Going To Sleep + Friday Reads

There was a tweet that posted screen-caps of tweets by lib accounts happy that they no longer had to pay attention to Trump’s twitter account for the day’s insanity. The tweets confirmed an essay we ran before the election. There is no substance to voting for Biden beyond ridding the nation of Trump and no real definable reason besides making the media induced stress, anxiety and madness stop. Credit to the Bernie account that collected the screen-caps, but whatever they were complaining about from a policy perspective is still going on, started under Obama and will likely continue under Biden. Those news consuming whites will go to sleep now.

That is what happened under Obama. They went to sleep and were shook from their slumber by the Bernie and Trump ’16 campaigns. How could anyone complain about a president who only had a tan suit as a scandal? Set aside Obama’s many scandals of which a top three would be selling guns to cartels to score gun control pr points in America, the Libya/Syria fiascos and using CIA to spy on Congress. These people slept through them satisfied that a friendly beige face was being nice on TV to the media class, and that class was telling everyone that everything was fine.

The fake Dr. Jill brouhaha is a hint of what is to come. It’s a signal not to criticize the aristocrats. This is just the 2020 version of the rodeo clown who got fired and threatened for wearing an Obama mask one time. That concern and protection for the president ended for four years. We even saw testimony from a very angry Jewish law professor that even brought in a cheap shot on Trump’s son. This is beyond their comprehension. These same news consumers will sleep at the next foreign entanglement, they will not give one iota about Gitmo or kids in cages, and they won’t notice the overdose deaths all around them. Right now, they sleep on the lockdowns effects on children, teenagers and the mentally off. We must end the virus, whatever that means, but it means a shifting goalpost that was flatten the curve to save all lives. The contradictions do not matter to them.

Look at who they pulled the lever for in November. Let us put it into perspective. The daily anxiety, anger and outrage they had were over fake scandals that were blown out of proportion or outright lies by our media. Let’s run through the list. Trump was an agent for a foreign power. Trump had deals with a foreign power to get rich. Trump’s family earned money off of the office. Trump was a racist. Trump was a perverted sexist. Trump sexually assaulted women. Trump tried to meddle in a foreign investigation for political gain in a quid pro quo. Everything Trump said had to be taken literally. Trump should be removed for mental issues per the 25th amendment. All of these scandals were proven false. The opinion questions on behavior were drastic contortions of what is acceptable in current white liberal circles today. The sexual assault claim went back to the locker room metaphor about what women let rich and famous men do. All of this from a society that has spent decades destroying any sense of decency and decorum.

They pulled the lever for Biden. Biden’s family has Senate investigations proving financial arrangements with foreign powers. His brother and crackhead son received cushy jobs and plenty of money while dad worked the political system. He did meddle in a foreign investigation and threaten to withhold aid. Racist? I don’t care about old statements, but easier to find Biden being an evil white man compared to Trump. Perverted sexist who sexually assaults women? Hahahaha, go to the video footage. His verbal flubs are smoothed out to be interpreted and we are all waiting for the 2022 diagnosis to activate the 25th amendment. These liberals actually voted for the supersized version of the figure they so viciously hated.

The system wants what it wants, but it is a bit discouraging to see the blind party loyalty or even independents fall for this. In a moment where a transformative left wing candidate to implement a radical health care solution or a New New Deal due to the covid crisis, the DNC forced a puppet on its voters. It worked. Even with a technocratic, competent billionaire who would fund the party’s elections for a decade waiting in the wings, the DNC forced an obviously declining shell of a man on its voters. It worked.

This is where we are, and it will continue until it breaks. That day will come. In the meantime, rub this in every news consumers’ face.

On to the links…

Lockdown effects – Lockdowns are messing with minds and even affecting memory. This is a horrendous assault on the minds of everyone, with children and teens especially hard hit. Had Trump never said anything about wanting schools to be open, the knee jerk reacting teachers and libs would have opened all schools.

China Fighting Over Taiwan – China seems raring to go on action in Taiwan. Can it be the mortal military wound to the American Empire? Americans cannot handle a slow trickle of military dead, how would they handle a few surface ships sinking to the bottom of the Pacific?

Play The Rigged Game – Lomex hits a homerun explaining how it is not just the vote but the entire game that is rigged. He poked the bear as Ross Douthat managed to react to this.

The Constitution is dead – It is nice to see just how much this activates in normies for the system being designed for its gain, having nothing to do with normie interests. The ’20s should be exciting times.

Bi-coastal Elite Rule Will End – Aiden lays out four possibilities for who will supplant the current bi-coastal elite that rules us. I do think this election is not the triumph of a cabal that shall rule for eternity but more the act of a cabal worried that the story it tells doesn’t match its rule and too many people realize the lie.

ID Pol Liberated the Elite – This is true that identity politics allowed the elites to turn on their nations, but there is something deeper. ID Pol appeals to groups because different groups do have explicitly different ideas about life, family, politics, etc. There is a truth to it being different for different groups, and not just a ploy for the 1% to play the lower classes off one another. If you doubt me, go to a mall’s playground and watch how mothers of different races parent.

The Covid Testing Scam – The requirements and rules for a virus that kills 0.01% of those who catch it have created an economic monster.

A Trump Legacy – Whether he is in or out of office in February, Trump’s architecture moves will have a lasting effect. Note in the essay how it states that doing a different style will exclude some architects. Oh no, the sinecures and government largesse won’t be open to shitty architects.

What is Progressivism – This is a pretty good rundown of the history of progressivism. It is also a great takedown of the current politicians who claim to be progressives.

They United The Right – You can feel the NPR lackey shaking as they typed this up. The system is worried they may have radicalized the entire right and there is no way they can gulag everyone.

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  1. I wonder how many casualties a country with a “One Child Policy” can sustain before folding militarily.


  2. Vetrani Sui Sunt Circuli says:

    ” Had Trump never said anything about wanting schools to be open, the knee jerk reacting teachers and libs would have opened all schools.”
    I could say Genius, but I’ll just say lucky.

    To Hell with the schools and their predations and indoctrinations, the schools laying lien to children, and enserfing the taxpayers.
    Home school is fine, any honest parent always answers the schools are daycare anyway.
    Education has become child abuse for some time now, this is a good thing for our people.
    Let the children be home schooled, or remote schooled.


  3. Electrician says:

    Après moi, le déluge.


  4. adamantia says:

    That NPR article is a piece of work. The McCord bitch working at an NGO to “reduce polarization” and simultaneously insulting the right. I think we’ll see a lot more of this.


  5. Thotcriminal says:

    Trump Legacy? Cmon guy. We all hate libtards but this guy is a conman who is nothing more than a Zionist operative


    1. stallard0 says:

      Enlighten us all as to what the fednats creaming themselves purity spiraling right now achieved for nationalism before the ebil Zionist conman came along and hijacked the movement. Even as we speak millions are waking up to the corruption of the politico-media complex and demonstrating against it and all the self-anointed old Bolsheviks care to do is circlejerk about how Trump was never a True Believer.

      Liked by 1 person

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