Priming The Cult

Submitted by a polite observer

Earlier this year, the Sun had a nice rundown of why the ’20s will be a grand time for cults. Watching the events of 2020, it was easy to see the big cult that was growing before our eyes. The Woke Cult stepped out of online spaces and campuses and revealed itself to be much more widespread than most Americans believed. Many Americans did not even get it. It was a surprise. The idea of a cult is as old as humanity itself, possibly older if one were inclined to believe Lovecraft was onto something about the planet. What America watched and wrestled with last week was an event that involved a cult and a secular, political population that went through cult like pressure for several years for a payoff moment to unleash its energies now. Whatever we see going forward is the outcome of this cult experience.

Which is which though? American politics have become more cultish in behavior and traits as politics has shifted from simple debates about tax and spending policies into existential fights about ways of life and even simple, tribal friend/enemy distinctions. Both sides do this. The initial Obama campaign was an effective personality cult. George W. Bush did not have this, neither did Clinton, and Reagan became a cult after his departure.

The crowd that showed up to the Trump rally was a cult of patriots, but more importantly, a personality cult of Trump. Many American flags were on display in DC, but an interesting feature was that many flags were of TRUMP. Trump’s team effectively created a cult of one man with the illusion of him being the savior of the crowd and nation. This did not need much work from the Trump team as the American regime did everything in its power since 2015 to make it about just one man. He is the only man fighting against us. Just sacrifice him, and we will be nice. Working in parallel to this was the Q operation. This fed that cult with positive reinforcement and messaging.

That cult’s forces were not unleashed though with the events of January 6th. They still had to trust the plan, and there were steps and signals for future action. The cult that had been primed for years for a payoff moment was the reaction to the events of January 6th. It was the #Resistance cult. For years, that cult has been messaged and guided by a media environment that watched the events in DC from the liberal filter. Every week there were the Mueller investigation moments, feeding their Russiagate fever dreams. All messaging was about the orange ogre who did horrendous things, but cult members were the saviors of society if they voted the right way and spread the good news to others. The cult members were encouraged to cut off family members and friends not in the cult.

This cult went into overdrive in 2020. Covid lockdowns effectively cut these people off from society. Many online posters and run-of-the-mill Americans in this cult failed to see family, friends or anyone. They received all information from mediated sources via cult handlers. The cult figures like Fauci might have been proven wrong or illogical, but it did not matter. These cultists were the types to blame all covid deaths on Trump because the cult said so. This is the same population that made saviors out of Comey and Mueller, and acted the same with with their false promises and lies for several years. The cult also built a narrative of restoring normalcy, democracy, healing the nation, etc. They are fighting for good even if they are locked in their homes. All that mattered was voting correctly and spreading the good news. Bonus effect is getting little people to reflexively do whatever the central institutions wanted despite repeated demonstrations of incompetence. The media, FBI, CIA, CDC, et cetera are all wonderful institutions fighting the honorable fight for the cult.

Now an additional help was the tension caused internally by these cultists seeing their cities go up in flames and general chaos, yet being told it was good. Humans do not like to see chaos and destruction, so they naturally would react negatively to it. Their cult handlers though told them this was okay. This causes tension within the subject. All cults are working against natural tendencies. They use the same techniques to rewrite the mental processes of the mind. This causes great stress. Stress needs an outlet or it will cause a shattering within the subject.

It also primes cult members for the big moment to prove their loyalty and status. Covid cases are up, so these cultists have been good little cult members and stayed home. They have nothing else to do but watch screens. What was every screen showing on January 6th? The events in DC. The events of January 6th are tame in comparison to this summer. No fires. No destruction of a structure. There were selfies, hooting and hollering, a few deaths, and some destruction of cabinets. No one set the Capitol on fire, which would have been more in line with Summer 2020. It comes down to the location, and this is where the cult’s messaging fits in. These left wing cultists have been told for years now that they are the guardians of the republic against the bad orange man. This is their sacred space. They are the rightful heirs of the founders.

This is why the cult is calling for mass persecutions of the rally attendees. There is finally an approved target for all the destruction of 2020. These cultists could not call for the arrest and beatdowns of antifa/BLM, but they can do so for the MAGA crowd. This is the small, temporary attack on democracy that symbolizes the years long attack on democracy posed by Trump. Cult members can now declare their loyalty and show their value in how loud and strongly they call for persecutions of the heretics. All pent up hatred, anger, stress can be unleashed on these MAGA interlopers. Every call for some action will be one-upped by another in what Jim calls the ‘leftist singularity’.

There is no return to normal. No return to 2014. It is impossible as 2021 now has a cult aligned to the regime’s goals that exists that no one would have thought possible in 2014.

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  1. My read on the crowd was that it wasn’t very much a trump cult. In fact the thing I heard repeated most often and agreed upon was that we need leadership. No1 seemed to think trump was up to the task. some q peeps were hopeful but they didn’t really think so either. Many people were bored by the speech.


  2. Michael Richards says:

    Your use of the word cult to describe pro-Trump Americans is offensive, degrading the motives of patriotic supporters who recognized an independent political force that was NOT from the Uniparty of corruption, betrayal, narcissism, greed, anti-Americanism and anti-Christianity. You have misread the people.


  3. Habbadabba says:

    Why do people comment when they haven’t read the article? To look smart? Because it has the opposite effect…


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