Hyperstitonal Blowback and Scheherazade’s Memeweave

By @LemurianTime

The term Blowback being coined by the CIA would make it seem as if it were invoked from some clandestine lexicon that only an initiated core of institutional elites could truly manage — like something deep into the Vatican library, where monks tirelessly scribed accounts of forgotten gods and the true annals of history past. That’s the romantic Dan Brown imagery that I placed on it at least, when I was younger and developing an interest in institutional power. Some file cabinet with the lights flickering, only to be opened to reveal that project Blue Beam is still on track to reveal the New Religion with the UN, that everything in Behold a Pale Horse was true and they had to take out William Cooper, and that Jack Ruby copped to the whole conspiracy and he gave them the orders signed by Allen Dulles in blood. I like these images personally. It reminds me of movies before the internet, where they had to go and crack open some dusty book at a library instead of calling some weird guy on Skype.

Unfortunately, if one were to read Chalmers Johnson’s Blowback: Second Edition with its deep dive into western hegemony and it’s foreign policy, ( largely carried about through the Five Eyes’ secret-police apparati) they would likely be bored or feel as if they had already ingested the entire book by osmosis if they’re a heavily-online shitposter with any political interest. It’s similar to getting a younger sibling to watch John Carpenter’s Halloween (1979). They’d likely enjoy the movie to some level, but they’ll likely describe that it feels like they’ve seen it already due to countless subsequent horror releases emulating Halloween’s tropes and structure. It doesn’t make the original work bad, but the originality has become shattered through repetition and emulation. After so many copies of the form being ingested by the public, the original doesn’t exist in the same context from its original place in time. Again, not bad by any means, but ultimately debased and dated- forcing all experience to be through a historical lense instead of being able to experience it for the work in and of itself. When it comes to Johnson’s Blowback, you could loosely follow anyone between Alex Jones and Naomi Wolf, and you would ultimately feel like you understand blowback. Of course — like most things — one could granulate the concept down to deeply complex individuated events, in which analysts would have to parse through large swaths of geo-political metadata to see just how much any event truly cascaded through history, but when it comes to the concept, it’s shockingly bland. You could go to any thug on any street corner in the world, and they’ll tell you that it’s an eye for an eye, blood for a blood, and to fuck around and find out what’s going to happen. Anyone that’s truly country knows that the chickens come back to roost. They always do. If you know what a ghost is, then you know what it is to be haunted.

There’s a lot of things that the wisdom of the masses understands on some level, even if they could never articulate it. Sam Francis’ Anarcho-Tyranny could probably only be well-defined by a handful on the political fringes, but that doesn’t matter. The Bengladeshi dudes that run the gas stations around me in Louisville understood during the rioting downtown that this is effectively a release valve, and on some level convenient for those above them. Whether it be true or not, they see the rioting as an avatar for powers on high — a manifestation of the political turmoil that has convenient optics for a narrative that they’ve probably consumed through mass media. That’s because it’s the articulation of the concept that’s difficult to develop more than the idea of how power manifests itself. Cavemen were aware that you need an H.N.I.C — they didn’t need to wait for Thomas Hobbes to pioneer modern political theory during the English civil wars in the middle of the 17th century. Hobbes articulated it, but the war was raging on around him before anyone could cerebralize it.

