Reads for the New Year

We end 2020 quietly. Nothing zany happening. Covid vaccines are going out, big line going up, small stimulus checks hitting bank accounts and nothing big. This was 2020. Most of the insanity was media hysteria to get rid of Trump. Most stress was self-imposed by state governments, bureaucrats, teachers unions and other pieces of the left wing regime. It was an election year operation. It is a regime operation to convince you it is horrendous so that you enjoy the new year and great reset they have designed for you.

A lot of wild things were forgotten. Trillions in lending to bail out large corporations, forgotten. Freeze on student loans, forgotten. Riots destroying billions in property, forgotten. Cities changing law enforcement making theft up to $1000 legal, forgotten. Prisoners being let loose, forgotten. Are these strange, wild things or just repetitions of prior acts by the regime? Is the destruction of small businesses for a further concentration of wealth new or just the latest turn of the screw? Remote work? Digital interactions? Wokeism going mainstream is something we had foreseen and Floyd was just an excuse. The insanity of 2020 was just an acceleration of the trends.

Houellebecq said that the covid pandemic wouldn’t change much. He might be right. He will be even more right as the events of 2020 see repeats and a continuation of woke insanity and consolidation of power. We still hear about the need for environmental justice. If Biden & Co restart the intervention engine abroad, we will know 2020 was not an exit off the highway only a 70 mph zone getting us to our destination faster.

Legitimacy is an issue. The regime does not have it with a large chunk of the population. Epstein didn’t kill himself, and Biden didn’t win. We can joke now, but under the laugh and knowing smiles is a feeling that there will come a day when the humor will not satisfy the tension, the vibe and needs of the population using it.

On to the links…

Shut up Dreher – Gen Z is not okay. This is a rough rundown of Gen Z, which looks pretty shabby.

The Homeless Republic – California is a warning. It is also hard to replicate as it enjoys Mediterranean weather and has cast its blacks out of the state.

Russian Hacking – Explanation of how Russian Hacking became the excuse for a tenuous way to portray Trump as receiving Russian aid in ‘16.

Recycled White Guys – How is this still up? China Inc may hire white men cast off from Corporate America. One must ask, why doesn’t China hire Diverse Americans for an advantage if it is our strength?

Neolib Authoritarianism– Greenwald notes how the neolib American regime is the authoritarian threat.

Fauci’s Fraud – Briggs takes the stick to Fauci and the charlatans of covid hysteria.

Becoming a Hive – Parallax describes how the masses will be incorporated into a hive for stability. Domesticated and then insecticated.

License to kill – FBI shooting randoms in DC with cover even from the media.

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    This is an great link you left 2nd to last story:
    But this story from the same site is better:
    Vote 2A


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