The Diseased *dn̥ǵʰwéh₂s (Tongue)

To know my enemy

These words should leave a deep, bloody incision on the conscience of the modern political dissident—not just knowing that the political battle before is is transcendent as it is mundane, but to understand our foe down to the exact grain of coffee he drinks by the stink of his breath. The art of autistic bushido. We have heard reports about “The Left” with every passing minute, forgetting their atrocities of yesterday while even our most eloquent standard-bearers of Rightism are reduced to hounds that froth every moment at the moral trespass of progressives.

But we misunderstand this enemy.

I am not a veteran of this side of politics. The abrasions left over from my recent descent into this side are raw. Though I am a fresh face to the war of culture, I cannot help but challenge what is portrayed as a glorious rout at Gaugamela when we engage The Left, but rather the truth being a muddy, bloody slugfest of Agincourt. To no fault of our own, The Right has shown no quarter to our enemy and earned every bitter victory in the clash between a hostile collectivist ideology and the tradition that cemented the West as whatever remains of it today. Pressing forward into the end of a crucial presidential election where we’ve been declared Outlaws to Humanity, we’ve seeing a repeating strategy of speech-purging that whittles down our ability to retaliate on the same level.

A redrock Goon and literal Neanderthal may seem like the last one to demand his compatriots to look beyond the frenzy and reconcile when the battle seems won—but I have no other choice. I have gazed past the blocks of ideological infantry and notice a pattern among the banners, something some of you may have already recognized but not understood…so I must rip you all from the bloody rain and hail of flesh. 

Hail, what horror have I seen beyond the cloud of gore and stink of the field of battle? The hidden War on Language—our gift from the gods! Written and spoken, our strongest asset and weakest liability.

Gazing across the hemisphere on social media, in our daily lives at work, at the post office, and even in our subconscious from merely existing in the mortal realm I have noticed a certain pattern of sorcery twisting the threads of Language that you or I have yet to fully grasp. Not just dialogue or the written word even but the very core of society and cultural currency, *dn̥ǵʰwéh₂s or “The Tongue” in Proto-Indo-European. It is the purest and most raw form of civilization, by it man transcends beyond creature into sentience. Language is not just a method of how we communicate but our self-referential system of identifying the outside world and reproducing our subjective experiences through this complex mental faculty of sounds and text. Arguably language is the single most consistent system of culture we Men have created and can outlast civilization itself.

The Tongue is Power. A shared language is the je ne sais quoi of a difference between unaffiliated tribes of pastoral nomads and birthing the most prominent empire known to mankind, all on the same soil. Rome’s origin might be clouded in the evocation of the Indo-European twin myth, but historians agree that the Latins were bound by a common language that set them apart from the Etruscans. It was The Tongue that braided the history of the Latins, a link of identity that was forged again and again until the imperial iron grew too brittle over time. Nonetheless it is obvious that it was the Tongue that preceded Roman law, theology, and war. Painstakingly evident to anybody hovering over lukewarm intelligence is that language is not just mere utility—as Jordan Peterson puts it—but a societal necessity and spiritual identity greater even than any one being’s need for air to breathe.

Yet it is a dynamic element, as The Tongue is not a static entity but will shift to manifest its own health through the waters of culture. And language is malleable—able to be manipulated from its organic form if one Wills it. For example in our modern period, music ghostwritten by producers of the vapid music industry has shifted meta-narratives of morality within society by lyrics as effectively as Hollywood has implanted ideological structures of uber-egalitarianism into a child’s brain, permanently altering how they perceive society for the remainder of their lives. This isn’t to bludgeon people over the head for being too gullible, though I should—my point is that due to this ritual of language, we are susceptible to its monolithic power. By participating in society on the basest of levels we must adhere to The Tongue and therefore whoever controls it can control us, no matter how toxic or profound it might be. You might know much of this already—so why does this barbarian find it pertinent to speak about this today? 

We have hit terminal linguistic rot, much due to the blame of postmodernist thought, and we will pay for our sin of ignorance whether we want to or not.

