Regime Consolidation + Friday Reads

Let us cover the Trump Putsch. What else could there be to possibly talk about today, this weekend or this month? Hank and Fred both provided great essays on the events of January 6th. The two stories of the 6th are that 1) a violent insurrection was attempted against our sacred democracy and 2) a rally turned into a march and scuffle with capitol cops to a breach of Congress while in session, leading to funny photos and one tragic killing by the police. These stories will continue a two films-one screen life from here on out, and there will be no resolution to this in broader society. There will be regime consolidation.

Forget the masses seeing the regime as a paper tiger. Forget that there was no plan for any of this besides simple chanting and a show of force a la the Kavanaugh Senate harassment. What mattered was the reaction of the political powers. No one chanced meeting the goofballs and talking to them. No one sat in their seat and faced silly Q supporters. Some donned plastic face shields, and others lay on the ground, hiding from the evil insurrectionists. Pence left and declined to follow through with what he promised. Failed to let evidence be heard. Many republicans failed to vote as they so strongly said they would just days ago. McConnell and Romney gave their impassioned speeches about norms and being united. Senator graham wants full prosecution.

Behind the scenes, something undoubtedly happened. There is no other reason to explain Trump not going to the capitol and then sending out a weird video via his social media that called for people to go home and looked like a hostage video from the Years of Lead era of Italy. Trump then had his social media messages not just deleted but his accounts locked, now for indefinite periods. Note that his Twitter is actually a tool in our foreign policy and national security arsenal, so this is not done lightly. In a weird twist, the acting Secretary of Defense talked to VP Pence and congressional leaders about deploying troops. The constitution only matters when they say it does.

Along those lines, did either left wing or right wing wargaming events of the contested election approach this with the idea the regime would act like cornered rats? The left wing one was more to seed the red mirage meme to justify the mail-in vote chicanery. It still did not have the courts and individual states act as blatantly & openly biased as it has. The right wing wargaming portrayed Big Tech as meddlesome but still even-handed, and portrayed the GOP as still supportive of Trump. Neither side predicted the overt, bipartisan shredding of rules in plain view to remove one man.

Trump is gone in two weeks, so what gives? This is a momentous, infamous, stupendous moment of shame in our nation, wink wink, in other words, if you want into the circle, get your ass in line as we move forward. There will be no aligning with Trump, Trumpism or the Trump grassroots. No, you must be like Senator Romney and maintain the integrity of our democratic institutions and our cherished norms. The Trump path is a viable path for electoral success, and an alternative to neolib globalism. That cannot be allowed to float on down the stream of time. It is a tree that cannot be allowed to take root. Any alternative must be doomed to eternally lose, but close, shucks, just a tweak of a message and we’d get that 1% win. It’s not them being the Washington Generals. They have to have small advances and wins but close losses in big moments justifying continued participation (more like the Buffalo Bills).

There are many things to address to get the Humpty Dumpty system back into place. States are going to need a massive bailout. We’re going to need more breadcrumbs for peasants. We will need free trade to import goods and millions more immigrants to fuel the economic fire. Tariffs need to go away. It shall be a 50-50 Senate. Using the trick of reconciliation can only be done once a legislative session, so compromises will need to be reached. Dangling the specter of The Trump over the heads of Republican senators will get them to bend on different topics. They can take turns selling their constituents out.

That is why Trump just cannot leave like any other president. The cheated martyr is too powerful a figure to be aligned with the potential political policy mix and messaging to challenge the system. He has to be made a demon, an untouchable, and anyone wishing to follow in his footsteps within the system right now will be made to realize this. They want to stuff that genie back into the bottle. Just like there is no turning back the clock to 1986 for Reagan worshippers, there is no going back to 1999 for globalists. Forget ’99, there is no returning to ’14.

The regime can consolidate, and so did the Soviet leadership. We have watched Big Tech become so enmeshed in narrative management that fighting the press matters but fighting Big Tech has surpassed it. Narrative matters but what happens when everything is erased. No end around the concentrated media anymore. Disinfo. Fact checks. Fake news was rolled out anticipating a Trump loss in ‘16 because the real application of fake news would be at the next big international op. Consider the counter-narrative manufacturing against Mass Migration and the Syrian War. They want all opposition to foreign intervention to be removed as disinfo or a Russian op and domestically, all opposition to policies will be framed as white supremacist. Soviets suppressed until Chernobyl. We have Chernobyls but nothing changes their lock on control. The criticism irks them even from anons, because they can’t maintain the façade. Consider Gov. Cuomo in reality vs. Gov. Cuomo CNN/MSNBC Edition.

Trump did change some things, not many things, but some. The mask was ripped off, and a very large plurality of the nation, roughly half, sees this system for what it is. The system won an election to install a sitting president who will sign off on all of their desires, not just 95% of them. They also had to cheat like hell, hype a bad flu into a horrendous plague, destroy their carefully constructed service economies, and burn institutional credibility at unheard speed.

