A Coherent Story, Legitimacy + Friday Reads

“Where’s the fraud? He should concede, the margins are bigger than when he won in ’16.”

This line is one seen on the Internet or heard from liberal peers with regards to election ’20. in a nutshell, it captures the incoherence of the left’s line right now. Yes, it is factually true that Biden’s margins of victory in select states are larger than Trump’s in ’16. There is one gigantic difference. In ’20, we saw a far larger than normal use of vote by mail ballots that routinely have healthy rejection rates, whereas mystery of mysteries, the rejection rates in these contested states are below 1%. Properly vetting the mail in votes, which skew heavily in Biden’s favor, should make Biden’s leads evaporate. It is a truth that their flippant dismissal cannot answer.

This does point to a bigger problem for the left. They have no story. Right now they point to media pronouncements of Biden is the winner and denying any idea of fraud or errors, while simultaneously skipping around their own nervousness and shutting their eyes and ears to affidavits, found thumb drives, recount disparities and whatnot. It is over! Concede! The right can claim suspicion of fraud and point to an accumulating pile of evidence. Mainstream outlets can avoid this with a blackout, but we now occupy separate Overton windows. Half the nation will see this evidence, and denying it exists only erodes the last scraps of credibility in the mainstream outlets with that half, killing whatever legitimacy they had left.

This does not help the interests, deep state and corporate, that would install Biden. Before I get to Biden, let me tackle Trump’s legitimacy. Trump has never been considered a legitimate president by the left half of our nation since the ’16 election. Forget Russia. The fever dreams of Russian interference do not matter here. I am not talking about the process nor the Russian collusion wild goose chase. Trump’s actions have been in line with the rational-legal idea of legitimacy. The economy prospered, there were no new wars, and immigration procedures were followed better to protect the public interest. That does not matter one bit because Trump has zero moral legitimacy in the eyes of the left.

Trump’s heresies against the speech codes, decorum, the open borders mantra, unrestrained globalism and World Police actions make him illegitimate. Trump’s governance is a slightly different flavor of ice cream but still ice cream, yet this is not good enough. From here on out, any non-progressive leader will be considered illegitimate for these same reasons. The left are deontologists and their guiding rules are Current Year beliefs. It does not matter the outcomes, Trump’s reasoning and rationale are wrong. Consider the silly accusations of Trump being racist without any real meat to back them up. The accusation should be reworded to heretic. If Trump can pull it out, he will have no legitimacy with that crowd, but that was already the case.

Biden’s legitimacy issue is worse because it is not a moral legitimacy issue but the very manipulation of the process to install him. For all the talk of a color revolution, Biden and the deep state are the corrupt figurehead and rickety regime winning via dirty tricks against Trump, who is the charismatic leader representing the peasants that lack institutional control. Biden’s elevation will satisfy the ‘love trumps hate’ crowd, and he will enjoy moral legitimacy as a proper steward of the progressive way, but his victory will be viewed as illegitimate by the right and even a portion of the apolitical center. Add to this the details of Biden family corruption with foreign interests over the last decade, and it quickly becomes a foreign installation of a puppet to roll back aggressive trade policies against said foreign power.

The appeals to norms, process and legislative authority are meaningless in a stolen election environment, especially a society where racial lockstep voting makes persuasion a dead avenue. Norms are dead as every norm has been broken to install a puppet to rid the nation of the evil, orange ogre from Queens. The flyover right wing voter was one of the least cynical people in America. This November shatters that belief that still inspires them to wave the flag, enlist in the military and trust in the electoral system. Schmitt stated it clearly,

“a legislative state, which today rests on the rules of temporary majorities, can deliver the monopoly of the legal exercise of power to the majorities’ parties and can demand that the minorities renounce the right to resistance only so long as the equal chance of achieving a majority really remains open and this assumption of its principle of justice is somehow still believable”.

You think anyone to the right of Ben Sasse believes this now?

This is where the stories build and legends grow. The left cannot have a coherent story. They are led by a figurehead who is a mentally deteriorating old man who counters everything they have pushed as morally their side since the Obama 2008 victory. Bernie’s victory, even Bloomberg’s victory, would have allowed for a more coherent story. Bernie representing the win of the left wing or Bloomberg representing the win of the ascendant upper middle and upper class, urbanite victors of neoliberal policies. Biden is an atrocious Trojan Horse that muddles their story. Any self-righteous love trumps hate monologue should be answered with hearty laughter.

