A Misguided Moral Majority

The initial week of the Biden presidency confirmed what many Trump voters feared. Biden embraced critical race theory garbage, he signed EOs promoting trans issues, the admin moved for troop numbers in the Middle East to climb, made immediate moves to destroy infrastructure jobs and shut off federal lands from oil and gas development. Many of the things Trump warned America about were proven correct in week one; he is a Trojan Horse for the radical left and puppet for the deep state. The media said those accusations were baseless and not true. Biden was a moderate. This shocked some Biden voters online. How could they miss it? They are part of the left’s morally misguided voter bloc.

This voter bloc was the bloc that falls for the modern deontology of the left. Something must be done only because it is right within the rules that the left has constructed and disseminated view their media organs. These people live a very moral life, not in a Christian ethics manner, but in the manner of current year leftism. Eight years ago, it was single women voting for Obama in ’12 because of gay marriage, and in ’20, it was ridding the nation of Trump.

Trump himself became the primary moral marker. The man did mouth the shibboleths of the left with obvious exceptions being against illegal immigration and some restrictions on trans individuals in specific, narrow circumstances. This is where quick requests for supposed racist or sexist behaviors and comments would reveal the man had 1990s takes, just not updated for 2016 leftism. The left’s memeplex made Trump himself the sign of good or bad behavior for voters, and these voters were definitely going to be good little voters.

The great act the left’s media and academic organs pulled in his term was to not just make the moral issue a factor in decision making, not simply placing it as the primary motivator, but making it the only factor in a decision. There was no room for anything else. Economics has the concept of indifference curves. There are two products and different ratios of one product versus the other will grant the consumer the same level of satisfaction. The issue facing us today is that this chunk of left wing voters has made it so no trade off is possible for other issues beyond just the Dump Trump decision. The only thing that matters to this voter bloc is the moral question.

This has made them moral fanatics. It is a perversion of the concept as one has the 1980s Moral Majority in mind when considering a bloc of moral voters, but it is true none the less. American Red Guards might be more appropriate as they are enforcers of the party’s morality, and whatever is deemed good in the moment. Is this called good or not? That is the only question that matters. There is no room for weighing the economic utility, the safety issues, or questions of fairness. There is just good/bad.

Mass incarceration if even a thing (what makes it mass?), which it is just a label attached to proper policing of a violent criminal underclass, is bad, therefore it must be ended. Do crime rates rise? We will see, but early returns on West Coast municipalities point to yes. Do communities suffer? Rising murder rates point to yes. None of this matters. What matters is that the right thing per the clerisy was done to enact these policies. There is not even space to discuss a consequentialist perspective because to be against their policy is to be immoral.

Facts and consequences will not matter as this is religious and fanatical in behavior. No evidence will be accepted. Robin Collingwood wrote on the scissors and paste method for historical understanding and analysis. The individual or group collects evidence that it cuts and glues into a narrative to fit their understanding of the world. Even in the event that contradictory evidence is found, it is not used or denied because it conflicts with the individual’s worldview. We already see the concept of hate facts online. We know some statistics disappear over time. Even when confronted with undeniable data, the source is smeared for privilege or whatever within the current leftist framework. Yesterday it was class, today it is race.

One of the easiest exposures of this insanity is trans athletes in women’s sports. Everyone knows female to male transitions do not factor into this because no woman can compete with born men on playing fields. Average height, build, speed and strength differentials are too much for even medical magic to overcome. This is about people born men declaring they are female and then using their biological edge for dominance. One could watch a basketball game with a trans teenager dominating a high school girls’ team and note that this destroys any semblance of fairness, even play, safety, injury risk, etc. Forget basketball, go to a girls’ wrestling match. Count the ice packs and medical attention when a trans athlete tears through a tournament.

These factors do not matter. There is no basket of factors to choose from for a public policy indifference curve. What matters is that in this current year, the trans female must be given equal opportunity to play. The opportunity, safety or fairness for the rest does not matter. This has long been encoded in our individual, civil rights legislation. There will be something else in five to ten years for them to become hysterical about even as society crumbles around them. Because the screens say it is good, none of these progressive morality voters will blink an eye at the grotesque circus around them.

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  1. stallard0 says:

    Moral Majority is not a great point of comparison IMO. That was an attempt to reclaim the moral sphere from Leftism after the black issue was thoroughly lost, but while the terrors of the sexual revolution were not settled. It was not a fanatical outburst as later portrayed but an organic reaction modestly trying to defend the family against the relentless assault against every thread of our moral fiber, and was actually true to its name at the time. It formally managed to stem the worst excesses until the end of the Reagan administration, but was helpless against the tsunami of state propaganda that destroyed its majority, withering away the movement and scattering the illusory gains into the wind. Both sides cheered as they overcame the temporary embarrassment of pretending to wrestle with the moral concerns of their constituents and returned to the business of forging a “respectable” poz-tax cuts consensus.

    Needless to say, Trump was the ultimately ineffectual reaction who will be swept away with heavy doses of state propaganda, and Blinken, Levine, et al. are the vanguards of state-sponsored poz scrambling to make up for 4 years of stagnation in the spiritual total war waged against the populace. What they are is quite the opposite of the Moral Majority: elite puppets serving the agenda created and unanimously litigated by our organs of power with the backing of fellow elites, social climbers and brainwashed plebeians. It is totally needless to say that the moral consensus even today is firmly against terrorizing women by forcing them to change, shower, and do other private activities people use changerooms and toilets for before cross-dressing perverts, but our elites want to ensure that their peasants always feel ashamed, uncomfortable and overall defeated even when they walk into a restroom. Their attacks are not animated by an attempt to create a new morality (which is why they are relentless and meandering, never cohering into something consistent) but sheer hatred of our people and the values and beliefs that define(d) us. The aim is to destroy us, and they take pleasure in nothing so much as making us suffer.


    1. GDR says:

      Hell only sucks if you’re a damned soul without claws or scales to protect you. It’s not all bad once you’re equipped for it.

      Change your name to a female ethnic one, declare yourself a woman, “convert” to “Islam”, start a “mosque” for tax rebate purposes, and move all your bros in.


  2. Gilbert Kohl says:

    Having trans men compete against women is what they want. Let it burn.

    The arrogance of man. “Mother Nature tries to kill you!” is said on these ‘reality’ shows. Actually Mother Nature doesnt even acknowledge our existance. She doesn’t care.

    Some whatnot scientific society states that Pluto isn’t a planet anymore. It’s a planetoid. In 5 whatever-illion years, once the Sun engulfs Mercury, making the Earth a burned rock, Pluto will still be zipping around. You think Pluto cares about what it is called?

    Enjoy dry feet. Enjoy sitting on a toilet. Enjoy the feeling of a purring cat. Enjoy the perks of civilization, since we are paying a huge price being slaves to society.

    Nothing you or I do will change anything. Maybe change a battle, perhaps change a war, but the path of mankind will not change.

    That being said, I will not bury or hide any arms. Certain lines must be made and held.

    Many thanks to the Myth crew.


  3. GDR says:

    How can we use this?

    Perhaps it’s time for a strategic withdrawal. Retreat, disperse, and disappear; let the enemy own the consequences and deny them a target.

    We can regroup later, after we see what the enemy does in the next election. What they do then determines what our goals should be, and our actions.

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