It’s A One Party State & Friday Reads

We are deep into the manipulation of procedural outcomes phase with the election op. This all started as Hank Oslo predicted with using covid as an excuse for vote by mail. No outbreaks happened due to March primaries, but that did not stop the left. They continued to set up the shitshow we see this fall. This is a one party state, and the full reveal is for all to see.

Laws were tossed for the loosening of voting, and lo and behold we saw near zero rejection rates of mail-in ballots. Every glitch, every error and every mistake has benefited the party’s preferred candidate. Just this week, we have witnessed the culmination of guaranteed fraud with the left’s response of “debunked, where is the evidence and take it up in court”. Courts then deny the lawsuits.

The Trump team has taken a methodical approach of identifying invalid voters. This should be enough. They call for audits due to these invalid voters and more, but are denied. the smoking gun now is actual video evidence of what anon RW Twitter called on election night, “Ah yeah so the pause and clear out let the DMV ladies rig the vote”. This is now on tape and the timestamps match up to vote spikes in Georgia.

In a functional nation, federal agents would be in Georgia applying the heat to these women to uncover the broader conspiracy. Maybe they should have hung a garage rope pull in the video. This will be suppressed as our one party state does not approve.

Another facet of this and this is where it is all encompassing is that the Michigan MAGA MILF whistleblower testified, creating plenty of laughs for the left. She sounded tipsy, ditzy and it was like an SNL skit. Bwahahaha. They had a good laugh. It was point and mock the outgroup member humor. It was derision. She was also an approved target. She was white and not politically aligned. This is party humor.

Within the same hearing, one could see a rambling, bumbling black woman with a shaved head. If one were to mock her, one would be a racist. This is the point of racism shrieks. All -isms place clients and figures of the left’s coalition in the untouchable realm. We see this everyday when obese, shaved head black women who use ebonics tweet at anyone else. These are ugly, dumb women. They do their clapbacks at anyone and can claim some superiority. No, no, that is not true, but point out the obvious and your account is iced.

This is the one party state and their control of politics, economics and culture. Remember Greta the climate teen? She was Time’s Person of the Year last year. Anyone want to bet Dr. Fauci is this year? This is the system. Nonsensical insults from semi-literates who are dumb enough to commit fraud on camera yet get away with it because the regime needs it is just part and parcel of our liberal society.

On to the links…

Chinese Nazis – This is pathetic. Because our media only uses WW2 analogies, the media tries to explain that the Chinese needed to read Schmitt to understand they should root out a foreign supported rebellion. China has dealt with subversion for decades now. Schmitt did most of his writing pre-1933 but who f-ing cares.

Infiltrated America – Speaking of China, at least the Chinese fight subversion. CALPERS was paying millions to a Chinese asset to run the show. This wasn’t even caught until Naked Capitalism, a blog, pointed it out. If the asset makes it in this deep, odds are the entire system is fine with this subversion. Naked Capitalism was once deemed Russian disinfo by PropOrNot. We have idiot rulers.

Rich Communists – The story stays the same. Rich kids take fashionable commie identities for protection. This story has it all like anarcho-commies with trust funds.

Nokona Gloves – This article covers the last American baseball glove maker: Nokona. I had one 30 years ago. Amazing glove. It was so soft, I didn’t have to break it in. They are real works of craftsmanship. If your kid plays baseball, splurge and get one.

The Covid Op – All these covid vaccines really drive home what a scam it is. When they get people to walk around with vaccination papers, will anyone in normie world remember the personal affront they took at the law that let Arizona law enforcement ask possible illegal aliens if they were citizens with proper documentation? Of course not.

AI Applications– It will be interesting to see how much we can get out of AI before the left shackles it. At this point, I’m cheering for AI in case Skynet reads enough of the Internet to identify the conspiracy ruling us and it nukes Harvard.

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  1. “reads enough of the Internet to identify the conspiracy ruling us and it nukes Harvard. ”

    You mean Tel Aviv?


  2. Vetrani Sui Sunt Circuli says:

    “one party state does not approve.”

