“Can you do a quick recap like your Charlottesville essay?”

That is an impossible request. That essay was looking back on a small event a year later. It was about a small Internet crowd that saw their era of fun end. The January 6th events in DC were what? A giant rally that ended with a march to the capitol building, and then some people broke into the capitol building, goofed around, scared our puppet politicians and one woman was shot dead by the capitol police. It was mostly peaceful. It was folk activism that became an excuse for the uniparty to make grand speeches late at night, for liberals to pretend the events of last summer never happened and for people to realize that the right is an army without any institutional support.

The right is an army without generals. General Flynn? If we grant that one general, that general has no support staff. Political violence is not the answer cries the normie, as they conveniently forget BLM receiving billions after torching city after city. Corporations announced D&I initiatives as left wing activists burned down cities, including the very properties of the corporations that were so supportive of them. There is no mechanism for the right to turn their frustration and demands into policy. How long the American empire can keep that going is a serious question.

The American regime killed a woman. A woman named Ashli Babbit was shot dead by the Capitol Police. Was any BLM protestor killed by local cops? No. If one had been, you would know their name. The only left wingers killed this summer were in autonomous zones that were commandeered and set up by the left. Still no arrests for those murders. This middle aged woman was a veteran who was a normie right winger that followed her online crowd. She was even in Twitter jail while on her way to DC. There will be no murals for her in our cities unlike felon Floyd.

What makes this one different though? Sacred spaces? A confederate flag? Threatening signs? LARPy dress? No. All of that could be found this summer from the widespread protests, including the large assault and burning of DC this spring. The left has occupied government buildings for decades now, including as recent as the Kavanaugh hearings where they occupied the capitol and harassed and threatened senators walking the halls.

It was who-whom. The right saw a grassroots expression of sentiment and desire, and it was deemed insurrection. This was a key word. Once that word was uttered, the entire media and political sphere had a word to slap on the people protesting. This let your little wine chugging left wingers sit at their computers and righteously type their fury and anger at the actions of the day. The gatekeepers on the right could express horror and revulsion at a protest from their nominal side. This was akin to the bloodlust the left typed and posted when the second Bundy event happened in Oregon. Who can forget after seeing Ferguson go up in flames over a grand jury announcement that the left said ho-hum and then a year later call for massive destruction of a bunch of mostly feds occupying a wildlife refuge waving American flags? Drone them, drone them!!!!

Now consider though the major problem for the incoming left wing administration. The real gold would have been a Proud Boy killing someone at an event between the election and inauguration. Old man Biden could have taken the podium and called for a massive purge. Has not happened. In fact, the opposite has with the death of Babbit. The right has a martyr. The Feds will all get massively increased budgets for undercover work for FBI and DoJ, surveillance contracts for Big Tech and whatever studies it wants for the limp wristed contingent of the system to justify suppression and intervention. The other problem is that per snap polls 56% of Americans think enough fraud occurred to swing the election, and this is after two months of total media denial of such fraud.

The set up is a regime of limited legitimacy that has switched from persuasion to coercion. In a year where all competency at the state and federal level has been shown to be nonexistent, this is a bad formula for rule. There were billboards in Pennsylvania to vote for Trump to support our police. Does that message work when the police have shown themselves quick to kill a MAGA vet while playing dance partner to BLM and antifa? This will become worse as the federalization of police continues and woke policing policies are implemented. Respecting the badge, like respecting the military, is a pillar of right wing support for the regime, so the erosion of this sets things on a bumpy path.

What a path it can be! This was a wild intrusion into the heart of the empire. The very capitol building that the corrupt operate from was knocked around. The politicians huddled and hid from the interlopers. They cowered in fear or walked around in sci-fi looking plastic helmets. The inner sanctum where such august figures like Dennis “Pedophile” Hastert banged a gavel as Speaker of the House was violated by barbarous men who took selfies, posed at podiums and laughed as they tossed papers around. It is hard not to feel Soviet vibes from the images of politicians, many old and out of touch, being escorted by heavily armed and geared up FBI or DHS agents to finish the show that was certifying the sham election. Please Senator Romney, give us another speech full of righteous anger at the plebeians with zero power!