In all poetic reality it suits the desires of our sociopathic puppet masters who understand the portent of The Tongue, otherwise they’d have reverted the process already. The cancerous tumor replicating itself in language today is no happenstance or an effect of neglect on the oligarch’s part—the intentional erosion of context and complexity to language is an ominous prerequisite for our socialist Cyberhorror Trashworld destiny the puppet masters have been engineering. Once you’ve opened your eyes in this way, you realize that this terminal linguistic rot is as common in your life as racoons to a haven of unguarded dumpsters. The examples are endless but I merely have to offer you the underlying impulse behind it: if you were an oligarch who wanted endless wealth and control, would you really prefer a populace of independent thinkers with extensive knowledge of language? Of course not—you’d want ideologically harnessed human cattle. History shows that the literate, the proud, and the warlike who are the hardest to render into slaves—aka the cunning brutes.

Is this merely about censorship and the “dumbing down of language”? Oh no! And the strongest response I have seen to it by our so-called conservative “leadership” is a bemoaning of propriety as if this war on Language is an afternoon fencing match on the lawns and not a vicious, generational-spanning brawl of tooth and nail. Crying about censorship is not even the tip of the iceberg—it is the frosty snowflake pirouetting on the needle of a narwhal. If these conservative clowns actually recognized this rot is being perpetuated by the likes of the free market as much as socialist academics, they might actually doff their bureaucrat top hats and join us in the mud of political brawl. But I don’t expect the Mitt Romneys of the world to actually care what the degradation of culture entails—even when it erodes his crypto-Zion.

Postmodernism is the beginning of this tale, not chronologically but as the accelerant and persistent aggressor on the front of language. Since even 2015, many of us who were keen to the likes of the Internet Dork Web and other “classical liberals” who rightfully warned us about the concepts of the malicious postmodernists who have been steadily gaining ground in academia—some of us fooled to think in shallow terms that postmodernism was an attack on “reason”.  I myself fell into this category despite leaning libertarian left at the time. Only the delusional or self-serving would claim that reason or logic is the victim of postmodernism—what actually is being targeted is the West’s origin of a European sentient culture that resists total indoctrination by psychological Gulagism in the form of natural sovereignty. The Hunter Gatherer Grug mindset of: “I seek, I taste, I feel, I hunt, I f*ck, I speak, I sleep, I seek again”. Barbarism in its true, rural connection to man and his environment is both as a curious participant and survival-oriented creature. A child needs no indoctrination to understand the woods that surround him or the tribe that rears him.

It is this exact reason that Derrida himself says: “language is probably the only fact ultimately to resist all parenthization.” Its arrogance lies in its creators believing they needed to correct our culture to reform civilization. No different than a self-proclaimed and narcissistic hall monitor catching truants and hauling them to detention to punish them for their mischief.

Jordan Peterson and the Internet Dork Web warned us about the abstract ideology of the likes of Foucault and Derrida as pathologically dangerous ideologies being pushed from humanities departments. They weren’t wrong—their prescription was merely too optimistic, too naivete. Their take was that postmodernism from the humanities departments would become a parasite to our language, that the Marxist or “low belief” of victimization from the lips of professors would instill a religiosity among the young and impressionable and like a toxic spill this would eventually corrupt our ability to use language as a pure utility unless it was subjugated and sodomized by this false god of Equality. Wokeism as the offshoot of this faith is an identifiable outcome of the synthesis of postmodern invasion into Western language and how it has exploited our moral credentialism of Christianity. Swapping critical race theory for gospel, the zealots of Wokeism utilize this obstinate façade that hands out egalitarian credentialism for regurgitating race-based Marxist rhetoric rather than appearing God-fearing—encouraging every major company and institution to join in to flog any whites who resist with a rainbow baton. A trick of tribalism as old as time: “join or die my fellow tribe, we’re marching on the “illegitimate” chiefs and taking it from them.”

I would credit Peterson and the Dorks for this revelation and hinting at the beginnings of Wokeism, but now we have surpassed their prophecy and lie somewhere in a sinister territory of psychological warfare that cannot be defeated by secular theorization. You can’t just opt out of this nightmare social experiment.

But postmodernism is merely the vehicle of thought, not the source. The spore of a cultural fungus that has mutated and hijacked our cultural body of The Tongue is neither a war of anti-white credentialism, nor does it merely pertain to humanities departments. It is a manufactured plague, even more so that the Chinese Wu-Flu! No different than the humiliation ritual of modern consumerism, the poisoning of our bodies via seed oils, or the castration of the sexual battleground between man and woman.

