The WASP to Med Transformation

Much is made of America being a member or the final societal product of WEIRD society. We are the seat of the WEIRD empire. The HBD crowd will say that the Anglo-American order was created by WASPs and WASP norms and mores allowed so many great features of Western Civ to flourish. Mitteleuropa would disagree as would the Meds. From an economic perspective, the great history of a rule of law and supposed neutral arbitration of legal and contractual disputes is what made so many cultures and nations agree to the Anglo and then American empires. When will those gullible whites get it? Ha, they cannot as they are products of WASP society! This is not the case and therefore the last crowd to get it will have to be honest that the old WASP neutral society is dead, never to return. They are going to have to become Meds.

The Med mentality is one more suited to the society we find ourselves in now. It is not what but who one knows. It is not a broad, neutral application of law but anarcho-tyranny. There is no use in fully cooperating, and as evident in arrests and charges for citizens and even police officers following protocols and the law, there is a decreasing value in calling the security network. This is alien to Americans who via a strong central government that destroyed ethnic networks in the second half of the 20th century embraced the normal machinery of the legal and economic system.

These Americans shed their old ethnic habits for the WASP rule of law as there was greater utility in doing so. Many of them see others cheating or scamming the system, for themselves or their co-ethnics, and view that as doing things the wrong way. This is how successful the American regime was. It even forced the Irish and Italian immigration waves to do this. While it was doing this, it built up new ethnic enclaves that were given allowances. There was also a network of legal racketeering that was allowed to flourish. Donations to protected minority charities and hiring and firing practices to use as defense against lawsuits are nothing more than pieces of a system of legalized racketeering.

Common little people now even see this for what it is as the threat of lawsuits and complaints causes business or government entities to make decisions the correct way before legal action would even need to be required. It is the chilling effect. There is no real counter to this also because the old, WASP focus on the individual. Make money and be able to live comfortably with random meetings at squash with fellow winners in the economic game.

This is not going to work. What is required is these individuals must adopt the Mediterranean paterfamilias approach to life. The WASP world was set up with a society of nuclear families, moving out of the house to form their own nuclear families. Does this exist anymore? Even before covid, a large percentage of Millenials lived at home with their parents. That’s a Med household. Unmarried, unemployed children living as adults with their parents is a Med staple. Even before covid, the elderly were moving in with their adult children in greater numbers. This is a Med feature.

The employment situation is even more precarious as the good life entry level gigs or even steady paychecks are harder to find. This is where the Med mentality of making space for co-ethnics makes a difference. Maybe you do not think you can do this when the old HR team sends the trio of finalists for a spot and you have two stand-out candidates that look like you, but they also send that third candidate with a worse resume but who checks the right minority boxes. It is hard to fight the system, but this is where Med mentality expands to use WASP rules. Documentation. Lawsuits. In black and white, you can force a hiring manager to admit or you can state that the only reason that candidate X is selected over candidate Y is for inclusion or diversity reasons. Being a little bit Med means you let candidate Y know (after) that that was the hiring reason and that even the firm has it in email. No one likes lawsuits, and firms will change practices as legal fees and even legal losses pile up.

Before you deflect this with a quick claim that judges will rule in their favor, remember that legal fees cost them. Many firms will do whatever it takes to prevent this before a case even gets to court provided the amount at risk is great enough. This is the whole reason firms outsource firing decisions for evaluation to let go of a protected class member. At-will employment only applies to straight white men, but with enough effort and the right Med mindset, this can go away even for them.

This sadly applies to everything. Every institution is in opposing hands, every organization converged, and every charity is twisted against its original intentions. The old circumstances that created the WASP Way are gone. Let us all let go of them. One has to stop smiling at strangers. One has to think not about hiring a great worker but one of our guys. One has to not call the cops. This will cause inefficiencies, but it can encourage survival. Efficiency is what got us into this mess. One has to stop cooperating with a system that wants nothing more than one’s destruction and create a smaller informal system that can harden into a bigger formal system that will create a better tomorrow.

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  1. miforest says:

    Yep .


  2. stallard0 says:

    WASP vs Med here seems mostly to be standing in for the Hajnal line and its resultant social structure, and perhaps secondarily other markers, in which case it is unquestionable that the “WASP” side has been the cultural, political, economic, and intellectual center of civilization for the past millennium. The “Meds” and “Middle Europeans” (what, Poles?) agreed to the current political order in the same sense as they did to the Turk or French or German or other ones. Many fantasize about a Med or Visegrad axis, but the reality is both are as weak and dependent on their masters to the West as ever.

    It is unquestionably true that the crisis we face will not only necessitate but necessarily lead to nepotism, factionalism, clannishness, and ethnocentrism. This is not a response to the degeneration of our society so much as it is a driving factor of it.

    America from its founding had, at least in its power centers, great homogeneity and cultural affinity of WASPs and assimilated Western European Protestants, who wielded absolute hegemony. This was shaken with a demographic shift first from outsider “Whites”, whose assimilation not only broke their cultural ties but weakened and eventually overthrew the WASP cultural elements that really defined America until a century ago. Naturally now we face a project to shift the balance of power from the broad White coalition to a pitiful millet system of various displaced and deracinated ethnic groups. That would complete the transition from a first-world high trust society into a third-world one, and we can take the “Med” example of Lebanon to see what that would look like: a farcical “cross-community” coalition controlled by foreign masters over the background of constant low-level sectarian clashes, with a complete lack of trust even on the neighborhood level (filthy streets and spotless armored compounds is a common, telling sight).

    Building our own ghettos to withdraw into is a valid survival strategy, but that is all it is. To push back and thrive requires reversing this trend: to unite our people under a singular, strong identity, reassert hegemony within the old paradigm, and to rehomogenize the populace the same way they dehomogenized it. Sadly, I fear even the former might slip out of our hands. Consciousness is rising, but it is a question of doing so faster than the elites can screw things beyond repair, which has been a losing battle throughout recent history.


  3. TomA says:

    Yes, contributing sand into the gears of a covert tyrannical government is an effective insurgent strategy. Now go deeper. Your real enemy is not to be found at the bottom of the social pyramid, and therefore to do battle at that level is folly. The cancer cells are still relatively few and exist predominantly in the rarefied air of the pinnacle. The essential problem is not huge (as in an amorphous Deep State mythology), but rather, a very manageable number in comparison to the population as a whole. War on a grand scale is but needless slaughter of good and honorable men on both sides. But a focused remedy is, by definition, the least painful and damaging road to redemption.


  4. GDR says:

    We can learn a lot from those Med-liest of Meds, the Hebrews, as I pointed out in my articles.


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