The Catch-22 Election

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There have been many predictions since long before Nov. 3rd, 2020, and time has repudiated them all, and will continue to do so. This was to be the final rebuke of Trumpism. Eighteen hours into the election, bookies were adjusting their odds and a conspicuous stain could be seen growing on Nate Silver’s crotch.

But there was one thing that was clear going into the election, one thing that could be seen from a mile away: whatever the election outcome, liberal democracy would be the loser. The volatility of the situation has not changed as of press time. Nor has that little prophecy. There are many balls up in the air right now, but wherever they land, liberal democracy will be much the worse for it.

It’s clear the election was 100% fraudulent as elections always are. Now the Permanent Government (you can call it the “civil service” if you prefer euphemism) is manipulating procedural outcomes to secure the result it wants. The most egregious example is Wayne County acknowledging fraud and then within an hour certifying it. But then, it’s only Wednesday. Just wait.

And in the lowest deep a lower deep,
Still threat’ning to devour me, opens wide,
To which the hell I suffer seems a heaven.

Now sand is being thrown in the gears of the recounts. It took hours to count 2.5 million votes on election day; it now takes days to count 25,000, and votes are being “found” all the time. Here’s something else that’s clear: anyone who buys the mainstream narrative that Biden beat Trump—hell, that who won the election is even empirically decidable—just has TDS, whether on the left or right. But I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.

Here’s where it gets interesting.

Rudolph Giuliani has told us he’s prepared to lose all his appeals to push his case all the way to the Supreme Court. He is not a brilliant Machiavellian; he is a cuckservative. And like all cuckservatives, he believes in conservative principle. He has faith in the system. He is about to learn something. Conservatives are deontologists—they believe in principle. Get the principle right, and everything else will fall into place. No matter what happens, this election will leave that view in tatters. This by itself bodes ill for democracy, as Gidron & Ziblatt (2019) demonstrated that it is the centre-right which buttresses liberal democracy. Get rid of it and you’re suddenly twisting in a wind of authoritarianism—this is why if you like democracy but hate Mitch McConnell, you are an idiot.

Let us examine some of the aforementioned balls in the air.

Ball #1: SCOTUS declares president by legal fiat after lawfare

This is Giuliani’s great hope. But like the proverbial dog chasing the car, he may be better off not catching it—all a SCOTUS ruling will do is underline that the electorate doesn’t matter, SCOTUS is sovereign. This is of course nonsense. The jurist-priest is not sovereign, certainly not today at least, in the winter of Western civilization.

It’s clear that SCOTUS is just a rubber-stamping factory for what the Permanent Government already wants, which is why legal realism exists as a concept at all. The Constitution has bent itself into exactly the shape of the prevailing ideology at every turn for 200 years, which is either one hell of a coincidence, or tells you what normal people already knew but legal scholars didn’t: that a piece of paper cannot rule (we will return to this).

As Yarvin has pointed out, SCOTUS won’t make rulings itdoesn’t expect to be enforced. But then, it isn’t sovereign—the men with the guns are. So Giuliani is about to learn something, and conservative faith in liberal institutions will be crushed. But if SCOTUS somehow does rule in favour of Trump, the GOP is on the horns of a dilemma: either get behind enforcement—i.e. concede that electoral politics is a mere formality—or shrivel up and die. Either way, liberal democracy loses.

And that’s if Giuliani even gets that far, which he won’t. This is a huge win for the illiberal right. Almost better than Trump winning, which is only valuable in dialling up the pressure cooker—as an accelerant.

Ball #2: Congress declares president by state electors after state ratification is obstructed

If on Dec. 14th states have not certified election outcomes and no president has been declared, state electors will cast a vote to determine POTUS. This is very unlikely, but it would be the ultimate accelerant because they will elect Trump. This may precipitate a constitutional crisis, but even if not, we are in for some exciting times.

This is exactly the “Reichstag strategy” the left fears—that Trump will somehow “steal” the election, seat an Orange Dynasty on the throne, and the next thousand years will be known as the Mar-a-Lago Period in American historiography. This sentiment was recently summarized by an anonymous 38-year old consoomer on Twitter: “this feels like a movie where the monster is still alive and there’s 20 minutes left in the run time.” [note: couldn’t find the exact quote on Twitter so this is a paraphrase]

Should Trump somehow still be in office in 2021, the republic will deteriorate before our eyes with tremendous speed. These eunuchs have been watching this movie since 1945 and their cosplay uniform has been collecting dust for three generations. They will LARP at revolution, and someone will be crushed. Julius Caesar, after crossing the Rubicon and surveying the carnage, was heard to remark with the self-righteousness characteristic of the true dictator: HOC VOLUERUNT, “they wanted it so”. This phrase will be uttered on one side or the other should Congress make Trump president.

Either way, all will hail the Principate.

Ball #3: Permanent Government declares president by nakedly manipulating procedural outcomes

This is what has been happening and is far and away the most likely scenario. Half the American public thinks patent fraud somehow means democracy is intact, because democracy is just when the good guys win. The other half ain’t so sure. This is where the dissident right comes in.

A very real opportunity for narrative crafting has opened up and Biden’s installation as vegetable-in-chief will cement that opportunity. This is what the dissident right has (or should have) been building institutions for years to do.

The narrative is that you, man in the street, cannot get justice by voting for it. The rot is too deep. Every one of your institutions has been beset by this rot. A solution is no longer possible playing by their rules. Rules, a principle, is exactly the problem.

Now, only A MAN can set things to rights.

The tide of justice is beating on the high shore of the world, and the time is ripe for the politics of personal loyalty to come back with a vengeance. Sovereignty works, unsurprisingly, like guns. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Principles don’t rule, people rule. A MAN. That is what you need.

The opportunity that presents itself is very real. If you’re on the right—not Lindsey Graham, but actually on the right—your time is come. If you’re not, you had better hope that things don’t go in the direction that they very well could.

Joel Davis put it best:

Liberal Democracy is a zombie. The question is whether it will be replaced by Caesar or Davos. Formal Sovereignty or Covert Manipulation. For Caesar to rise, he must rise in defence of the republic against those who subvert and usurp its formal performance.

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  1. Kenny Blankenship says:



  2. UhHuh says:


    This year The Blob summoned The Mob.
    Next year the Blob will become The Mob, or be eaten.
    They must know this, they’ll want to come out swinging.

    Good luck.

    *The Blob is the DC permanent government.


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