Those Trump supporters still exist as half the nation. They aren’t abandoning the land. The regime’s stories do not work anymore. They can keep censoring people as much as they want, which means they must uphold their system by force, physical and digital. That can last, as will their over-the-top social engineering from Hollywood and Madison Avenue, but for how long? Consider the fear laughing, chanting protesters struck into their hearts. Consider the new, insane facets to their ideology they keep deploying. These are not signs of an ascending power.

Bannon is a Boomer but was right to say people thought these crooks would just give you your country back. A mix of barbarian and mob boss is needed. It’ll be a grind. It’ll be painfully difficult at times. You may have to do terrible things. You might just have to be a friendly shelter from the storm. You’ll need friends. You’ll need strength in both body and mind. You’re going to have to build more than post, accrue wealth and power, collect information, prove your aptitude in handling challenges as the regime stumbles and rise as it declines. You won’t need to force a march on a capitol. You’ll be invited.

On to the links…

Ending Bigly – Dissident authors came together to write hypotheticals for how it all ends. Bill Marchant, BAP, Borzoi, Gio and others all contributed. I hope someone wrote a bit with Trump in Israel, living as a convert under the watchful eye of a Gal Gadot looking mistress/Mossad handler.

5 Crises Of The American Regime – It’s only five?

America’s elites fail upwards“The iron law of the American elite is that as long as everyone fails together, everyone fails upwards. Regime loyalty is the herd immunity of the ruling class, a protection against the consequences of their own failures.”

Road to Revolution – The expectations to reality gap is going to be an issue for the American regime.

Working From Home – Some people do not enjoy working from home. Guess the prison panopticon makes people avoid mistakes.

Corporate Power – We’re going to see corporations and the dominant capitalist crew push the same messaging for the same garbage policies that accrue power to them.

Theorycels in Trumpworld – The gatekeepers do not like their approach being used against them. No, no, let us hide our power, they cry out.

Hellen Keller Skeptics – Gen Z doubts the veracity of Hellen Keller. Gen Z has grown up in the post-9/11 media and info system. Why wouldn’t they doubt the weird Keller story? Can’t imagine why the education system would push the story of a radical socialist.

RIP Ashli Babbitt

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  1. ResGestae says:

    Can someone post an archive link of the “Road to Revolution” article? It is behind a paywall.


  2. stallard0 says:

    The Helen Keller story is hilarious because her whole story is trivial in the grand scheme of things yet evidently totemic enough for the modern historiography to defend despite being obviously fraudulent. If you told a modern speech pathologist that you taught a 7 year old deaf-blind kid hitherto deprived of language perfect, fluent English by writing letters on her hand they’d laugh at you. It’s not difficult to see what was really happening when her handler dragged her around to wine and dine with presidents and celebrities, write biographies and essays, and give speeches about every burning social issue under the sun from the perspective of the miracle woman. But it’s obviously too dangerous to doubt this incredible story when it’s contemporaneous with all the other myths of history that define the post-war period.

    Dissent is going to be confused and headless for the years to come so long as the elites manage to effectively isolate people from coordinating beyond a small group and cut off the heads of anyone getting too big. The gears will continue to grind, and I have full confidence that the regime will sooner or later be bitten back by the beast they keep kicking. It’s a question of hunkering down and building up on the personal level at the moment for sure.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Octavian says:

    Thanks for the writeup, excellent as always.


  4. Octavian says:

    Rest in peace, Ashli – eternal memory.

    “There will be no aligning with Trump, Trumpism or the Trump grassroots. No, you must be like Senator Romney and maintain the integrity of our democratic institutions and our cherished norms. The Trump path is a viable path for electoral success, and an alternative to neolib globalism. That cannot be allowed to float on down the stream of time. It is a tree that cannot be allowed to take root.”

    I think this is a major takeaway – an attempt to rehabilitate a form of the pre-Trumpian GOP as a viable pillar of the regime.

    As far as presidential nominations are concerned, the Democratic Party’s system has proven to be more effective at blocking interesting candidates from advancing to the nomination. The GOP was unable to prevent DJT’s rise through its primaries.

    Attaching the stigmatic brand of a ‘blasphemous terrorist’ to anyone and anything Trump and Trump adjacent may prove useful in retarding the political ascendency of anyone too far outside of the acceptable consensus. This may very well be a strategy going forward.

    The article on Helen Keller related amnesia was really quite interesting – I found comparison to Anne Frank to be rather ironic. The final paragraph was: “We don’t have to believe in Helen Keller, and it shouldn’t be surprising if we don’t. The world we were born into makes us profoundly different than other generations, and hopefully, it will also make us into change agents.”

    A perspective with implications, for sure.

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  5. Earl Shetland says:

    Makes me wish Ashby was still around to ask: could it be that the more they try to control things, the less control they have? To quote Taleb instead, “we just can’t predict”.

    No one predicted 2016, no one predicted this, no one can say how it will end – or when. But then no one predicted 2000 either, and that fight was just over who held the wheel of the grift engine.

    The 6th was even more beautiful than Nov ’16, resoundingly beautiful. Even the livestreams were incredible, though sadly not functional in the chamber (radio jamming?). But watching a stream that was really a few other streams combined, another quote rose to mind: “Nothing ever ends, Adrian.”

    Liked by 1 person

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