    It’s worse. It’s not in total a one party state, the GOP still has plenty of State Houses and Governors.
    Which means the one party state is not done yet, and must defeat or force submission from all.

    Now politics is power, and that’s all. That’s my only lens for politics – power and it is correct.

    The State itself is indeed entirely Democratic in interests, the entire government of some 19 million in all – 40 million if you count state run businesses such as utilities and hospitals. The Party of the State of course dominates and in actual practice rules.
    The problem is those pesky voters, who swept out thousands of Dem pols from the State level in 2010, and they have never recovered.
    You may recall that 2010 is when the bureaucracy and alphabet soup began to be employed against the Tea Party, later that became Trump and the GOP at large.

    Why it is worse, and so much worse for all of us that the GOP exists even in name?
    Not just that these pesky voters think they have a choice.
    No – Because this confuses the bureaucracy …oh not as to their loyalty, but to who has the power? Politicians can make trouble, especially women politicians because …women never quite know what’s going on in a man’s world, and actually believe some of this nonsense.
    Machiavelli wrote The Prince, he has no chapter for the Princess. Good God !

    The only actual political struggle at the National level is internally among the Democratic party between the Neoliberals and the Progressives [or between old whites and old Jews and the new young Dusky Challengers, faced by ‘The Squad’].
    The Democratic Party

    We have the worst of all worlds: a one party state that is have a fake external power struggle with the GOP that incredibly took on a life of it’s own in 2016, a headless potential opposition below the national level that is not dead but …being leaderless cannot be negotiated with and worse can’t surrender and doesn’t know it’s dead….against an internally conflicted and mortally threatened from within and without Uniparty.

    As far as the Democratic Party is concerned they’ve just decaptiated the leader of the Peasant Revolt, they know well there are still plenty of peasants with plenty of fight left.

    What will they do? What worked this year, their very own annus mirabilis. They must again finish off the peasant revolt and consolidate power at every level, which means they must, must get the State Houses back, or leave a host of angry, wounded foes all round.

    So their course is clear, but it will take time. To stop or try to relent is fatal, like Cortes they must go forward and win it all.

    Most likely Enemy Course of Action ~ also most Dangerous Course of Action

    1] A Generation of 2020’s: There must be constant economic, political and religious repression. COVID or equivalent must go on until victory, we cannot be allowed to gather or gain a breather. Andrew Cuomo knows this, he just smashed NY again. We must also have political show trials that never end, fortunately Trump and Co will volunteer.

    2] There must be at a minimum dozens but realistically hundreds of Nov 4’s Zero Dark Thirty electoral raids, the Dems must get back the state houses. Not because the GOP is real at the State level [laughter] but because the peasants don’t know that and worse the bureaucracy may waver, worse the security organs [that deeply hate the Dems and the Left at a visceral level for understandable reasons] would love to hang the Dems literally, or stand them to a wall literally. [should mention here that as a member of er..our extended security organs [milit@ry] there really isn’t a difference between the police and the milit@ry, same people…same families]. Please note this is the blunt force trauma security organs, as opposed to the lawyers that gave Trump so much trouble. It was the lawyers and the political appointees, not actual field people.

    3] Still worse: they cannot even relent but must increase markedly every thing they did in 2020 until final victory and the utter defeat or extinction of any potential opposition – or in their view, and it’s probably correct: They really will be hanging from nooses. Remember the person who said that knew best what they and she had done.

    They must continue the annus mirabilis of 2020 until all resistance is crushed…and let us again note that in a Federated system such as ours there’s so much inertial resistance as to make this a long, slow, terrible process.


  3. Vetrani Sui Sunt Circuli says:

    Short version of above: our worst problem as Americans is that we aren’t a one party state yet, and the one party must continuously go forward now after the stolen election or hang for what they’ve done: so they must repeat and increase 2020 until all our resistance both party and as peasants is crushed.

    The Uniparty must finish us off and crush utterly our peasant uprising – or we’ll hang them.
    They know this, but the peasants have just realized now that they exist.
    The uniparty has a long road to climb, but it’s mostly over our corpses, a job they relish.
    Who can blame them? They need to hate us, considering what they must do it’s so much easier for them.


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