Defections and Offense

As the Biden team has taken the media announcement of his president-elect status as their green light, the team itself takes shape. It looks exactly like one would expect a DNC imposed administration would resemble. There are pieces of the war party (some in heels and skirts), long time lobbyists and private-public weasels and then woke talking but 1% hugging resistance figures. Reports flow from the media that the DC aristocracy is back in business.

First order of business is to address systemic racism. Other reports are that Title IX education initiatives will be re-imposed. As far as foreign policy, the little reports from Syria have re-emerged, Brazil may become climate outlaws and we have to work better with China. They really are going to try to recalibrate it all to 2013. Sorry Bernie Bros, best bet at anything coming your way is some form of student debt forgiveness, which is already being water down. Enjoy some we ended racism stickers for your efforts removing the Orange Man.

That the word aristocracy was used in a Washington Post headline was really enlightening. Our American political system has been centralizing for nearly a century. The genius behind our commie cadre was that there was no central figure to rebel against. The murky bureaucracy, supported now by a massive, private professional managerial class, has firm control. How do you rebel against that distributed conspiracy? It is difficult, but they are setting the groundwork to make it easier.

We do not have strongman, authoritarian rule with a well defined leader. We have an aristocracy of the credentialed using woke beliefs to accrue power to themselves and defend large corporate cartels (in some instances monopolies). This aristocracy is running into a problem of a limited number of sinecures and seats, so the competition is fierce. This makes adherence to the woke ideology even more important. What is unacceptable has changed quickly, and will continue to change as these individuals fight for spots within the aristocracy.

By making the us-them split so pronounced, they also clearly mark who is an outsider. This makes defection a lot easier. Even if one would not defect, at least now one sees what team they are a member of and how there is no crossing over. Every institution becomes converged and skin-suited to operate for woke goals. What was previously a strength (not knowing who to attack) now becomes easy as every institution now is a target. Assembling a team of support for efforts or to coordinate attacks becomes easier because the split of who is on what team is much easier. It makes going on offense easier.

What this crowd lacks is someone of power to play as the high. Remember the opponents are an aristocracy. The low are the non-woke and by the rules of ideology, non-progressive whites. They need an individual in power, preferably at the federal executive level, who will align with them to attack the aristocracy that is entrenched in all of these institutions. All of these institutions located within their states are subject to boards, commissions, councils and other regulatory systems to operate. That individual would also need to create ways for them to accrue money, status and power outside of these institutions.

Governors can do this within their states. They would be wise to attack their public university systems, private universities that receive state funds, k-12 school curriculums and corporations that receive state contracts. States can squeeze public universities on freezing tuition, target the different scapegoating education programs they offer, tax endowments for small student debt reform programs, and to fight the demand side of credentialization, force employers to show that degrees are required for the job. The steady attack on anyone not funding education can be brushed aside by re-allocating money to the tech schools that create blue and grey collar workers. There might be reduced demand for grievance power point presentations, but tool cutter-grinders are needed.

Once this connection is put out there between a central figure exercising power and the new low (non-woke and non-self-loathing whites), the ability to pull in defectors and attack the identified woke, entrenched power nodes increases. Even better is if the woke that holds power takes these attempts to court. They win in court, and reveal even more openly who rules and how unaccountable they are. The whole system of progressive dominance relies on anyone with power denying they have power, and all of them remaining clothed in faux neutrality. Forcing them to go to these lengths to maintain their grip on privileges and unaccountability opens up the doorway to far more drastic solutions. It also identifies them out in the open as the small minority that they are.

Doubters of this should consider what happened to the GOP in 2015-2016. Their pundit class and network of operators had expunged enough people that the removed became a critical mass for coordination and efforts to fight the decision makers. They had built a chummy firm, but one that excluded many talented individuals (employees) and was not responsive to the base (customers). What was needed was an individual Schelling Point and avatar for the excluded segment’s desires.

Expanding this to the national or federal level, the same clique of woke foreign policy interventionists, who make sure economic cartels hit their earnings per share, will be laid bare. We all know who they are, but the mainstream is just waking up to this now. As they reduce the number of seats for those inside the club, that will leave many more talented people outside the circle. The goo-goos of a century ago were high minded idealist but faced a similar situation. A dose of cynicism, a dash of street-fighting edge and an easy way to identify the problem and define our side should make this fight winnable. The problem with centralization and consolidation is at some point, a cabal makes the clique so small that those in power’s wholesale replacement becomes easier than any attempt at reform.

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  1. WS says:

    Encouraging analysis.

    The fiction leftists try to hold that this is somehow a secret white supremacist country may never crumble, but it gets more absurd as time goes on. Only self-hating whites will get a seat at the table with Jews and POC’s. I think a major fatal mistake the woke aristocracy could make due to sheer inertia is no longer allowing woke whites a seat at the table.

