Who Do We Wreck Next Deep State?

The deep state is flexing its fully integrated muscles right now. For the discerning news consumer, the hits keep on rolling. America quickly had a vaccine created to combat what is a bad flu, but it was slow rolled by the regulatory system. The pharmaceutical firms slowed down their procedures to delay announcing that a vaccine was available until immediately after election day. The foot soldiers stuffed ballot boxes, courts have brushed off countless evidence of electoral malfeasance, and the media is doing its best to suppress any news that contradicts its coronation of Puppet Joe. The deep state wants to go back to business as usual, so it is up to us to figure out what that means.

Congress is not going to be an easy going for them as the anti-Trump wave did not happen as they expected. The spokesmen for Puppet Joe announce a cast of characters wanting to turn the clock back to Obama’s second term, so what does that mean? It means nothing real to salve the wounds of the little people, a lot of woke messaging and administrative pressure to go more anti-white, and a reboot of the foreign policy establishment to Obama’s second term. Obama’s second term was a big nothing, and mostly woke pressure all around our culture combined with dangerous foreign policy entanglements. Cash to Iran and making nice with Cuba were the memorable bits among the foreign policy fools pushing us into potential direct clashes with both Russia and China. Seeing Mike McFaul’s Twitter feed, one would assume confronting Russia and China simultaneously is back on the menu.

With that in mind and assuming Biden is installed by deep state machinations over the next forty-five days, we can make some guesses as what this could mean for the next few years. Domestic options are limited, but rest assured, the machinery will keep putting the screws to the right wing. Greater flexibility lies abroad. Foreign intervention will also be a great way for the elite to signal (just like Biden’s Twitter account repeatedly says) to the world that America is back. Let’s spin the wheel!

Syria 2: Desert War Redux

This is the quickest of the options. America has assets on site as one of our deep state NatSec figures admitted that despite Trump requesting a drawdown of forces, he lied to Trump and maintained our troop deployments there. We still have soldiers occupying land within a sovereign nation, that no one in America supports outside the foreign policy establishment. The al-Tanf base still sits like a juicy target begging for a flare up that is close enough to Jordan for us to slip people in and out and arm rebels, who mostly defect back to Assad’s forces after receiving payment and training or hand over their equipment to more militant jihadis. There have already been pieces on Assad and Syria, with recycled plans being put forth as to how we can help. Biden’s team has also said they see a reduced role for the Pentagon, which is really a signal that the CIA/State team of subversion and regime overthrow will come back to the fore. Someone has to feed those jihadis.

Visegrad Color Revolution

The NGO/CIA/State blob can do work without using the military. Attacking any Visegrad member, especially Poland and Hungary, would serve multiple purposes. Overthrowing Orban would send a signal to any national leader wanting to replicate his success within the American Imperial framework. Having woke beliefs triumph in Poland with a new woke-friendly regime would be a win that can be used back in America as a triumph of the poz over any resistance to it. Regime change in Poland would also bolster whatever confrontation and containment program against Russia that our foreign policy establishment wants. Hungary and Poland will both have elections in the near future that are openings for the CIA/State slime to gin up a color revolution. Orban smartly enacted a lot of constitutional and structural changes in the ’10s to secure power long term for his party. They are a tougher nut to crack, so watch for rumblings in Poland. The recent abortion kerfuffle is a sign of things to come there.

A Thai Revolution

Thailand. Seems an odd choice. Not if you do news searches for Thailand. Thailand successfully pulled off a coup in ’14, and it was so successful that the nation went back peace, order and stability. The media is spotlighting a protest movement though. The monarchy acts as a nice Schelling Point in Thailand for forces that are against the billionaire family that has figured out how to set up a high-low alliance that would be very friendly to the woke empire. The American media in the late Obama era released a steady drip of anti-Thai regime pieces. By Jove, the New York Times in ’15 even did a piece on the fishing industry slaves of Thailand. Nothing is by accident with our media. This is also an opportunity for CIA/State to work its color revolution magic without any Pentagon involvement.

Bless the Rains Down in Africa

This one is a little lower on the priority list, but involves the smallest of investments. It also hurts China. China has spent decades now building up its resource providers in sub-Sahara Africa. Those regimes are all juicy targets now. America can deploy its favorite ground force (jihadis) against the pro-China regimes to disrupt China’s One Belt One Road raw material suppliers. NGOs have plenty of presence in these nations already, and it would give America an opportunity to sells arms for low level conflicts. From a sales perspective, warlords who control natural resource mining are tailor made to be villains for American news consumers. Consider Kony 2012 a dry run for getting Americans to quickly hate an African warlord.

After a few years of low morale, the creatures of America’s foreign policy establishment will be itching to show off to the world that they are unrestrained once more. This is where Biden’s senility is a boon to them. If anything goes wrong, they now have a patsy in the Oval Office that they can eject with the 25th Amendment (or worse). The news is fake, but start paying attention to those globe and world sections. Whatever foreign intervention lies before us will already have justification in the news today.

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  1. Vetrani Sui Sunt Circuli says:

    “Domestic options are limited.”

    The Domestic Options are the full 2020, now backed by Executive Force.
    Worse: they know they must eliminate all domestic opposition by crushing it, bankrupting it, burning it down literally, or co-opting it ala the GOP (what Stalin would have given for such a loyally captive opposition, the USSR could have been an actual multi-party state!).
    2020 will continue *domestically* until every Statehouse and Governor is Blue.
    They must do this ~ or give the people figures and even actual States to rally around.
    They are limited to what you saw in 2020, I think that was peak Street Power.
    Mind you the Alphabet Soup deployed since 2012 against the Right will be energized as never before.

    You are looking the wrong way, like NORAD on 9/11 – you are looking out.
    You don’t live out, you live in…we live here, not in MENA, not in Visegrad countries.
    The good news is they do not have the loyalty of the police or military beyond Chiefs and Generals…and the rank and file loathe such leaders, nor are they Democrats.
    The only hope for the Republic lies in Left Wing Madness going too far and pushing the wrong group – in particular the above.

    Otherwise it’s 2020 until we’re so bad Americans flee America for Venezuela and Cuba – more stable form of socialist slavery.


  2. Gregg Brown says:

    >>Who Do We Wreck Next Deep State?
    This sentence fragment doesn’t make sense. Did you mean “HOW Do We Wreck THE Next Deep State?”


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