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Two events this week were tied together that do not appear to do so on a superficial level. Internet anons made some factions in the financial sphere bleed. The greatest anon of 2016 was charged with crimes for long passed meme dissemination. Both are instances of amateurs entering the games that our managerial class constructed to control the system for their enrichment. For this violation of the space & games reserved for the anointed, vetted few, these interlopers are attacked.

Wall Street has played for decades with corporations for its gain, transforming our productive economy into a financial economy. A small crowd decided to look into this game and played by the rules of this game for its enrichment. They used social media and new tech (Robinhood) to be the swarm of flys to kill a lion. They did this from their couches on their phones while working day jobs or being NEETs.

Ricky Vaughn was an anon who spearheaded a crowd of anons to play by the rules of the game for electoral victory. They used social media and new tech (Twitter/Facebook/memes) to beat the professionals at their own game. They did this from their cubicles on their phones while working day jobs or being NEETs.

For the sin of winning, the system is attacking them. Experts can figure out if anons did anything wrong, and what is different about their activities compared to Wall St collusion or pollsters pushing “Clinton +17!” polls a month before a razor thin election? Nothing but being inside or outside the circle of power. It’s not just that. The anon investors are not playing the buy/sell robo-trade game. Ricky did the same by taking released polls in swing states and consistently pointing out the bias and weighting they were doing to buoy Clinton for a large audience that could be multiplied via the same system those pollsters used to magnify their message. We just saw this on steroids for four years from the media.

The regime cannot take a loss. Even in its total power, it will not take a loss. Wall Street has not eaten a loss since the LDC and S&L crises in the ‘80s. Robert Rubin went into the Clinton Admin and made sure that all bailouts would occur, which we know do not pay nations or firms but pay bondholders. This made the risk premium that provides the vig on holding higher risk bonds a riskless risk margin. The same system feels this way about ‘16. Was it slowed down by Trump? Not really. We thought Clinton was the accelerationist choice but it turned out to be Trump. They cannot stand losing even meaningless battles. They can’t stand a herd of small holders of odd lots see a lottery ticket hit. They can’t leave one man who was run off to a private life alone.

These are the political persecutions and attacks of a lion against a fly. It is a decrepit system. Fences and barb wire keep the rulers safe now. Manipulating procedures keeps them rich now. These mechanisms last for only so long. The Soviet Union was going to last forever, look at ‘80s sci-fi and speculative fiction books, until it didn’t. The system can coordinate and move quickly when it wants to, by why does it feel it even has to? In the story “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, the kid calls out the king but he and his advisors just keep walking because they rule. Who cares what a kid says out loud even if others notice? Our rulers do not even afford us that little right to point out publicly that they walk naked.

On to the links…

Rethinking Theranos – Why aren’t the big names robbed angry?

Gamestop is a Game – Interesting take on this week, written prior to Thursday’s shenanigans.

Ur-Antifascism – They need their myth to justify being foot soldiers for the regime.

Palantir in Afghanistan– Frightening look at Palantir’s work in Afghanistan.

Dems + Big Biz = ? – A Latin American future. See Handle’s comment. Caudillos and Commies.

Scott Alexander – Can a person be attacked by the NY Times and then defend them? Read and see.

Codevilla on Oligarchy – Codevilla explains how clear the picture is now that we live under an oligarchy.

Google the defense contractor– Google is not just Big Tech but a big member of the MIC.

Roosh on Biden – Roosh explains in more words that no one is coming to save us so we better work on saving ourselves.

Spiritually True

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  1. name says:

    Archive link for the Bloomberg Gamestop article:
    Very disappointed with Alexander.


  2. GDR says:

    To survive – not win, just break even and not lose forever – the enemy must win every battle from now on.

    To win, we don’t need to defeat them in a climatic Hollywood capeshit fashion. We need to simply not lose. We can get draws or give them Pyrrhic victories from here on out and they will collapse from within.

    There won’t be a great battle. You won’t watch your insane boomer neighbor shoot Chinese paratroopers out of the sky from his roof. It’s decay from here on out; the smell of wet soil and moss, frogs chirping at night, sleeping under bridges while disguised as a hobo.

    It’s weird how the homeless are everywhere yet they are allowed to do anything. No one deigns to notice them. You’d think a group into which one can disappear, who aren’t searched for contraband, and who spend an inordinate amount of time loitering near important infrastructure would get more scrutiny.

    I remember a certain type of cheesy 80s movies that featured autist gamers being recruited by hidden powers, who used their powers to change the world. Who knew they were right?


  3. info says:

    “In the story “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, the kid calls out the king but he and his advisors just keep walking because they rule.”

    There is a chinese saying. “Point deer, make horse” by this the disloyal who won’t go along with the charade end up being killed by the tyrannical ruler. And so they will only be left with yes-people.

    So this kid who calls it out will die by the rulers hand and everyone who he is connected with:


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