Moving to our more esoteric internet fringes, many of us witnessed what I’m calling a shitposting era, with the time horizon being roughly from 2015 to 2020. This marks what was genuinely an occult ritual, and even the resurrection of a lost god. For anyone lurking around in the depths around this time, I guarantee that you saw what I saw. You saw the self-aware imageboard consciousness understand that they were engaging in some kind of dark sorcery, and while it would take an entire volume of essays to really explore this, this piece is for those who understand what was happening. You saw the shitposting for Donald Trump start as any other meme, but something was different this time. It was bleeding into the Normiesphere consciousness far more than expected, almost to the point of alarm. The chans practically owned the news cycles at time, willing the Normiesphere’s attention to be inundated with chan shitposting. It went far beyond the stupid Fox News report on 4chan, what we got was an actual memetic fracture in the industrial-information complex, where this memetic dark energy poured into the bloodstream almost uncut. Think back to the Seth Rich investigations, the Awan Brothers with Debbie Wasserman Shultz, the spirit cooking and the ACTUAL OCCULT RITUALS OF OUR INSTITUTIONAL ELITE, and their overworld occult fascinations melding with ours. The chief cornerstone of this was the chan’s (largely 8ch’s) deep investigation into Epstein, which was heavily vindicated by even more popular mainstream news sources, and has likely become one of the biggest “conspiracy”-oriented topics to seriously test the public’s conception of what capital-P Power is really doing.

The memes and the general “vibe” of this time in 2015 are well understood, but like the other concepts like anarcho-tyranny and blowback, it’s more implicitly known in the shitpost culture than defined and really understood. I’ve seen the term “memeception” a few times, but what shitposters did understand at the time, was just how dark that energy was, and that it was layers upon layers of threaded irony and satire. I saw the void in those memes. There was a true blackness in all the state-propaganda-level infographs and shitposts. Highly effective means of transmitting the utter corruption and clandestine nature of deep politics. In one image, one could connect the “suicides” of Vince Foster, Danny Casolaro, or Gary Webb, and now Epstein, into the inner-machinations of the swamp. There were even memes for internal use on how to make effective memes to shitpost with, it was seriously an operation, an operation with a Telos — to get the God Emperor into the Whitehouse. The premiere of shitposting.

And it happened. The world has been under the heel of the god of shitposting himself — Donald Trump. President Donald Trump. Shitposting has delivered us four years of Donald Trump in the Whitehouse, and people know it was because of shitposters, and this shitposters have created a web of nested memes within each other, similar to the imagery of the nested dreams in the film Inception (2010). A memeweave of nested shitposts that generate more shitposts, and ultimately manifest.

With the necessary context set, what this piece is trying to explore is this incredible esoteric phenomenon that has just begun with our most recent election just coming to a chaotic (and perhaps not even determined) result — hyperstional blowback. The last cycle has ended, and a new one is stirring. The dark sorcery cast in the last cycle is not only fractally rampaging throughout the entire internet, but it has become a golem that has manifested into reality, and the chickens are coming home to roost. It’s impossible to not regard the shitposting of the last cycle (2015) as an act of hyperstition. A blend of fiction that has become reality, and shards of what was once reality are retroactively becoming fictionalized. The image I give shitposters in this era is that of Scheherazade.

Wikipedia: Sophie Gengembre Anderson

Scheherazade is the virgin concubine of the Sultan in the collection of tales One Thousand and One Nights, who — after being scorned by his lover — married and killed a virgin until Scheherazade. The character is famous because of her narrative style, where in order to escape execution by the Sultan, tells him a story every night that always leads into another story. Narrative after narrative nested within each other, for thousands of tales.

I see the Sultan as the industrial-information complex. In our twenty-four hour newscycle, the sultan of information chooses which narratives to kill and which to bed, it requiring new blood constantly to exist and maintain power. Shitposters were able to live in their corner of the internet harem, largely unmolested, until our actions saw that we were to be the next killed. Except we weren’t killed, instead making nested memes within memes that were directly inserted into the information complex. Scheherazade’s Memeweave is a nested narrative structure with encoded esoteric information, signs, and forms, and this cycle, this nested dream that shitposters have weaved, is collapsing.

