Chinese Corruption + Friday Reads

I haven’t plugged the book in months, and it is the holiday shopping season, so get the book as a stocking stuffer for a young friend.

This week saw the release of details revealing Chinese corruption of random Midwestern mayors and even Congressman Eric “Nuke American Gunowners” Swalwell. Coming after a month of showing the Chinese connections and corruption of the Biden family, it is not hard to make the leap that the Democrats are a subsidiary of China Inc.

This is nothing new. The Clinton administration was very friendly to the Chinese in exchange for campaign contributions. China was allowed access to American markets as well as given military tech during the Clinton admin. Even worse, while the FBI was investigating possible Chinese espionage in America’s nuke program and elsewhere, CIA waved them off. In the end, the FBI was correct. Did anyone sanction China for the OPM hack?

Underneath this all is a lax approach to China. Spandrell has covered how idiotic it was to try to democratize China through economic engagement. The Sun has covered how America built its rival. The unforced errors stack up to the point where one wonders if it is all deliberate. The OPM hack was a bit easy to see when Chinese nationals were given clearance as contractors to handle data. American universities have granted millions of Chinese students access to our STEM infrastructure with the pipeline into top military industrial or technology firms. Google would not cooperate with the US military on some projects, but they never slowed down their cooperation with China. It is easy to infiltrate.

It is also easy to corrupt. These politicians are easy to buy off. Senator Feinstein’s husband received indirect rewards for America shutting down its rare earth minerals mining in California, which gave China a monopoly on rare earth mining. Senator Feinstein’s driver was a Chinese spy. GDP obsessed Republicans like Gov. Brian Kemp do videos begging for Chinese firms to invest in Georgia. The most telling thing is not that these events occur, but that these events are never reported or are memory-holed as fast as they are discovered.

This is all the more striking after the desperate attempts by our media to piece together some grand conspiracy between Russia and Donald Trump. All the accusations against him were false, while the mechanics that they accused Russia and Trump of engaging in are easy to spot and document on the left. If it happens and it is condoned, then it is the way our elite want things to be. The Chinese can admit it, even joke about it, so if we cannot, it is because our elite know it should be ashamed of its actions.

This is not anything new, only the scope and opponent differ. Other foreign lobbyists operate in a similar manner. China is a much more intense and dangerous version of what we see from Israel, Saudi Arabia, the UK. In our system, these politicians can be bought cheaply, and because we have formalized what other countries call bribery and corruption, it all has the veneer of legality. Even when confronted with wrong doing or ethically complicated acts, the fools point to it being legal or within the letter of the law.

This points to a deeper problem, which is a piece of the American core that we don’t like discussing. We’re a bit of a huckster nation. There is a bit of a con within America as it is the land of opportunity with a hell of a marketing pitch. Do we have a nation of organic towns and cities or do we have a landscape shaped by a history of company towns? If one took a cross country tour, one might say Columbus, Ohio or Cincinnati, Ohio is Generic City USA exemplifying quintessential America. A better argument could be made that Las Vegas is the quintessential American city. It’s a city that sprung up from nothing out of will and investment that oozes greed and sex. You can hit that city and make it.

This is a merchant mindset. It’s maybe what makes it so easy for our garbage elite to sell us out for some trinkets and sex with a cute foreigner. A nationalist cadre of men are going to have to be honorable and above these silly temptations. There are values above money, and fatherland, family and faith are a good trio to elevate.

On to the links…

Golem turns on masters – This Tablet read is a laugher. The woke start banning Jewish women left and right on the Palestinian Question.

Guy Fieri Cares – Guy Fieri has done more for restaurants in 2020 than any politician.

California’s China Infiltration– Details about the CCP digging into California. Who else is going to buy overpriced homes in Irvine?

Woke hates woke new game – Cyberpunk 2077 is woke yet not woke enough for the self-centered trans crowd.

Anton Knifes Petraeus – Petraeus is a MIC slimeball. He mouths the regime’s platitudes and collects his rewards.

I’M AN ACTOR – Hollywood is not happy to be demoted to streaming releases. This reminds me of the obsession ‘70s porn stars had of being SCREEN ACTORS, resisting the move the VHS & home distribution. The big screen matters to their egos.

Biden Can’t Unify Anything – Forget America, he cannot unify his party.

Profile in Destruction – This is a wild and sad read of one visionary’s downward spiral.

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  1. Earl Shetland says:

    Of course it’s all for GDP. It’s the Growth Delusion Pathology.

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  2. stallard0 says:

    It is dizzying to even consider how to reconcile the obvious truth that our elites have willingly sat on their hands for decades while China pilfered the material and intellectual wealth of the West with the even more obvious one that such has harmed not only our interests, but necessarily to some degree theirs. China is not really the ideological darling the Soviets were to much of the Left back in the day. Our elites are bumbling, but you would have to be ten times as daft as any so-called conspiracy nut to believe they didn’t see the broad strokes of China’s geopolitical strategy. What then, did they simply not care so long as China is plugged into the market? Nobody who has so much as heard of the term globohomo believes that power is uninterested in anything beyond the economic, and Confucius Institutes aren’t exactly holding Drag Queen Story Book Hours(tm). The only thing I can see is crippling weakness. In every place the tentacle of the global imperial regime has wormed its way into, people no longer live in countries, but on Ideas and Values. Cosmopolitans collect passports like postage stamps. What meaningful defense can be mounted against the manpower of the Chinese nation against a Land of Diversity and Equality? The delusional zealots that run this system would rather be rounded up and shot than admit that their ideological premises could be wrong. A rotting carcass is defenseless against parasites, and so we are against Indians, Chinese, Mexicans, and everyone else from some far-flung place financiers have spitefully shipped to us.

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