Pre-Election Friday Reads

I couldn’t slap links at the end of the Nixon post. Here are pre-election reads for the weekend.

4GW comes to America – Lind talks his book to say that 4th Generation Warfare is here. Didn’t Syria show 4GW can be crushed by state actors? I still see these actors as organized and funded by deep pockets. Notice they all disappeared once it hurt polling.

Lose religion, lose charities – People are waking up to the idea that as religion disappears the good works that go along with them will too. Check charitable donations by county and the Godless Northeast trails the rest of America.

Mexico’s Army – WSJ article on the curious state of the Mexican Army. Mexico is deliberately neglected as a topic for our media.

Nihilists Are Dead – Roosh tackles nihilism and the pushers of it. This is definitely a factor in the rise of middle age and elderly suicide numbers.

Silencing of America & Wokeism – This essay doesn’t go far enough but hopefully the message spreads some resistance to the woke.

Totalitarian Space Empire – As long as it is not woke, how could we not want a militaristic space empire?

More Liz Warrens – Another fake minority scholar was discovered. No one ever mentions how the path is so easy for anyone who can fake it. Money, fame, fortune are all yours if you just pretend to be a minority.

Red America’s Advantage – TL;DR: We are a more monolithic political coalition.

One Genius’ Difference – Fantastic read about how one man changed the development of humanity.

Unpersoning – Tech unpersoning is a map for financial unpersoning. It must stop now.

Prisoners of The Boomers – Best read of the week on the stagnant Boomer culture and how their dominance is slipping. With that withering away, we will write new stories for understanding the world.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Electrician says:

    Here’s hoping the post election civil war is as good for ratings as the last 4 years.


  2. vxxc says:

    A space Empire pushes the militarism and it’s underlying profit motive in a safe direction.
    It’s also a tempting offer: Want infinite Trillion Dollar $ budgets?
    Then aim at the infinite.
    As opposed to the bordered, lived on and finite…where we live.

    I am by the way a veteran, but that our Generals and DOD civilians fight for money, or rather send us to fight for money is undeniable.
    They certainly aren’t in it for Victory.


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