Winners & Losers


Right Wing Anons – However this final episode of the season ends, RW Anons’ predictions matched up with reality to a solid degree. Anon analysis and predictions were far better than the professionals’ offerings.

GOP Senate – Enjoying Trump coattails, the GOP looks set to retain their Senate majority. If you did not know, the left burned $200 million trying to oust Cornyn, Cocaine Mitch and Graham. They misread the opportunities and wasted money.

Caudilloismo/Castizo Futurism – The shift in the Hispanic vote is amazing to see roll in state by state. It was not just Cubans in Florida.

GOP as a Working Class Party – This message sticks and now needs the policies to back it up. Ohio should become a lab for state government experimentation and launching pad for presidential runs. Makes sense as woke capital consolidates behind the Democrats for dominant capital interests

Rust Belt – If they are the new swing region, they are going to see massive pork and investment come their way.

Anyone Planning A Media Empire to Match Realignment – No one serves this now. The talent is there. The market audience is there. The chance to determine primary races and policy is there.

Trafalgar Group – No matter the final outcome in the tight states, Trafalgar came closest compared to every other firm.



Fox News – Embarrassing to witness their calls and punditry. Besides Tucker, is there any reason to watch them? Fox could collapse if a competitor came along and also stole Tucker away.

Suburban White Men – Early exit polls show Trump gained with all demographics except white men. Not rural white male voters by the looks of results. Stiffen your spines. Stop virtue signaling.

Polling Firms – The Florida miss was the tip off. These are huge misses that are worse than ‘16. All in one direction. We know they are propagandists to sell the progressive inevitable, but this election cements it for normies. They said they had fixed their ‘16 mistakes.

Nate Silver – It’s over. Silver’s “witch” nickname was because Obama’s campaign was sending him their internal polls. This helped him in his poll averaging and state predictions. Silver took that bag of money and left the NY Times because he knew his powers of prediction had nowhere to go but down. Silver leaving the Times was a shock to the young pundit class because he traded the Times dream job for money. He will stick around because no one ever faces consequences, but he should be mocked ruthlessly.

Democracy – This is all a joke. We are at the phase of the election where the news reports about counties “finding bags of votes 100% for Democrats”.

American Regime Legitimacy – America is deep into the banana republic era. This election confirms what we have seen from our managerial elite the last five years. It is a regime obsessed with its enrichment and domination of the hinterlands.

Texas – Texas results aren’t ready to flip Democrat yet, and the disappearance of the Trump effect might change it. Unless the castizo futurism asserts itself, we will see a blue Texas soon.

GOP – You’re done. Trump is all that saved you from oblivion. Embrace the caudillo.

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  1. WS says:

    Good read.

    I went to bed thinking Trump crushed it. Woke up to shenanigans. Next few days should be a wild ride.

    Looking forward to more updates. I hope the Sun twitter unlocks soon

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  2. Looks like he actually lost support among non-college educated whites. Literally lost the wignat vote.


  3. vxxc says:

    WIGNAT REPORT: There was besides the rallies no media reachout to the Wignat vote, no money for ads radio [talk radio used to be important to Republicans] nor print in rural Wignatistan [I’m a wignat in Wignatistan, and know talk radio $$]. No money for talk radio, in an election year, no money from the GOP. Hmmn.

    That was nationwide, and that my Dears was Jared. Jared spent it all on diversity outreach. Known in the industry.
    He got it from the Hispanics although that may be the Caudillio effect + revulsion at Bitter Bindi Veep, it’s difficult to underestimate how much Mexicans hate blacks. Far more than us. The Blacks of course voted for Dems.


    1. WS says:

      > it’s difficult to underestimate how much Mexicans hate blacks. Far more than us. The Blacks of course voted for Dems.

      This is important.

      He could have done the pseudo white nationalist bit and still got a ton of Mexican vote. Many Mexicans got so fed up with the riots, and I spoke to many of them who were a lot more candid in their opinions and racism on the matter. They feel like they’re much better citizens than blacks. They work harder, commit less crime, and in a way, they’re right. So many Mexicans can’t wrap their head around why the establishment shoves BLM down everyone’s throats. They can’t do the mental gymnastics a white liberal does, and they just end up virulently racist. Not to mention they often live closer to blacks, and have more contact with them, often negative.

      Many were ready to side with the party that didn’t celebrate blacks whether “white nationalist” or not


      1. Aldon says:

        >They feel like they’re much better citizens than blacks. They work harder, commit less crime, and in a way, they’re right.

        Found the cuckservative.


      2. WS says:

        No you didn’t, retard

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