I refuse to believe it’s a coincidence that as soon as social media involved with the Trumpian sphere (whether it be hard support or just shitposting in his favor generally) experienced the election nightmare in the context of defeat, that people are talking about “vibes” and “energy” happening now. This is also the case with the “Q” sphere, who have taken the fanatical turn of doubling down despite “the plan” ultimately failing given the ostensible prophecy has not come to be, which is typical of a totally indoctrinated core. Of course, imageboards have long parted with “Q”, but this needs to be explored and seriously considered — the coming memetic cycle that came from the primordial depths of where the truly dark power came in regards to the 2015 memes, is shaping up to have that darkness creep back into them. The circumstances of 2020 are such that having all this negative power be injected back into the swirling ooze that generated the 2015 phenomena is a truly dangerous notion. We’re waking up from each layer of the dream, until we have returned to base reality with the knife at our throats.

Inception was a deeply important movie for the public to see and understand, because what followed was the general public being totally inundated with deeply-layered esoteric information. The very fact that the average American knows the word “meme” now, is nearly disturbing in itself, and signifies that people recognize that there are deep semiotics being exchanged and generated around them at all times. This naturally leads to being self aware about all kinds of things, such as humor or propaganda.

What remains to be seen is the forms that are going to be swirling in the primordial shitpost pool, but if we’re to go off what we see now, it’s that the forms of 2016 are swirling and haunting the current. Warping the surface internet, with the subterfuge being in a Dionysian frenzy. It’s imperative to understand what’s taking place as the next cycle. Scheherazade’s Memeweave has been brought back to base reality, and the Sultan has woken up. The story is over, and we need to deeply consider what the implications for both cyberspace and reality are if Shitposterzade begins to tell a new story. The sultan is aware of it now. The eye of Sauron is gazing directly into the prior forms and signs, and recognizes them with an alarming level of granularity.

The question is how deep can the memeweave be layered this time, now that the ignorance of base reality is wiser to the prior darkness? The public that no longer knows what jokes are, but only memes — any idea that a decade ago was unthinkable. The level of internet esoterica that the public exists fully within now is shocking.

I believe the next cycle is beginning. That Shitposterzade is being escorted to the information-complex sultan again and needs to weave another meme world. How dark will it be? Shitposters now speak of vibes and energies that they’re feeling. Sure, this might sound like some crystal-aunt ramblings and some Age of Aquarius shit, but seriously consider what is going to emerge in this next cycle. I personally don’t think this is the crystal-narcissism of internet witches. What I’m wondering, is if this is Scheherazade or Cthulhu weaving the next dream, as the top on the table might stop spinning.

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  1. vxxc says:

    “Hyperstitonal Blowback and Scheherazade’s Memeweave.”

    May I politely suggest speaking in plain speech? A noted defect of the Jacobin’s ‘oratory’ was the mixing in of Latin, locutions, quotes for frankly the mediocrities of the Assembly to dress up their speeches.

    You aren’t mediocre by any measure, but you are perhaps unconsciously carrying out Comrade Teacher’s teaching methods ….certainly you cannot still be impressed by Comrade Karen’s Bioleninist pedagogy? >> Comrade Karen is a teacher because she’s a fat, evil and worst of all DULL government woman. She complies, she has no prospects of anything but welfare fat queen with street cats instead of Persians on her own….she might even be so poor as to be actually thin, that is the poorest of the poor.

    You ain’t fat, you ain’t mediocre, and you ain’t a woman.

    So consider her rote methods of weaving in words that don’t exist and she couldn’t spell never mind explain as the fruit of her poisoned and stunted tree….and dump the bitch in all regards.

    Cordially yours,


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  2. Electrician says:

    If there was hope, it must lie in the proles, because only there, in those swarming disregarded masses, eighty-five percent of the population of Oceania, could the force to destroy the Party ever be generated.


  3. Peter Whitaker says:

    My feeling is that the President-Elect Biden will preside over an illusory return to normalcy that will last for the next four years and will feel real and permanent to most people. It will be a several years after Biden’s inauguration that the culture war will come roaring back to life. After a period of dormancy, its resumption will come as a shock to people who believed the culture war was gone for good.


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