Christmas Reads

You should have the next few days off for Christmas. Spend time with family. If you have spare time, read these links.

No New Cold War – You cannot have a Cold War when the other side is your supply chain. You cannot have one when the ruling party is in hock or compromised by them. You cannot have one when an administration is going to cooperate with them to put your space assets at risk.

Personality Cults – This is a short book review of a short book, but also discusses why personality cults flourish with authoritarian commie regimes.

West Point Cheaters – Biggest cheating scandal at West Point since 1976. I’ll assume no one is disciplined. They molded and allowed a commie to graduate a few years back. Would love to see yearbook photos of the cheaters.

Living With Karens – The media goes after a lesbian who was a bit Kareny for the new blacks in the neighborhood. I’d love to see articles like this about the reverse where it is the new black family who moves in and well, the neighborhood changes. Just read Next Door app posts.

Corn History – Interesting read on the ancient DNA that is aiding researchers looking at the history of the Americas.

The CIA’s Afghan Death Squads – There is no real reason we are still in Afghanistan. No American has a reason to see us waste men and money there. CIA has a reason: killing random 8 year olds. Sure the Afghanis do it, but they do what we tell them. This is an infuriating read.

Shkreli the Seducer – This reporter had a nice life in Brooklyn with a well paid husband. She threw it all away to have a relationship with Martin Shkreli. This article is a goldmine both for her worldview, her behavior, it capturing the zeitgeist and small details. I can envision Heartiste having a field day with this.

DNA Doesn’t Matter Until It Does – A little DNA from the neanderthals may leave carriers more at risk to covid than others. There is evidence some genes from the thals may give protection, too.

CW2 Snipers – This is why they want your rifles. It is not about gun violence, because handguns pose no threat to the garbage, credentialed elite. A rifle does. Four of the top five teams at a sniper contest were from National Guard units, not the Marines or Army. Keep up with your practice. If we do get a large second round of government checks, look for a precision rifle, a scope and a proper supply of ammo. Practice practice practice.

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  1. Vetrani Sui Sunt Circuli says:

    “You cannot have a Cold War when the other side is your supply chain.
    You cannot have one when the ruling party is in hock or compromised by them. ”

    You certainly can if it pays and pays handsomely.
    You certainly can if you need distraction from domestic issues, and both parties certainly do so need to blame the election on China.

    In fact this already happened; our elites were doing business with USSR/Russia throughout the entire cold war, Reagan’s innovation was to send a Wall Streeter named William Casey as DCI to inform Wall Street that the USSR free money machine was over.
    Not to mention the relationship of getting minerals cheap from slave labor in the USSR in exchange for $$, the building of the USSR’s industries and infrastructures in the 1930s, the continued transfer of ships etc etc by our European allies during the entire cold war has all been documented, I think you are familiar with the history and will not bother with links.

    Cold Wars and small wars pay the mortgages of many tens of thousands in the greater Beltway area, they pay for the McMansion’s in Arlington. It does not occur to mediocrities or sociopaths to consider the possible ‘second order effects’, and in any case they don’t run any risk. They don’t war, and they don’t Cold – I mean they aren’t standing outside as sentry with their feet in the snow in Korea, or Estonia, nor did they in the old days stand on the Elbe. Never mind getting shot at, that’s for peasants.

    They don’t War, They don’t Cold and they get quite rich from the Golf Courses around DC.

    So you’re wrong Sirs- oh yes they can.


  2. Vetrani Sui Sunt Circuli says:

    IMF proposes linking credit score to social media and ‘searches’.
    The money angle is this allows FANG to take over FINANCE.

    Oh yes you can make money when you’re fighting on both sides.


  3. adamantia says:

    No the best part of the Shkreli story is that he already dumped her via his lawyers! The New York Post reported it, ha ha


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