.

    Government finances are being pushed beyond safe limits now, and central banks will print tens of trillions, leading to currency crises the world over.
    This will exacerbate the economic collapse and the starvation.

    When the opportune moment comes, c.2024, after dozens of huge banks have gone bust in the EZ, they will take action to stabilize their chosen digital currency, the euro. They will bid tens of trillions via QE into physical gold. The whole world will switch to the euro for oil and other trade.

    The US dollar will be a dead duck walking, with 2+ trillion of budget deficits annually, and no buyers so the Fed will print it all, and more, and within 5 years the dollar will be toast.

    Meanwhile, Bill Gates’ and Klaus Schwab and their cronies will keep pushing the leftist agenda of digital IDs and eventually digital money too, and slavery via their control, China style, social credit scores but on steroids.

    The US and Britain and many European nations will see their citizens attempt to fight back, but to no avail, utter collapse lies ahead for those nations, the governments want that of course.

    Not a single world leader is for the people of its nation, they have all sold out. Every one.

    I have not shared some of the more important details of what lies ahead, and time will prove all of the above as accurate predictions. The rest, you will see it with it with your own eyes, of I told you now, you wouldn’t believe it anyway.


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