American Shitshow: It’s Happening Edition

I told you what was going to happen, and lo: here it is. A hundred thousand votes here and there, and suddenly Joe Biden is a hairsbreadth from becoming president for the few months it takes for his brain to gracelessly complete its shutdown procedures.

The fraud is obvious, and detailing it ad nauseum would take longer than this rush to press allots. If you set up your electoral system to deliver batches of several hundred thousand ballots in your blue hives, homogeneously Biden, not even bothering to vote in downstream races, conveniently after the hated flyovers have told you the margin by which they are winning, and to have 106% turnout as a result, your system is a priori illegitimate. This holds regardless of the degree to which this capability is used – it was set up not as a means of coming to a good faith consensus, but as a weapon. It has now been fired.

Biden himself is a walking fraud, a skinsuit draped over the lizard creatures who drafted him without even time for the facelift scars to heal and installed Kamala as the (transformative! brown! female! Canadian!) face-hugger waiting to burst from his decrepit lungs and into the Oval Office at first opportunity. This despite her own sound rejection by voters when they had the chance in the primaries.

The question is what is to be done. The answer in extremis reduces to “whatever Trump wants to do”. I agree with Revolver’s analysis in broad strokes, but I will get more specific.

There is currently the pretense that the system is in some sense working – sure, the counting itself is a disaster from a pure competency point of view, but the disputes can always be Taken To Court. The problem is that there is not necessarily much the courts can do about it. This is always the first question in these cases – what is the relief being sought? No court is going to unilaterally award the office, nor can they while maintaining the fig leaf of separation of powers. If ballots are segregated (as was ordered for, eg, ballots arriving after a potential deadline in Pennsylvania), they can be discarded after the fact.

But ballots are not going to be segregated, that’s the whole point of the fraud. Is a court going to unilaterally toss a 4AM bucket-o-ballots if they are physically valid and at least some of them theoretically correspond to a warm body somewhere? Some of them can be voided, potentially, based on signature matches, postmarks, double-votes on election day and absentee, and other minutiae. This is worth doing, and may be sufficient – or it may not.

Even after the courts have their final say on procedures, the state legislatures have explicit authority to choose electors by fiat. The reason that those fraudulent ballots were largely for Biden only, and not marked for any down-ballot race, was to lessen the incentives for state and federal legislatures to exercise this power, or to probe too hard at the fraud in general. Many of those legislators have no affection for Trump to begin with.

Thus, they may not act purely on a reasonable request. And thus, my prediction is that Trump’s final resort would be to ask his supporters to pressure state legislatures, where a plausible Republican majority exists (Georgia, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona…), to punish the fraud and support the legitimate President of the United States.

You can imagine the forms this pressure may take.

If this is necessary, and Trump puts it to the people, it is worthwhile, and I think ultimately a winning scenario. If he does not, it is impossible to save him from himself. Regardless, now is the time to estimate what will happen in your particular area in response and what your response will be.

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  1. WS says:

    Few men are gifted with such a stark path between becoming a truly great man who fights back and defies the odds and one who could shrink back and be humiliated as Trump has.

    In a way whatever happens seems just. If Trump doesn’t mobilize his massive ground support in a Juvenalian move, making an alliance with the plebs to pressure the subsidiary powers trying to push him around, then, quite frankly, he’s a loser.

    If he does do it, then he’s a damn winner. It’s just up to this guy. I hope he rises to the challenge. There’s so many “patriots” and genuinely supportive people who just need to be told what to do

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  2. Peter Whitaker says:

    The Democratic Party has used fraudulent means to make the electoral college match the results that would be obtained from a popular vote. Popular outrage against this fraud will be greatly mitigated by the fact that it produced a fair outcome. The electoral college is an unpopular institution, and that makes it vulnerable to fraud. I support repealing the electoral college for this reason. A more fair institution would have greater perceived legitimacy, and the public would be more vigilant in defending it against fraud.


    1. BaboonTycoon says:

      What you are suggesting is a totalitarian one-party state controlled by the Democrat Party. Republicans have not won the popular vote in decades, nor will they so long as all the Democrats have to do is pack the country with more brown bodies. Of course, they already have enough to electorally crush the Republicans forever, but don’t expect that to stop them. The electoral college is all that’s preventing this.

      America is a nation of separate states, what were once understood as individual communities. The electoral college is meant to protect the rights of these states, of ensuring that even smaller ones can matter. Otherwise, we may as well just have New York and California cast their votes and let everyone else stay at home.

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    2. Dave Ramesses II says:

      The contest was for the electoral college. If it had been for the popular vote, Trump would have campaigned differently.


  3. Dave Ramesses II says:

    I urge you to use your platform to seed the meme into the respectable far right that they need to start using their mediating contacts with the mainstream boomer Trumpists to Get the F*ck On Gab. Probably make protonmail accounts as well. Big Tech will certainly start outright banning people and days can be saved if we start getting people set up with backup social media accounts. You give out the word, your fans move, the meme is propagated. History is moving quickly, your talents are needed Hank.


  4. Jeff says:

    Obvious mass voter fraud. The Democrats mass murder the unborn to the tune of about 1 million or so per year. Evil feminist women call the slaughter a ” right” while Democrat men just want the cheap sex without any responsibility so they are fine with snapping the unborn child’s neck and ripping out limbs. This is what most Democrats are- GOD less monsters.

    So is it any surprise they would destroy an election through mass voter fraud while others are totally fine with it including our vile media and even weak Republicans like Mitt Romney and Chris Christie among others?

    Biden is not a unifier or a nice man. Anyone supporting abortion and having the support of Planned Parenthood at nearly the age of 80 years old while relatively soon ready to depart from this world permanently is a GOD less person and so are those defending him.

    GOD calls this world a vapor and those not doing HIS work only get rewards in this short life and that’s it. Too many people only live for this short life and take major chances on going to hell forever. Biden, among many others, seems to be a prime example.


  5. NC says:

    Just get the fuel-oxidizer and start at the pinnacle.


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