    If that happens, and there really is no avenue of power for any white—no matter how self loathing—things could get interesting.

    The next great white hope may be a power hungry former white leftist. A true fucking sociopath in other words


  2. Vetrani Sui Sunt Circuli says:


    You are ignoring that the American political system is a Federation, it is tens of thousands of governments looped into a Federated system.
    It is not the sum of those parts, any more than the Internet is the sum of it’s many networks.

    The structure of the American political system of 85,000 distinct governments including 50 states, 30,000 incorporated municipalities and on and on is best understood by looking at it’s modern reflection: The Internet. The Internet too is a Federated system, the many Autonomous Systems group together under Federations, which then group under domains such as .com, .gov, .edu, overseas .ru, .es and so on.
    The reason the Internet looks the way it does is because it evolved in America.

    The American political system isn’t ” A Republic” it’s a Federated system of many Republics, each one duplicating the 3 branches of government, most possessing some intrinsic force such as National Guard, Air National Guard, Police, Sheriffs and certainly armed citizens.
    Each one of these entities possesses it’s own intrinsic legitimacy. Each one mirrors the other by having a legislative, executive and Judicial Branch. This means the Republic is mirrored with legitimacy, intrinsic interests and intrinsic force tens of thousands of times.
    Which makes the nation coup-proof as the Democrats are about to discover.

    You are looking at one city in thousands of cities. Sure it’s the top, but it is not the head. DC is not the head of this monster, DC trying to be the centralized power that controls all in the Federation above is what has led to so many distortions and now criminal excesses.
    Taking DC by force, or in this case criminal conspiracy *only gains you DC, and loses the rest of the country.*
    The Dems are about to discover this, and pointing this out is a far more profitable and achievable goal than attempting to reform DC.
    No one with morals or backbone remains in DC Sir, they leave or give in.
    Write them off, as they wrote us off.

    No, we don’t need to secede. We simply point out they have no legitimacy – and hence no political authority.
    Now they can cause mischief, but that is all.
    They have no army or police nationally that will impose their will – nor can it.
    They can do scattered mischief, cut off funds, stir up riots…but not take or hold the country.
    They can certainly hold DC, and do.
    Let them have it.

    Meanwhile the country itself is wide open to restoration by any means.
    That is the correct course, not attempting to reform the concentrated, hopeless tumor on the Potomac.


    1. stallard0 says:

      Think you might have missed a few political developments from the 1860s onward. The contemporary US of A isn’t exactly Switzerland (which itself is arguably halfway between the Helvetic Republic and Confederation of old anyway). Yes, America is on paper a decentralized nation with very explicit checks on the power of the federal government. And China is technically a multi-party parliamentary democracy. The reality is that the Feds really stand supreme today, and where there is the will they can easily impose theirs over everyone else. Of course if it came to the point where states were openly rebelling against DC, the balance of power would be relitigated, but within the current regime, you have to be delusional to think that the Feds couldn’t twisted the arms off every governor in the union if they wanted to.

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  3. Vetrani Sui Sunt Circuli says:

    Further: if Biden is sworn in as President, the GOP in DC in Congress and the Senate should walk out.
    They walk out, denounce it all as fraud, and walk away leaving their seats empty.
    There is ample precedent, moreover walking out is simply being honest.
    There is no power for those loyal to the Constitution in DC, and this is the most good they could accomplish.

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  4. NC says:

    We fucked by the 70+% and growing mask wearing knee benders. We will have to wait until the vaccine kills 1/2 of them off or mortally wounds them. Then we can attempt to make a place for We the sane humans left in this land. Then the ruling class will get what they rightly deserve (30 pieces of silver or 2 gold coins).


  5. Vetrani Sui Sunt Circuli says:


    The administrative structure remains, and the Feds actually just now failed to twist the arms of several governors over COVID, indeed the only big buy in on COVID is deeply Blue states. It’s not BTW just state governments, it’s tens of thousands of cities, some that are already not being twisted and on multiple issues for both parties. The Sheriffs for instance are particularly feisty and of course enjoy electoral legitimacy. If this is Supremacy it is a very weak one. Even the Qin were more Supreme up to the very end then the DC Blob.

    What we are really seeing is the fin de siècle of a power struggle of Centralization – the Progressive Centralization that is doomed to founder and fail – and already is foundering and soon to fail.

    I think to repay the snark you might have missed a few developments since 1865.
    Really the Lost Cause is becoming very old.
    And Biden is no Lincoln.
    Nor is he Tito, who’d be more apt for this situation.
    When Tito went so went his overly centralized Federation.


  6. Vetrani Sui Sunt Circuli says:

    We have a system and it’s not the Feds rule all..


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