A morbid discovery I have made on this subject is no less than in writing—Grammarly, the natural language processing and AI-based software that is becoming widespread on white-collar laptops to “help” your average desk-jockey appear more literate than they really are. Grammarly is available on both a desktop app, mobile app, and browser extension. It offers not only grammar and punctuation but also what is called ‘line editing’ which is the subjective opinion of the editor on delivery, tone, and the effectiveness of the content itself. At just a shallow glance, an unsuspecting urbanite plugging away behind his Macbook to deliver a report to his supervisor might find this a nifty utility—imagine the verbal popcorn that could be cooked up and shoved into the inbox! He might even foolishly think himself clever for using this so-called “tone editing”, thinking he’ll impress his nasally dominatrix of a supervisor and get some cooch out of it. To this dime-a-dozen MBAs at hipster one-word Brand that handles business intelligence tools and data evaluation, Grammarly becomes his best friend…no?

With even a sprinkle of skepticism, one sees the parallels of Grammarly’s so-called “suggestions” to your writing and the implications of “natural language processing” in the field of business in our dystopian age. Hypothetically, what would happen if Grammarly Business had a supervisor role that could monitor not just everything the subordinates furiously typed company-wide, but anything considered problematic or naughty-no-good fascisms? How would the psychological pressure feel to write anything with the knowledge that you could be fired or worse when Grammarly is required on every device you work on? Now what if there was a soft social credit system that could be weaponized against you for writing anything less than masturbatory praise for your androgynous overlords? You can say these are exaggerations that may never come to fruition, but you cannot argue that man will adapt his language in his environment—with Grammarly or other such human to computer software, the temptation to mold Man by convincing him that there is a “correct” line of thinking to use, that his tone can’t be aggressive, he can’t even reference anything derogatory, so on. I will not even mention how this will affect children or the implications of these kinds of psychological tools in school.

The democratic value of utter social conformity. 

Your wild and free Tongue should completely disregard some sunken-eyed HR wench whining about sounding more “sincere” at your meetings while your oversocialized peers might even get a hard-on when her screeches reverberate across your tacky hipster conference room. You, who appreciates the embedded value in classic literature, are repulsed to listen to the baby-talk of the latest vapid action/propaganda Marvel movie and its condescendingly simplistic plot glowing of global Bolshevik morality. Talking to anybody born post-2005 gives you a hemorrhage from the sheer dysfunctionality of Zoomer-speech and how ill-developed their vocabulary is due to the dependence of autocorrect and emojis. No you’re not going crazy for noticing this. Your brains have to be literally boiled down to base matter and molded smooth to appreciate the terminal linguistic rot as if it is no different than literature and discourse of yore.

How far does terminal linguistic rot go? It’s impossible to say without being a prophet and I am no such being. My advice would go to the parents of children to challenge their offspring with intellectual discussion, find ways to get them to read classical literature, and apprentice them in other languages. If you are young, it’s never too late to become well-read and spoken. If your friends’ brains have a bumpy texture to them, host controversial conversations to challenge one another’s ability to debate succinctly, in a non-confrontational manner. I would go further to suggest starting an exclusive book club among close friends, talk over these things over food and drink. And be keen to the creeping edge of unregulated software that seeks to manipulate you and your thoughts…machine-learning it is not, it is behavioral anticipation and correction! 

Reclaim the *dn̥ǵʰwéh₂s! It is your birthright to understand the world you see and speak freely of it! Your mental sovereignty is not something you can or should concede…if nothing in my writing has any purpose, it would be to emphasize how we must protect this ability to communicate. We cannot afford to lose it.

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  1. Alfonz Cavalier says:

    Not sure Agincourt is the best analogy for an attritional battle, it may have been muddy and bloody but it was also short and pretty decisive. Verdun, the Somme or (lord forbid) Stalingrad would be a better analogy. Towton might be the closest medieval equivalent.

    In terms of Agincourt, The right is probably closer to the English: outnumbered, outclassed and dug in behind palisades relying on one specialist weapon, while the left are more like the French knights: flashy, arrogant and seemingly all powerful.

    The mini white pill in all that is that, of course, the English won at Agincourt because of targeted application of that specialist weapon: the longbow. There’s probably some kind of tactical lesson in there for modern dissidents.


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