Post-election Friday Reads

I have links for you. No essay. Hank and I both gave you reactions on what the election lays out for the very near term and the long term. Happy warriors not just for today but tomorrow.

ZeroHP on Literature – Zero does an interview on the state of literature. Bloom is brought up and I enjoyed how Bloom said “why can’t our enjoyment of literature be from the way something is written”. It’s why I love Mishima’s “Patriotism”.

The Lose-Lose Democrats – Agnostic gets into the scam that is voting for the Democrats now that they have become the party of dominant capital interests. Austerity and gruel, but hey it’s woke!

National Populism Will Stay – Lind is a bit of an ass here but he recognizes that the NatPop message is here to stay. Add a dash of machismo and vitality and swirl in the concrete policies and it is a winning formula.

Different Melting Pots – Lind is good here though on the different paths and outcomes for our immigrants. This also plays to a line Hindu Nationalists have said online that Indians are the new Jews.

Every Single Time – Meet the man who called Arizona on Fox, which now looks like the sign for everyone to coordinate the fraud.

The Media & Trump Voters – Media did not try to figure out the rural voters. What they can’t see and I think is an important angle is anti-corruption is going to be a unifying force in a declining system. Of course they can’t. The media is just the system’s credentialed pr men.

Laugh At Chomsky – Read it and laugh at this old hermit. Life had passed you by old man.

The digital reshaping of education- This is the big chance to test the long desired goal of customized, direct learning. It doesnt work, but this will sell government-paid for Chrome Books and IPads.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. vxxc says:

    “Hindus are the new Jews.”

    They have so wanted nothing else the generation I’ve been dealing with them, it’s like watching a Trey Parker Hindi parody of Uncut Diamonds, any drama involving Freud, or perhaps the producers. Sort of a lame version of Mel Brooks.
    We can talk about their tech work some other time. Brilliant as always, of course.



  2. GuestWho says:

    “Online schooling will generate a treasure trove of data tech firms can buy and sell.”

    Closing that digital divide.


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