What story would the right have? A Trump win gives them their tribune. A Trump loss gives them their martyr. The cheated champion of the people is a strong story. If the regime goes after him as he leaves office, all persecution only adds to his martyrdom. Trump may have not acted in flyover’s interests as he governed as a normal republican, but the abuse heaped on him was a stand in for the abuse the left so desperately wants to heap on flyover peasants. The martyr and the steal are strong fuel for a body of people who know the system cannot continue as is. Some arrangements will need to be reconfigured. Where and how this happens is unknown, but what is known is the story to justify them. This is not a stab in the back myth. This is a corrupt, ossified system using every tool in the shed, and when getting caught cheating just denying it or changing rules to justify it, to deny half the nation from any say in its destiny.

Trump made silly mistakes. The ’17-’18 period with total Congressional control was a huge flub all around. He had some unforced errors. Any slight reconciliation with the McCains likely saves him Arizona even with fraud. Growing out of the antagonizing habits might have saved some suburban votes in the razor thin lost states. Listening to Twitter anons about getting out in front of Corona in February-March of ’20 would have been better than whatever Jared was telling him.

As time rolls on, these mistakes will fade. Martyrs are not perfect beings but people persecuted and killed for their beliefs. What will remain are the actions of November ’20. This will build and build if storytellers are there to do it. It is dumb to explicitly tell half the nation that there is no voting their way to a resolution, but even dumber to give them a martyr. Not anyone else’s but theirs. Not the GOP’s, not the pundits, not even Tucker’s. Theirs. No matter the new political arrangements that will come, the left will feel the heat of a thousand suns.

On to the links…

Millenials Hit Middle Age – This essay was brought to my attention recently. Captures the weird moment that Millenials face as they hit 40. I do agree that Boomers telling people, especially young women, they were too young to marry was more poisonous than anything else they did. “Date around to find out what you like” was idiotic advice, and we should have known better than to listen to the 50% divorce rate generation..

Can’t Stop Global Warming – Between news items like this and Michael Moore’s documentary mocking green energy scams, it feels like a pivot is being made on the climate change issue. Covid can take over as the evil apocalypse to control the masses.

College Apps Decline – Colleges now face the demographic twilight. Get ready for more bankruptcies and failures. I am a firm believe that revamps of universities a la the corporate takeover model could work.

Workers vs Wokeness – Pardon the left wing lens in this but this essay clearly lays out how performative wokeness is at colleges. These administrators will never pay a price until the unis close or physical issues.

Dark Winter, Self-imposed – This essay covers how the dark winter becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. This gets to another issue all through 2020. Was someone out of work due to covid or due to their state government? Florida allowed Disneyworld to re-open with safeguards. California kept Disneyland closed. No horrendous outbreaks due to Disneyworld’s re-opening so we know it was political in Cali.

Last Children With Downs – The Atlantic covers progressive approved eugenics. Two years ago, the Sun covered this and focused the hypocritical stance of feigned HORROR at Chinese embryo editing vs. AWFLs killing their Downs kids. Gene editing = Bad, Killing babies for Downs = Good. The left can rationalize anything as long as an established authority says so. Monsters. When you see studies that show Downs people rate high on happiness and life satisfaction, aborting them is just like any other mom’s choice abortion. Because these women have a 1.2 TFR, they don’t want their one kid to be a defective kid. Monsters.

12 Comments Add yours

  1. Electrician says:

    Hear, hear Mr Landry. Well done indeed.


  2. miforest says:

    https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/so-what-great-reset here are the puppetmasters. China’s isolation is probably an effort not to be co-opted and dragged into this . As evil as the CCP is , I wish them luck.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Tweet thread or essay request: Speculate on who is quarterbacking the dems right now. There has to be somebody.


    1. jimmy matho says:

      I want to say Obama but it has to be higher.
      probably the circle that surrounds Soros.


  4. GK says:

    Well done article. Thanks


  5. adamantia says:

    I rather like Quillette. Not always, but they’re alright.


  6. jimmy matho says:

    Pretty good commentary except one premise,……You are saying “if Trump only did this or did that he would have got more votes”
    He got RECORD numbers
    We don’t know how many they , stole, lost or flipped, but no matter how many he got,…..the NWO was fabricating more, they were simply going to keep counting until they had the leads they needed.
    NO amount of Trump votes could have overcome it.


  7. Divingengineer says:

    The perfidious GOP can FOAD.
    I would vote Trump any day, I will never vote Republican of Democrat again. They are the same, only their lies distinguish them from each other.


  8. Atomic Hillbilly says:

    Biden is just a sock puppet, same as obama and bush2.

    Trump was an experiment to see if we were still allowed to elect a president who wasn’t a sock puppet.

    Obviously, establishment sock puppets are the only choice allowed.

    Illegitimate indeed!

    What we’ve witnessed is “absolute despotism “.


  9. FRANK McGillin says:

    The GOP Sold Him out, I hope they roast in HELL…..I am done with the lot of them….They are all POS….


  10. kissanimevin says:

    I really liked the article very well written I congratulate you!!

    kiss anime


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