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So who won the election? the media tells me that Joe Biden is the president-elect. The president tells us that he won and will expose fraud proving that he won. Nothing is certified. Looking out at America, who do you think won? The left performed what looked like ewok yubnub celebrations at vanquishing the emperor. The right has engaged in rallies full of spirit and energy. The creepy feelings of doubt and anxiety are setting in for the left. We will find out in a month.

In the meantime, the right should be calling their elected state officials in contested states and preparing them to not release electors or to send a slate of Trump electors. The actual work to be done to prove fraudulent acts is on the Trump administration. They have to prove it. Affidavits, video, actual evidence et cetera is for them to assemble. Audits and canvasses are for the Trump team to get moving. This is moving to the courts and machinations of state political systems.

We know the left manipulates procedural outcomes. Certain aspects of fraud are difficult to prove in short time frames, which is why flooding the zone of all the angles of cheating is a smart move by the Trump team. Everything matters. We have long known the cheating and fraud that happens in cities. Romney lost when precincts in Ohio had 106% turnout or he lost areas 16,000 votes to 0. Trump being Trump, this is the chance not only to win but to shine a light for all to see just how corrupt democracy is. Win-win.

Because the left manipulates procedures and this is an actual color revolution attempt, what can you do? Keep that upbeat, happy warrior vibe going. In all color revolutions, the media and usurpers attempt to frame the illegitimate one as powerless and with no defenders. This is why state capitol rallies are key. A reader explained to me how his state capitol had two rallies. One was a pro-Biden celebration of 25 people at a monument. The other was a long march and rally of hundreds of Trump supporters. The media framed this as one would expect. Keep the public displays out there and be positive and patriotic. You are not alone. There are over 70 million Trump voters.

These public displays do matter because as this hits the state legislatures and courts, we know both are swayed by the public itself. The constitution does not matter. If it did, would we have gay marriage or abortion? Keep sharing information, but pay close attention to what is censored. Twitter is hiding very effective arguments for Trump being cheated while letting you share Benford’s law tweets left and right. Might be a sign.

One word of warning, and this should be painfully obvious. The quiet, little group called the Proud Boys now is having an internal battle and going open about being “Nazi”. This is the same organization that Chris Wallace and Joe Biden cited at debates. Why do you think that is? If I had to guess, I’d say the federal assets within the org have been activated so that they can pull off some terrible shenanigans in the next 80 days. They do something dumb to discredit the entire right, and in the event of a Biden win, voila, the new administration has a reason to crack down on the entire right. Don’t waste a second with those fools. If you are a decent guy and involved with them, run.

The White House is not backing down. They are going to the mattresses. All the right messaging is out there with direct citation of fraud and in a variety of means. They are hiring the technical analysis people and the lawyers needed for a multi-state fight. Media gaslighting is so strong that they will create anonymous sources to say anything. Do not believe anything about conceding unless from the main source himself.

There is a story that I keep coming back to that describes this moment, and how the entire left wants Trump to concede while so much is up in the air and they act increasingly nervous. It is a bride sale. A young man sets up a farm on the frontier and now wants a wife. He hears of a wife broker in the boomtown. He writes letters and travels into town. When he gets to the house, the couple, respectable Mr. and Mrs. Bronfman, talk up this girl. She is a beauty, can cook and clean, wants a big family, and all the fantastic things he has been dreaming through his lonely nights.

He asks to see her. Well, the Bronfmans resist. Just sign the deal. He says, no he wants to see her, as it is an expensive contract for a simple farmer. They let him look into the other room through a doorway. She is seated looking away from him, but her shape looks nice in the 19th century clothes. Still, he wants to see her closer. Well, they resist, just sign the deal and she’ll walk over. He says no, he wants to see her closer. They motion and she turns. Her mouth is closed, but she has a decent face, yet her hat is pulled low and he can barely see her eyes. The couple stands over him and waives the contract. Sign and she will run into your arms, forever devoted to you. The young man thanks them for their offer but respectfully declines.

He walks out and it being a boomtown, he enjoys the sites. He picks up some goods, and then goes to a saloon. It is full service, and he inquires about companionship. The rates are steep, and he asks if they can cut him a deal. The madam says sure, she has just the girl. The madam says, “Shapely lass. She has a limp, her eyes are crossed but after she is done with you, yer the one cross eyed. Best three dollars you’ll spend in town“. The young man peps up, looks around and asks which saloon maid is this one. The madam says, “She’s been at the Bronfmans all morning but should be back anytime.”

On to the links…

Shrier’s Ordeal – The trans crowd is out for blood. Since writing this essay on Silicon Valley’s assistance in silencing her book, Target stopped selling the same book thanks to one tweet asking them to pull it.

Dying Democracy – If the left does succeed in the steal, it will do more to destroy democracy than a 1,000 Moldbug essays.

Billy’s Fiction – I’ve been told Bad Billy Pratt may have a book coming. Hopefully, it is along the lines of his recent posts.

Ideology in Xi’s China – Long read on how ideology works in modern China. Xi is probably the most ambitious leader on the globe and most competent. They are making their big tech bend the knee now.

Fox is Dying – The end of Fox appears near. They performed a kamikaze mission on election night. Ailes departure really changed its tone, but Murdoch has always been opportunistic. His sons might just be less committed to the monopoly on the right in America as he was.

Turchin’s Twenties – Peter Turchin sees trouble coming. It really is his moment as he has been calling for this for years. There will be blood.

The NY Times Goes Insane – I laughed multiple times reading this report on the inner workings of the Times. The part about a diversity hiring spree leading to a plethora of underperforming employees was rich.

James Jeffrey deserves prison – This envoy lied about Syrian drawdowns. They did not follow Trump’s orders. He will advise Biden now. No accountability. They laugh and brag about it. This regime can’t die fast enough.

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