It is said that the center-right is what keeps regimes intact. What happened yesterday was not a clash of the far right with the regime’s forces. No matter how hard the NPR apparatchiks try to paint the crowd as far right, the size of the crowd and their Americana look show it is far more center-right than far right (face painted barbarian excepted). Don’t Stop Voting, oh come on, this year proved it does not matter. This has been a year where the center-right saw their elected officials abandon them, their champion get jobbed out of a win, and their supposedly neutral corporations and institutions all line up behind a radical anti-American and anti-white ideology. Maybe 1930s Spain, maybe Rome, maybe Weimar, whatever the historical parallel, the entire right sees that this regime hates them. Is there an historical parallel where half the nation is considered unworthy of any support from an institution? This should be a big clue as to the unprecedented ground Americans find themselves occupying in the ’20s. The fear, the hate and the fury that that rally and protest inspired in the regime loyalists are indicators for the ’20s.

And not a soul there was carrying a gun.

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  1. Tim Finnigan says:

    Just WOW…..This is a fantastic read. I know it was banged out quickly but so many good points were nailed.
    Anxious to read a few more…


  2. Barbara Schmidt Dunn says:

    An interesting view which I agree is true.


  3. l2a3 says:

    They should have brought tar and feathers.


  4. Octavian says:

    “No matter how hard the NPR apparatchiks try to paint the crowd as far right, the size of the crowd and their Americana look show it is far more center-right than far right”

    It looked a standard MAGA crowd – the Martyr Ashli’s twitter seems pretty representative. Her tagline is this: “#Veteran #AMERICA #Libertarian #2A #KAG- I :two_hearts: my dude, my :wolf: & above all, my country-:us::us: #FREEDOM.”

    A number of folks I know that participated in an earlier, much publicized event did not go this time around, perhaps sensing the shitshow that this would become. I would be unsurprised if there were really very few core dissidents present. The complete immutability of the established order and the acceptable consensus made any attempt to mystical transfigure the outcome of an arranged election seem uninteresting.

    The real value of yesterday will become apparent over time, even if that value is principally symbolic.

    I think that those of an accelerationist bent will find plenty to their liking as the short term ramifications probably will be very bad. The President has been forced into a corner from whence he is unlikely to escape without powerful allies and he has been betrayed by a system riven with handmaidens of the system – and ultimately, the fundamental irresponsibility of democratic government places real authority in the hands of the permanent civil service, an institution dependant on a carefully balanced set of relationships.

    The strategies employed and objectives pursued by the Consensus will remain unchanged – i.e. the trajectory of decline will continue and the ability to correctly identify and diagnose what motivates the opposition to this Consensus will remain a mystical knowledge known only to a few of their camp. The religious sectarianism of the post-modern march to paradise makes those elites unable to manage their democracy effectively. They are committed to the death spiral that will destroy what was such a beautiful country and the incentives that hold America’s ruling consensus too this course are too strong and too motivational. A terminal condition that alternatives between farce and tragedy.
    So in the end very little will change – the inevitability of what is to before the United States made the storming of the capitol an inevitability – indeed it is probably safe to say that this will happen again before too many years.

    I was reminded of Houllebecq’s Submission, or rather the middle parts of the book (which I can recommend, it’s a short easy read) where the French election of 2022 get very exciting. Ridin’ Joe Biden ain’t no Mohammed Ben Abbes, but there were some interesting parallels.

    It was oddly reassuring to find out that the Republican brass still are the shitbags that they always were, but that’s not exactly earth-shattering.


  5. NC says:

    RIP USA 1776-2021
    USSA 2021-????


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