Silent Running + Friday Reads

Can you hear me? Can you hear me running? Can you hear me running, can you hear me calling you?

In the ‘80s, there was a pop song called Silent Running. It was not tied to the ’70s film of the same name, but it was a cool title. You might have said then you loved that song, and few knew the title, so you had to say the line above from the chorus. It was a total ’80s song with synth and a crisp, clear vocal performance by Paul Carrack. It was a spacey, haunting pop-rock song that described a tense situation where no authority could be trusted. This was used in a standard issue lib movie where a good guy is trying to find clean energy via Haley’s Comet, but an evil nuclear power company has other ideas. Go check the YouTube comments for any video for this song (lyrics or MTV release). It’s worth it.

It’s 2021, and everyone clicking play listens to that track, reads the lyrics and gets the big feels. It’s just a pop song. Like many ’80s songs, it has a title and then a subtitle in parentheses. It’s just a song but music hits us on the emotional level. It seems there was even a Q drop that referenced it. There is no high command, sorry Qsters. There are factions. It seems obvious now that the idea a deeply buried faction of patriots would be in the intel agencies and DoD, supporting Trump, could be plausible. Some FBI people did push in ’16 on Comey enough to do his two step on her emails. Trump did have to have some buy-in when he announced his candidacy and initially staffed his admin. His policies did serve a purpose in reorienting a stance on trade to try to secure supply chains better and to complete the pivot to China that the USG system has been trying to do for years.

He is no longer useful to them, and the IC and DoD communities will go through a purge of sorts to better align the security state with the ideology of the party. This will tighten up against leaks as we did see anti-Clinton leaks in ’16, and there were sourced denials or refutations of the Mueller Friday Drop Ops all through the first two years of Trump’s admin. These leaks were an obstacle in building the momentum for a Russiagate impeachment, as the cycle of headline, frenzied discussion and then contradictory evidence hurt the regime. It will also cement the future staffing for any administration’s NSC and other advisor committees to make certain they maintain proper policy. A few years back when the malfeasance of the IC community against candidate Trump was first revealed, Pax Dickinson messaged me to say “well, we will find out if the IC rules us or not.” They do.

They rule us, and it appears their tools will be used aggressively against Americans now. This will not be the soft collection way they did before, but much more direct and employ harsher means. I’d expect a lot more active infiltration so people can get their undercover box checked for promotions. It will prove loyalty. The war on terror will come home, as Ron Paul types and some civil libertarians warned us when the Patriot Act first was drafted. Upside is they might be so dumb that they act like CIA agents did in Muslim countries and meet in obvious spots like Pizza Hut for trading of information. The current push by the regime is a synthesis of the two major currents of their system as they finally can bring together their surveillance state and anti-terror methodology to their ideological war on whites who do not loathe themselves.

A rather large issue is the Overton Divorce that has taken place in our public space. Our assumptions, our viewpoints, our frameworks and our solutions are now separated by a firm gap. The right does have fixes for problems that the nation faces, but they are all beyond the pale, standing outside with a defibrillator wanting to save the heart attack patient as the public policy mandarins lock the door. The left does not have solutions as they are straightjacketed by their ideology to feed the fantasies of their clients, creating more problems which will keep the sinecure system going and bureaucracy expanding. Why solve the problem when you can keep it alive and get paid longer? Power enjoys these problems as it justifies its existence. It does not want to hear you complain or hear you offer any simple solutions that their ideology prevents them from enacting.

Witnessing the regime’s moves and messaging, it is quite obvious that all the Biden is a moderate voters should be mocked ruthlessly, the old smiling Obama unity through division message is rebooted, and Anton’s book is vindicated. The vote for Trump was not just a rejection of the ruling class and its governance. It was a protest that the safe and secure lives the upper classes enjoy should be experienced by all. Better protection of employment, communities, and borders should be enjoyed by all. If Newton, MA shall not get 5,000 Somali immigrants, neither should Zanesville, Ohio. The regime says no. The ’20s will be a bumpy ride. In the words of the song, swear allegiance to the flag, whatever flag they offer, never tell them what you really feel, teach the children quietly, don’t believe the church and state, but do pray.

On to the links…

New National Elite – Lind covers familiar ground that you all know as the elite of America are not the formerly different, varied local or regional elites but a homogenized group. A great way to explain this difference is to contrast the Senate map of the 1990s to today.

Moving from Industrial to Financial Capitalism – This is a long read, but Mr. Hudson has been a smart economic voice in the financial blogosphere for years. Hudson has been a consistent voice on the need for individuals to wake up from the debt induced slumber and adapt to declining standards of living.

A Domestic War On Terror – Greenwald is blunt here about the machinery put into motion to sell Americans on a domestic war on terror. The insurrection meme is the justification, and this is something that images of buffalo man and more normal looking MAGA types destroy via iPhone videos and pictures from that day. I heard a normie say there were Molotov cocktails at the Capitol Riot and I asked if so, why were none thrown. Silence.

It’s All PsyOps – The brave, courageous female kicker at Vanderbilt got her invite to the inauguration. As seen on Twitter, everything is fake and gay.

Black Dahlia Solved – This is an interesting post, not just for the Black Dahlia piece but that it might also tie into the Zodiac Killer. The theory that this doctor was the Black Dahlia killer is one I have seen elsewhere, but that it might be connected to the Zodiac is new.

What Big Tech Unleashed – It is not today but years from now. This is a dangerous path. Whether from a real tech insider or not, the future, potential consequences are easy to see.

Psychedelics Suck – Scott Locklin writes on why psychedelics are a waste of time.

OnlyFans Is Satanic? – With the title that OnlyFans is a Satanic plot to destroy the world, I had to read it. It’s a Friday, so give it a read.

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  1. Ireneo Funes says:

    The essay by Michael Lind is quite good. To quote him, “it is only in the last generation that these regional patriciates have been absorbed into a single, increasingly homogeneous national oligarchy, with the same accent, manners, values, and educational backgrounds from Boston to Austin and San Francisco to New York and Atlanta. This is a truly epochal development.”

    I wanted to comment because it strikingly parallels Moldbug’s piece from about a month ago (, where he talks about the “armiger problem” (essentially, the overproduction of elites) and how a partial solution lies in restoring some kind of local identity to the “armigers” of every community: “History has no stronger lesson than that humanity thrives best when well-divided. In each of the little Greek city-states, there were actors and poets and musicians and playwrights. Who weren’t like: I may be big in Melos, but I’m not big till I’ve made it in Athens.”

    If you don’t want to read the whole thing the section I’m referring to is near the end (“Exercising the Armigers”)


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